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HumaMeter A1c Launch Marketing material Competition Rev. 2 23.05.2013.

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1 HumaMeter A1c Launch Marketing material Competition Rev. 2 23.05.2013

2 About this presentation Page 2 This presentation gives you valuable information about the new HumaMeter A1c analyzer! Feel free to modify, translate or delete any part of this presentation. For product features, key advantages and benefits of HumaMeter A1c, please refer to the separate HumaMeter A1c Product presentation! Use them to convince your customers of the advantages of YOUR new product. Carefully read every slide and delete any unwanted information before using them for your customers! Revision: 01 Date: 12.07.2013

3 Launch Topics cover availability, scope of supply and registration.

4 Launch Page 4 HumaMeter A1c and all reagents, accessories etc are available now! Marketing and registration documents are also available See Launch Mailing for the special Launch Prices available! See Internet (public and login areas): HumaMeter A1c products are found under Point of Care now (NOT Clinical Chemistry)!

5 HumaMeter A1c Products Page 5 Additional products (optional, not necessary): Printer & printer paper Necessary products: Analyser HumaMeter A1c Software in English, French, Spanish, Russian; Portuguese soon-to-come! Includes: Analyzer, User Manual (English, French, Spanish, Russian), Barcode scanner, Power supply. Reagent and control ProductRef. No. HumaMeter A1c analyzer16080 HumaMeter HbA1c reagent kit (50 test cartridges) 16085/50 HumaMeter HbA1c Control16086 ProductRef. No. Printer HumaMeter A1c16081 Printer label rolls HumaMeter A1c (320 labels) 16082

6 Marketing material The slides provided in this section show the most important documents, flyers, etc. which you can use for marketing and for product registration.

7 Human Website Page 7 Public: News XX.XX.2013 General product info Insert website screenshots Login area: Documents for download Special section “Marketing Materials HumaMeter A1c”

8 Documents Page 8 Catalogue

9 Documents Page 9 Regular Flyer

10 Documents Page 10 Specifications & More Flyer

11 Documents Page 11 User Manual (48 pages) and Leaflets (Reagent & Controls)

12 Documents Page 12 Design Output (5 pages) & Verification reports (13 pages)

13 Documents Page 13 Design Verification Report (23 pages)

14 Competitive advantages Comparing of HumaMeter A1c and relevant competitors.

15 Competitor analysis I Page 15 Axis Shield Nycocard Infopia Clover Hemocue 501 (OEM of Clover) Boditech i- CHROMA Ceragem Labona Check™ Ceragem Cera- Stat 2000 Bio-Rad IN2IT HumaMeter A1c CERTIFICATION NGSP and IFCC certification NGSP certified Barcode calibration NGSP certified NGSP and IFCC certificationNGSP certified METHODOLOGY Boronate Affinity Boronate Affinity reflectance Boronate Affinity Immunological Boronate Affinity with optical reflectance Boronate Affinity Fluorescence Quenching Inverse Amperometry Chromato-graphy TIME TO RESULT<4 mins3 mins5 mins >12 mins3 mins 10 mins MEASUREMENT RANGE % A1C4 - 15% 4 - 14% 4 - 15% HbA1c: 4 % - 15 %, Hemoglobin: 5 - 26 g/dL4 - 14% SAMPLE VOLUME4 µl5 µl4 µl 5 µl5 ul 10 ul IMPRECISION, CV AT 7% A1C <3%8.5%<3% <5%2.8 - 3.8%No info<4% SPECIMEN TYPECapillary & venousFinger & venousCapillary Capillary & venous AFFECTED BY HB VARIANTS* No YesNo REAGENT TYPECartridge:Test disc:Cartridge: Lateral flow strip Sample capillary with hemolysis vials or step dropper, 2 liquid reagents, pipette, cartridge Cartridge: Ready to useAdd reagents to sample and disc Shake reagents before taking sample Ready to use

16 Competitor analysis II Page 16 Axis Shield Nycocard Infopia Clover Hemocue 501 (OEM of Clover) Boditech i- CHROMA Ceragem Labona Check™ Ceragem Cera- Stat 2000 Bio-Rad IN2IT HumaMeter A1c MEMORY: PATIENT & QUALITY CONTROL7,000 P & QCLast Patient200 P 300 results 200 P & QC REAGENT STORAGE 1 year r shelf life @ 2 - 8°C ; therof 90 days at room temperature 2 - 8°C 90 days at room temperatureRoom temperature 2 - 8°C 20 months2 - 8°C 2 - 8°C 30 days at room temperature OPERATING CONDITIONS18 - 30°C 17 - 32°C 10 - 40°C 20 - 25 °C; Humidity:15 - 75% 18 - 30°C PATIENT/USER IDYesNoOptional No No (Patient ID manual entry) No PRINTERExternalNoExternal Integrated thermal printer External POWERAC AC or DC9 AC or 12v batteryAC AC or 4 type AA batteries battery QUALITY CONTROL2 levels No 2 levels 2 levels Must be diluted SELF-TEST During start up Optics check before each testCalibration check Check cartridge supplied Yes Optics check PC INTERFACEUSB portSerial port Serial port, USB port Serial portNone Serial port, USB port

17 Competitor analysis III Page 17 Axis Shield Nycocard Infopia Clover Hemocue 501 (OEM of Clover) Boditech i- CHROMA Ceragem Labona Check™ Ceragem Cera- Stat 2000 Bio-Rad IN2IT HumaMeter A1c DEVICE CHARACTER- ISTICS Multilingual display DCCT reporting only Dual reporting DCCT reporting only Reporting either DCCT or IFCC, touch screen Reporting either DCCT or IFCC and Hb, touch screen Symbols and codes used on display Dual Reporting, user selectable units % DCCT, mmol/mol IFCC, % JDS, eAG mg/dl and eAG mmol/l Requires multiple pipette steps OTHER ANALYSISNo CRP, D-Dimer, Micro Albumin Blood glucose Optional module PSA, D-dimer, HS-CRP, TROPNoHemoglobinNo APPROVALSCE510(k) CECE CLIA waived CLIA waived MAXIMUM TIME PERMITTED AFTER BLOOD 7 minutes 30 seconds5 minute 10 seconds COLLECTION SIZE AND WEIGHT 95x205x135 mm 0.7kg 200x170x170mm 0.54kg 200x200x139mm 1.4kg 185x80x250mm 1.3kg 178x195x77mm 0.73 kg 140x100x145mm 0.84kg OTHER Easy operation Reagents stable at room temperature for 1 month Multi-step manual process OEM of Clover Reagents stable for 20 months Multi step manual process Updated nycocard with multi-step manual process Multi-step manual process Noisy in use Noisy in use Bulky cartridges take up lots of refrigerator space Insert cartridge into machine then insert reagent pack with sample (2 steps instead of 1) Bulky cartridges take up lots of fridge space 1 cartridge must be assembled

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