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University of Alaska Student Assistance Programs.

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1 University of Alaska Student Assistance Programs

2 Programs that help support students in their pursuit of knowledge at the University of Alaska Compensation Stipend (Employment) Scholarships/Fellowships

3 Student Assistance Programs How do you know if your student assistance program is compensation stipend (employment) or a scholarship/ fellowship? Complete the “Compensation Stipend vs. Scholarship/Fellowship Questionnaire” LINK TO FORM

4 Questionnaire Decision tree to classify student assistance programs Compensation Stipend: Employment paid through Human Resources Scholarship/Fellowship: Paid through financial aid, graduate office, or accounts payable

5 Employment Types of employment: Graduate Teaching Assistants Graduate Research Assistants Student Hourly Employment

6 Graduate Research Assistants Graduate students performing research in the course of fulfilling requirements of an advanced degree Paid a lump sum payment every biweekly pay period- Track percent of effort on timesheet Contract letter template at rd/ra_not_workstudy.doc rd/ra_not_workstudy.doc

7 Graduate Teaching Assistants Graduate students whose primary purpose is teaching, tutoring, instructing, or lecturing in the activity of imparting knowledge Paid a lump sum payment every biweekly pay period- Track percent of effort on time sheet Contract letter template at rd/ta_not_workstudy.doc rd/ta_not_workstudy.doc

8 Federal Work Study Graduate Research Assistants and Graduate Teaching Assistants on Federal Work Study must be paid on an hourly basis per Federal Work Study requirements Contract letter template at rd/ra-ta_workstudy_contract_ltr.doc rd/ra-ta_workstudy_contract_ltr.doc

9 Student Employment Students can be graduate or undergraduate students Paid on an hourly basis and subject to minimum wage and overtime provisions of FLSA- Track hours on time sheet Includes students in Federal Work Study

10 Requirements for Student Employment Students must complete “Student Status Verification” form in order to accept student employment- ent_stat_verif_b171.pdf ent_stat_verif_b171.pdf –Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit hours in current semester –Students may work over the summer term if they demonstrate plans to enroll in six or more credit hours the following semester

11 Requirements for Student Employment Students working over 20 hours in the academic year must have a signed “Student Employee Waiver Form” LINK

12 Requirements for Foreign Students Students must be enrolled fulltime in current semester Students may work over the summer term and breaks if allowed by visa category Students are not eligible to work over 20 hours while classes are in session Students are not eligible for the “Student Employee Waiver Form”

13 Scholarship/Fellowship Account codes: –16__ Award letter template for graduate thesis completion fellowships at rd/grad_thesis_complete.doc rd/grad_thesis_complete.doc

14 Resources Questions about “Compensation Stipend vs. Scholarship/Fellowship Questionnaire”, contact Statewide Fund Accounting at 907-450-______ Questions about graduate teaching and research assistantships, contact MAU Graduate Office Questions about student employment, contact MAU Human Resources

15 Resources Questions about scholarship/fellowship payments, contact MAU Business Office Student Employment Procedure: LINK

16 Questions

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