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MH Internship Student Orientation Mental Health Training Program INFORMATION MEETING November 15 th 2013 San Diego State University School of Social Work.

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1 MH Internship Student Orientation Mental Health Training Program INFORMATION MEETING November 15 th 2013 San Diego State University School of Social Work AGENDA  Introduction & Vision of MHTP  Eligibility criteria  University/School’s obligations  Student obligations  Questions and Answers

2 MH Internship Student Orientation DISCLAIMER RE FUTURE MH STIPEND CONTRACT  We will not know about a new State contract to continue this program for the AY 2014/15 year until Spring 2014. Feb/March/April?  We do not know when exactly. We are waiting to hear from OSHPD (Office of State Health Planning Department) re. the new contract 2 nd Year 2014-15 Students who have been confirmed in an eligible 2 nd year mental health agency in Spring 2014 will be eligible to apply for the MHTP stipend

3 MH Internship Student Orientation INTRODUCTION BACKGROUND & VISION OF MHTP PROGRAM  Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) Passed in November 2004 (Proposition 63) “To transform the delivery of mental health services in California. To enhance voluntary culturally competent, mental health services that promote recovery, wellness and resilience”.

4 Mental Health Services Act If you are applying for the MHTP you need to become familiar with the Mental Health Services Act – its vision, goals, philosophy The MHTP program is a collaboration between the State DMH, Cal-Swec and individual schools of social work in California California Social Work Education Council  MH Internship Student Orientation

5 San Diego County Behavioral Health Network of Care Useful site about San Diego County Behavioral Health system of care and local implementation of MHSA MH Internship Student Orientation

6 ELIGIBILITY TO APPLY Final year of MSW program Academic good standing 3.0 GPA Full Time Course Load Direct practice OR Admin and Community Development track both eligible to apply Citizen or permanent resident – able to work in California

7 Selection Criteria Application, essay, interview Mental health work or internship experience Language/cultural diversity Lived experience as consumer or mental health services or family member a plus MH Internship Student Orientation

8 Commitment to work in public mental health Career goals – commitment to work in public mental health field. Things to bear in mind – Pros and Cons One year of employment pay-back in an eligible agency Some internships and jobs are not eligible $18,500 stipend supports graduate education MH Internship Student Orientation

9 NOTE: New (2014-15) Contract May Be Different NEW CONTRACT MAY HAVE DIFFERENT STIPEND AMOUNT & EMPLOYMENT PAYBACK COMMITMENT More or less – we don’t know. $18,500 has been the typical graduate stipend in the past Usually one year of stipend for one year of payback commitment MH Internship Student Orientation

10 SDSU SCHOOL SOCIAL WORK WILL  Facilitate Field Placement in Mental Health Agency  Assure Criminal Background Prescreening, Fingerprinting  Provide Funds $18,500 per academic year  Assist with Employment post graduation

11 MH Internship Student Orientation STUDENT CONTRACT OBLIGATIONS Internship in appropriate mental health agency Employment Obligation – one year in eligible agency in California Pass Fingerprint /Live Scan Disclose any barriers to passing background checks Ex. DUI Maintain satisfactory Academic Progress  Participation in Surveys, Seminars, Field trips i.e. extra commitments

12 MH Internship Student Orientation EMPLOYMENT OBLIGATION Current Contract  Within 6 months Post Graduation  County or Contract Mental Health Agency Accept one of first 3 full time job offered One Year Commitment Provisions for part time and voluntary pay-back  Extension Possible SDSU AND CALSWEC Approval  Other Counties in California OK  Apply for waiver – or Consequences

13 MH Internship Student Orientation REPAYMENT 1.Does not finish school  Repay all funds  Interest rate 3-5% 2.Withdraws after graduation  Ex. No effort to work 3.Untimely payment  Block records/Transcripts  Intercept tax returns  Report to credit bureaus

14 MH Internship Student Orientation HARDSHIP, DISABILITY  REQUEST MODIFICATION Specific Time Frame Pro-Rata Repayment  WAIVER Due to illness, disability, hardship, military deployment SDSU/CalSWEC Approval

15 MH Internship Student Orientation Evaluation Activities  Provide Permanent Address Maintain/update – agree to respond to surveys post graduation and payback period  Consent for contact For documentation of completion of employment, program reports & evaluations

16 MH Internship Student Orientation Specialized MH Curriculum  Cal-Swec Mental Health Competencies  Curriculum 702 – Mental Health Policy 720 – Psychopathology (DSM) 781 Seminar: Psychosocial Rehabilitation for individuals with serious mental illness Enrichment seminars FIELD TRIPS – Ex. Patton State Hospital, The village in Long Beach

17 MH Internship Student Orientation Internship & Employment Eligibility  Internship and Employment post grad must be in a voluntary setting  County or County Contract Agency  i.e. Cannot be in an in-patient psychiatric hospital, jail, prison, State Hospital, VA, private entity not funded by County, Example – Hospice

18 MH Internship Student Orientation Weigh Pros and Cons before applying  PROS  $18,500 stipend (or whatever new contract specifies)  Participation in prestigious program well known in the community – 90+ % students get jobs within 6 months  Assistance with job search post graduation  Specialized curriculum – area of expertize  Enrichment seminars, speakers, field trips,  ONE year of employment pay back obligation  CONS / Things to bear in mind:  There are some limitations to internship and employment choices – extra commitment of time/expectations

19 MH Internship Student Orientation STEPS TO APPLY STEPS TO APPLY  Apply & Get Accepted in an Eligible MHTP Field Agency for final year  Complete Application when becomes available  Write essay/statement on mental health practice & MHSA Vision  Review contract obligations Applications are due by … TBA  Paper copy due to SSW office

20 ESSAY Applicant asked to address 5 topics: Mental Health Services Act Prior personal and professional experience in mental health/career goals Recovery Model vs. Medical Model Barriers to treatment, role of stigma Why you are a good candidate MH Internship Student Orientation

21 DATES TO REMEMBER  Placement planning meeting Friday January 24, 2014  Agency Fair – Friday January 31 st, 2014  Choose 2 nd year eligible mental health agencies  Field application deadline Friday February 7 – Via IPT  MHTP application & interviews - TBA – when details  Of new contract known – March / April 2014?  Students who are confirmed in an eligible mental health agency will be eligible to apply for the stipend

22 MHTP Interviews & Results If the applications are available in March or April Interviews might not take place until near the end of the semester (May 2014) Hopefully all candidates will be informed if they have been accepted into the program before end of semester But results might be as late as May/June MH Internship Student Orientation

23 List of Eligible MHTP Agencies The Finalized List of Eligible Mental Health Training program agencies will be available at MHTP Information Meeting & at the Agency Fair Current List Available on Line – Agency & Internship slots vary year to year programs/graduate-programs/mental-health- training-program/mhtp-eligible-sites/ programs/graduate-programs/mental-health- training-program/mhtp-eligible-sites/ MH Internship Student Orientation

24 Thanks and Good Luck Thank you for your interest in the program Check the web site regularly for any updates Any other questions: Candy Elson Contact information for current students in the program, available upon request MH Internship Student Orientation

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