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Formaldehyde Analysis

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1 Formaldehyde Analysis
Industrial Hygiene Formaldehyde Analysis Adapted from Morawska, L. and Salthammer, T. (eds.) (2004) Indoor Environment. Wiley-VCH. Copyright © by DBS

2 Contents Colorimetric Analysis Acetylacetone Method NIOSH 3500

3 Sampling Complaint area, non-complaint area and outside
Vapor phase extraction followed by analysis

4 Measurement Methods Colorimetric
Acetylacetone colorimetric method (Nash, 1953) NIOSH 3500 Pararosaniline Method HPLC GC See Schultz, M. and Salthammer, T (1999) for discussion of methods

5 Measurement Acetylacetone Colorimetric Method
Acetylacetone colorimetric method (Nash, 1953) Hantzsch reagent (acetylacetone) 2M ammonium acetate, 0.05 M acetic acid, 0.02 M acetylacetone See Shimadzu paper No. A262 for method

6 Measurement Acetylacetone Colorimetric Method
Stock HCHO solution = 37.7 % (m/m), ρ = g/mL Require HCHO std. (1000 ppm), how much of the 37.7 % solution should be taken to make a 100 mL solution of 1000 ppm HCHO? Dilutions of 1000 ppm to make a 1,2, and 5 standard? 1:100 to make a 10 ppm std., then 1:10, 2:10 and 1:2

7 Measurement Acetylacetone Colorimetric Method
Measure out 2x 25 mL of absorption liquid (DI water) into 2 impingers (sample and equipment blank) Pass air through one of the impingers at 1 L/min for 40 minutes Perform the following to: a 5 mL reagent blank, a 5 mL 1000 ppm Std., 5 mL of the air sample and the sample blank Add 5 mL acetlyacetone reagent and 5 mL DI water Heat for 30 mins at 40 °C Leave for color developemnt (30 mins) Dilute the standard to 1, 2, and 5 ppm Read standards and sample tubes at 412 nm, slit width 2.0 nm

8 Measurement Acetylacetone Colorimetric Method
Shimadzu Paper No. A262

9 Measurement Acetylacetone Colorimetric Method

10 Measurement NIOSH 3500: Chromotropic Acid Method
UV-Vis NIOSH 3500 method uses chromotropic acid Detection limit: 0.5 µg per sample

11 Measurement HPLC HPLC

12 Health Effects Acute Exposure
NYT April 17, 1987: Formaldehyde Found a Cancer hazard Hess-Kosa, 2002

13 Summary Used in a wide variety of processes and products
Carcinogenic, irritant poses safety hazard Max permissible exposure 2.0 – 0.1 mg/m3 very close to demonstrated rodent carcinogenic dose of 5.6 mg/m3 and NOEL of 2 mg/m3

14 Books Hess-Kosa, K. (2002) Indoor Air Quality. Lewis Publishers.
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