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1 1 simple affordable complete Brant Bassam PhD

2 2 Easy to use system Lowest possible cost per extraction Hands-free, walk-away operation High speed + high throughput (96 well) Consolidated chemistry minimum reagents and kit types work for all sample types Complete integrated system solution automation, reagents, consumables, protocols, options

3 3 490 mm 390 mm closed 770 mm open 650 mm 25 kg Bench Top Unit 4 SBS plate positions Tip discard chute 3–8 Reagent Tubs (variable volumes) Work surface enclosed by acrylic hood Dual position Manifold 1. Vacuum to Waste 2. Vacuum to Elute 1 1 2 2 8-Channel pipetting head

4 4 19 kg 520 mm 495 mm 400 mm Under Bench Vacuum/Waste Station Waste bottle 4 L sanitary quick disconnect bottle Bottle full sensor Vacuum sensor Software regulated -5 to -70 kPa, 80 L/min PolyCap pump filter Carbon exhaust filter Pump coupling Vacuum chamber coupling High power pump To X-tractor Gene manifold

5 5 UV Light Irradiates surfaces between runs Robot arm moves so light reaches all areas Software controlled Timed post-run operation Must be factory fitted Instrument Options HEPA filter Positive pressure clean air supply Software controlled Integrated design Easy filter change Can be added after install

6 6 Easy-to-use Wizard For standard protocols simply: 2.Press Jump to End button and start run! 1.Click-select the columns to extract (in columns of 8)

7 7 Software For each reagent tub position, volumes needed are calculated for the number of samples to be extracted Intuitive color-coded interface mirrors actual deck layout Active screen prompts (where appropriate)

8 8 Barcode Reader Compatible Sample names and information can also be imported or exported

9 9 Pre- and Post-Run Reports HTML report (universal format) Provides details of a run Documentation & Traceability (e.g. sample, batch and lot identifiers) Can be directly: Printed Saved E-mailed Exported to Word

10 10 Bind-Elute Protocol

11 11 CorProtocols ™ for different applications Available for web download Each comprises: PDF Protocol (Instructions for Use) X-tractor Gene Run File

12 12 CorProtocol ™ Reagents DNA Extraction: Viral Kit (VX Reagent Pack) Coming Soon: P/N 2220 DX Reagent Pack P/N 2228 DXT (Tissue Digest Reagent)

13 13 DX Reagents DX Reagent Pack ( P/N 2220) comprises: 1. DXL Liquid Digest Reagent P/N 2221 2. –DX Digest Enzyme P/N 2222 3. –DX Binding Additive P/N 2224 5. DXB Binding Reagent P/N 2223 4. DXWWash Reagent P/N 2225 6. DXF Final Wash Reagent P/N 2226 7. EElution Reagent P/N 2227 DXT Tissue Digest Reagent P/N 2228 (Reagent is for separate purchase if required) Abbreviations aid recognition (DXL, DXB, etc)

14 14 X-tractor Consumable Pack (standard) 5 x Capture Plates 5 x Square-well Lysis Blocks P/N 2270 Sufficient for 480 Extractions 960 x OnCor™ C 200 µL Tips 5 x Elution Plates (96 plain tube cluster rack) 60 x Elution Plate 8-Strip Caps 5 x Sealing Films

15 15 Lysis Plate P/N 2271 96 Square-well Lysis Plate Square well design for maximum capacity (2.2 mL/well)

16 16 Capture Plate P/N 0913 Capture Plate, Low Skirt, 800µL Standard Plate ~10 µg capacity

17 17 Elution Plate Custom designed rack for X-tractor Gene Convenient format Grid-referenced lid design Tab-lock on lid Cluster rack design (separate tubes) P/N 2147 Elution Plates, 96 Plain Tube Cluster Rack

18 18 Seals P/N 1636 Elution Plate 8-Strip Caps P/N 2280 Sealing Film Silicon press-on type Grid referenced (A–H) Seals and protects any unused portion of a capture plate

19 19 OnCor ™ C Tips rack design SBS rack with replaceable lid for easy removal and storage between runs Total rack enclosure for security and contamination resistance P/N 2299 OnCor™ C 200 µL Fine Bore Tip 96 tips/rack, 10 racks/box Fully pocketed rack design Separate pockets for each tip prevents cross- contamination, allowing tip re-use during a run Tip re-use reduces costs Uses only 1.5 tip racks per 96 extractions

20 20 OnCor ™ C Tips design evolution Unmodified tip Filter set too low Easily wet and blocked High-Set Filter Design Better liquid clearance height Less wetting issues OnCor ™ C Design Best liquid clearance height Optimized barrel and taper Improved filter matrix

21 21 OnCor ™ C Tips Advanced robotic tip design exclusive to Corbett Robotics Optimized terminal taper minimizes sample immersion and displacement effects Larger filter and new more effective matrix Wide upper barrel for greater liquid capacity and clearance between the liquid and filter inside the tip Capp™ compatible hub dimensions (“C” tips) High-Set filter guards against filter wetting Low retention polymer for improved liquid shedding and pipetting precision Fine bore tip for precision liquid handling P/N 2299 OnCor™ C 200 µL Fine Bore Tip 96 tips/rack, 10 racks/box

22 22 clearance height with 200 µL liquid OnCor ™ C Tips improved liquid clearance height Unmodified tip High-Set Filter OnCor ™ C Example wet filter

23 23 Disposable Reagent Tubs Convenient Streamlines setup Graduated for volume (mL) Reusable lids curb evaporation Extremely low reagent dead volume (e.g. 0.75 mL in a 70 mL tub) P/N 2137 70 mL size P/N 2136 170 mL size P/N 2314 270 mL size

24 24 CorProtocol ™ Options

25 25 Options High Yield Capture Plate ~40 µg capacity P/N 1863 High Yield Capture Plate

26 26 Tube Options H9 1.Grid Reference* 2.2D Cipher Barcode* 3.Plain Unlabelled ( P/N 2147 in purple rack, not shown ) Label options: Silicon 8-strip caps P/N 1636 Grid referenced tubes in racks with individual Twist-Lock caps* Cap options: Volumes: 0.65 mL Standard tubes 0.5 mL Twist-Lock tubes * from ABgene or authorized distributor only

27 27 3 rd Party Chemistry Options Please note Corbett Robotics cannot provide support for reagents and plasticware of other manufacturers Accessories are available to use a wide range of kits

28 28 Sample Digest Option Vortemp 56 Shaking Incubator Can improve speed & completeness of digest Variable vortex speed—200 to 1500 rpm Broad temperature range to 100°C Interchangeable platforms for Microtubes and Microplates

29 29 DX Reagent Verification Testing Reagents and Consumables DX Reagent Pack (P/N2220) was functionally tested using Whole Blood CorProtocol™ standard X-tractor Consumable Pack (standard; P/N 2270). Experimental setup Samples Whole bovine blood was collected in an EDTA Vaccutainer Maximum whole blood sample size was tested (200 µL) 96 samples total were processed (whole 96-well plate); 48 whole blood and 48 no template controls (NTCs) To test for well-to-well cross contamination, samples were extracted in a checkerboard pattern (as shown) alternating positive samples ( ● ) and NTCs ( ● ). 123456789101112 ABCDEFGHABCDEFGH

30 30 DX Reagent Verification Testing cont. Gel electrophoresis of raw extracted DNA from positive samples: reproducible yields of high quality, intact high molecular weight DNA (~40 kb) MWB1D1F1H1A2C2E2 G2 B3D3F3H3A4C4E4G4B5D5F5H5A6C6E6G6MW B7D7F7H7A8C8E8G8B9D9F9H9A10C10E10G10B11D11F11H11A12C12E12G12MW 10 Kb 6 Kb 20 Kb 40 Kb 4 Kb 3 Kb 2 Kb 1 Kb 10 Kb 6 Kb 20 Kb 40 Kb 4 Kb 3 Kb 2 Kb 1 Kb

31 31 SampledsDNA YieldVol. YieldConcentrationA260/280 Ratio Maximum9.39 µg125 µL77.0 ng/ µL1.89 Minimum7.26 µg119 µL60.0 ng/ µL1.84 Average8.41 µg121.7 µL69.1 ng/ µL1.87 Std. Dev.0.52 µg1.59 µL4.4 ng/ µL0.01 DNA Concentration ng/µL (from 180 µL whole blood eluted in 150 µL) 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 081624324048 Sample # ng/µL DNA DX Reagent Verification Testing cont. Spectrophotometer analysis of all positive samples Note: the results shown are indicative only, actual yields will vary depending on the species and the health of the individual from which blood was harvested.

32 32 DX Reagent Verification Testing cont. Real-Time Analysis Real-Time quantitative amplification analysis was done on all samples targeting the G6PD1 gene to single copy sensitivity (40 cycles) to test for inhibitors and for evidence of cross-contamination Using the X-tractor Gene™ will minimise any lab’s contamination risk! Real-time amplification analysis of all samples Cross-contamination Results no amplification of alternate NTC samples no evidence of cross-contamination Amplification Results early, reproducible amp. of all positive samples no evidence of PCR inhibitors DX Reagent Verification Run ■ Positive samples ■ NTC samples Maximum C T 25.04 Minimum C T 22.19 Average C T 24.59 C T Std. Dev.0.18

33 33 Some sample types successfully extracted Blood whole, fresh, frozen, buffy coat Human, Mouse, Turtle, Bovine… Serum/Plasma, HIV, Hep B, Hep C, CMV Urine Chlamydia and N. gonorrhoea Swabs HSV1 and 2 Tissue Mouse Tails Prawn Tissue Bird Quill Pulp Nasal Aspirates MPV (a single stranded RNA Virus) Cultured cells Micro Organisms Bacteria (Gram Pos. and Gram Neg.) and Fungi

34 34 Benefits Consistency & Workflow Reduce human error and free-up technician time Standardisation Between labs and runs Documentation Pre- and Post-Run reports Safety No phenol/chloroform All waste safely contained for disposal Harmful fumes are carbon filtered out Work area completely enclosed by hood Run pauses if the hood is opened

35 35 Summary Complete-Solution Instrument, reagents, consumables, protocols Substantial Cost Reduction About half other methods Minimum Possible Cross-Contamination Risk Optimized liquid handling strategies High-Throughput 96 samples in about 1.5 hours Versatility and Choice Compatible with a wide range of protocols and 3 rd party chemistries

36 36 96-well Workflow Integration Gene-Disc™ 100

37 37 Sydney Australia Corbett Research Pty Ltd 14 Hilly Street Mortlake, NSW 2137 T +61 2 9736 1320 F +61 2 9736 1364 United Kingdom Corbett Research UK Ltd Unit 1 Terek House, Sandpiper Court Phoenix Business Park, Eaton Socon St Neots, Cambridgeshire, PE19 8EP T +44 (0) 1480 407222 F +44 (0) 1480 407999 All slides  2006 Corbett Life Science. All rights reserved E-mail USA Corbett Robotics Inc 185 Berry Street, Suite 5200 San Francisco, CA 94107 USA T +1 415 348 1166 F +1 415 348 1177 Brisbane Australia Corbett Robotics Pty Ltd 42 McKechnie Drive Eight Mile Plains, QLD 4113 T +61 7 3841 7077 F +61 7 3841 6077 Web Offices

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