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SHRM Membership CLA January 23, 2014 Webinar Membership CLA Co-Chairs Phyllis Shurn-Hannah, SPHR – SHRM NE Region FSD Scott Ferrin, SPHR, PMP – SHRM SW&PW.

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1 SHRM Membership CLA January 23, 2014 Webinar Membership CLA Co-Chairs Phyllis Shurn-Hannah, SPHR – SHRM NE Region FSD Scott Ferrin, SPHR, PMP – SHRM SW&PW Regions FSD

2 2 2014 Membership CLA 2014 Webinars 4/17 - Webinar @ 3:00 PM ET 9/4 - Webinar @ 3:00 PM ET 12/2 - Webinar @ 3:00 PM ET 2014 Membership CLA Director Survey Membership Star and Superstar Awards The Membership Star and Superstar Awards recognize achievement in SHRM membership growth. All chapters and state councils are eligible for this program. Award levels recognize membership growth during the calendar year. The 2013 and 2014 award parameters are: Star: 1% -3.99% Superstar: 4%+

3 3 Brochures for Membership Recruitment VLRC – UNDER MEMBERSHIP CLA

4 4

5 5 Located in the VLRC – Membership CLA section

6 6

7 7 Monthly Report

8 Tips for Membership Marketing Chantal Rotondo & Tracy Liaw SHRM

9 9 What We’ll Be Covering: –Key learnings from 2013 MGI Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report –Understanding the investment in new members –E-mail best practices –10 Tips for Membership Success

10 10 2013 MGI Benchmarking Study Top Reasons for Joining an Association –Networking (24%) –Access to specialized/current information (13%) –Advocacy (8%) Top Reasons for Not Renewing: –Budget cuts/economic hardship of the company (18%) –Lack of engagement with the organization (15%) –Unable to justify membership costs with any significant RO! (11%)

11 11 2013 MGI Benchmarking Study Acquisition Source

12 12 2013 MGI Benchmarking Study Onboarding Trends –The e-mail welcome has gone up from 72 to 79% this year –Associations with 80%+ renewal rates are significantly more inclined to use a staff welcome call –Associations reporting increases in membership over the past 5 years are significantly more inclined to also use new member webinars and in–person new member receptions, as compared to those reporting a decline in membership –What else are you doing?

13 13 2013 MGI Benchmarking Study First Year Renewals –The mean renewal rate for first year members is 68% –More than half of associations reporting <60% retention of first year members report overall decline in membership in the last 5 years –What do your chapters do differently for first year members?

14 14 2013 MGI Benchmarking Study –Associations are increasing the number of renewal contacts –Associations with 80%+ renewals are more likely to indicate that they don’t stop contacting members after expiration, as opposed to the 36% that end renewal efforts after 2 to 3 months.

15 15 2013 MGI Benchmarking Study Marketing Channels Used in Renewal Efforts

16 16 2013 MGI Benchmarking Study Non-Renewal Reasons

17 17 Investing in New Members In most instances it costs more to get a new member than you get back in revenue the 1 st year  The basic math: – Each year I get $55 per member on average between dues and events revenue – Members renew overall at 75%, which means on average they stay for 4 years. $55 x 4 years = $220 of revenue from an average member. – Does spending $80 to get new members today make sense?

18 18 Recruiting people through multiple channels An example of daily life 8 pieces of mail96 emails10 phone calls

19 19 Recruitment is an ongoing process Keep the trains running on time…and have a basic plan Find ways to collect prospective member names and e- mails Ask non-member attendees to join with a follow-up e- mail after each event Quarterly send a letter to prospects asking them to join Twice a year call each lapsed member and event attendee asking them to join

20 20 SHRM Learnings/E-mail Best Practices: Sender Which one gets the highest open rates from SHRM e-mails? – Chantal Rotondo, SHRM Membership Marketing Manager – SHRM Membership Team – SHRM Test what works for you! If you do use someone’s name to send emails, people expect you to answer their questions.

21 21 Email Best Practices: Subject Line  Character Count (50 or less)  Short (could be just 1 word) – Invitation – Your Status Pending – Can we help?  How About These? – Employee Appreciation Day, New FMLA Poster, Daylight Saving Time and More – [HR FAQs] Paid Leave, Overtime, Health Care, Criminal Background Checks and More YES- Longer subject lines work too if you use lots of good key words!

22 22 Email Best Practices: Subject Line  Urgent – 2-Day Membership Sale – Expires Friday - 3 Recert Credits  Personalize (Include your readers’ first name) – Tracy, Your Membership Gift  Use Actionable Words – Download I-9 How-To Guide – Register for Employee Conflict Chat  Avoid SPAM Triggers: – Free, Cash, !!!, $, ALL CAP

23 23 Email Best Practices: Call to Action  Be Clear and Obvious: When you ask people to sign up for a networking event, which one is more likely to get more clicks? Click Here Submit Now Register Today  Above the Fold: Place it in the top third of your email layout

24 24 Email Best Practices: Design Pretty is not always better. Test using a clean and consistent template and focus on your offer and messaging.

25 25 Email Best Practices: Ideas on Growing Email List –Encourage your current email subscribers to share and forward your emails by including “social sharing buttons” and an “Forward-to-a-Friend” bottom. –Be sure to include a “Subscribe” link at the bottom of your emails too. –Run a member-get-a-member promotion and offer a chance to win a giveaway to encourage referrals, such as a gift card. Note- extra engagement may be needed for these new members. –Allow your website visitors to signup to receive information from you

26 26 Email Best Practices: Offer & Messaging  Short, Limited Time Offer – Short deadlines make people act quicker (1 day offer; 48 hour discount, registration ends tomorrow, etc)  Ask Your Current Members What They Think! – Why did they join? – Why did they renew? – What do they really value from your membership? – What needs do they go elsewhere for? – Use their feedback for your pitch to new members and to enhance your programming and engagement of current members

27 27 Email Best Practices: Offer & Messaging  Clear Value Proposition: – What is it that they will get? Recert credits, networking, big savings, free white paper, free webinar? Free lecture? Mentoring opportunities? – Find different ways to explain ROI. For example, SHRM Membership is $180 a year Or $15 a month Or less than 50 cents a day Or $3.75 a week

28 28 Explaining Value Proposition

29 29 10 Quick Membership Marketing Tips 1.Make it easy for your members 2.Personalize your e-mails and communications 3.Make new members feel welcome and included 4.Keep in touch with your expired members 5.Understand who your current members are and look for more of them as the easiest method to growing membership 6.Use multiple communication channels for renewal 7.Pretty doesn’t always work 8.Optimize your website 9.With marketing messages, use a clear call to action with a deadline 10.Focus on what matters to your members


31 31 Contact Information Scott Ferrin, SPHR (FSD) Membership Champion, Retention SHRM 800/283-7476 ext. 6453 Phyllis Shurn-Hannah, SPHR (FSD) Membership Champion, Recruitment SHRM 800/283-7476 ext. Chantal Rotondo Manager, Membership Acquisition Marketing SHRM 800/283-7476 ext. Tracy Liaw Marketing Acquisition Specialist SHRM 800/283-7476 ext.

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