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VELUX and Definition 6 Current Engagement & 2013-2014 Plan August 2013.

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1 VELUX and Definition 6 Current Engagement & 2013-2014 Plan August 2013

2 Today’s Agenda 1. Company overview 2. Results overview 3. 2013 and beyond: discussion

3 + Successful integration of both agencies London/Europe now fully rebranded as Definition 6 Key upcoming investments on platform Expanded International client base Expanded solutions & services into: Digital marketing & tools Social media and community management Content marketing including high-end post-production Technology inc. full website development & management and social/mobile applications

4 Sample client list

5 Some of our Award Winning Media Centres

6 Review of our work together Started working together in 2009 Results since launch of VELUX MC in May 2012

7 Summary Working together since 2009, distributed over 4,500 pieces of content to over 600 media worldwide 210+ media worldwide reached since beginning of 2012 Successful launch of VELUX Media Centre: 10,000+ Media Centre unique visitors in 15 months and 60% of overall downloads driving media downloads: 85% of media orders – 66% of them for video: best platform for broadcasters and tier 1 media VMC platform perfect for trade media : 68% downloads were images A social site: shares driving referrals from networking sites: 82 Facebook shares led to 333 visits via the site

8 and VELUX Media Centre Processed video to make available in all formats Created multimedia press packs for professional media use Published stories on TNM: and Media Centre: http://press.velux.com Promoted content via: Media alerts to journalists on TNM Promotional banners and links RSS and social media feeds Account management & reporting Provided access to D6 submission tool for MC as well as training to team member in Denmark

9 VELUX Media Centre accounts for 60% of all downloads 60% of all downloads came via VELUX Media Centre 2/3 of all video downloads via 68% of VELUX Media Centre downloads were images (32% videos)

10 85% of media orders came via

11 Media Results: TNM and VMC TNM 736 assets were ordered by 166 media outlets in 42 countries Sample of media outlets: VELUX Media Centre 123 assets were ordered by 51 outlets in 26 countries

12 VELUX Media Centre: 1,000+ Downloads & 4,600+ Asset Views

13 A useful tool for VELUX and business contacts Country breakdown: Business contacts: 1861 United A.T. Kearney A2M Accenture Services Pvt Ltd Affecto Agencia ARCHITECT@WORK CHINA Arrow Conrtacting Service, Inc. Atmel B10 Marketing AS Borsen Bostik AS Buena Imagen CBS Case Competition Danish Volleyball Federation Dbebe Advertising Deloitte Fast Track Fingerle Lumber Co. FLOW PR H+K Strategies Henrik Saabye Production Implement Consulting Group INIVE Io-homecontrol LB Supplies LBi LUXION Mikkelsen arkitekter Nobbs Radford Architects NordsPR Otavamedia Patentgruppen RCA group SAP SHL SW Communications Syddansk Universitet Tabloid Nordic

14 VELUX MC: An exemplary newsroom Since May 2012 launch: Almost 10,600 unique visitors Over 98,700 pageviews Pages per visit: 6.16 Average Visit Duration: 03:37 Low Bounce Rate: 1.05% Visits by country: Denmark 36% » UK 13.2% » USA 9% Visits via social referral: Facebook: 385 Twitter: 64 LinkedIn: 10 YouTube: 3

15 2013-2014 Project Plan Making the most out of our engagement

16 More than a style of window Continue to focus on the benefits, take more of consumer advice angle Do Surveys / release data, studies and research in more than one countries can also help reach out to local target markets with same language content Get the external perspective into the story. Back findings with opinions of external experts adding credibility and legitimising content Studies on energy saved by energy efficient buildings Information per year / per country European-wide survey on daylight impact on healthcare Research on noise reduction, badly insulated spaces etc Business focus? If strategic? why? Raise the business profile with more data driven stories Report on job creation, expansion in different target markets Present innovative new projects or new building commissions and how they reflect on the industry outlook Annual results presentation – LEGO example Profile on CEO

17 More than windows Sponsorships: Feature content more often (ex: architectural education) Highlights of sports content (ex: Volleyball in September) Personalise and localise sports content with spotlight on athletes and offer content in language (national teams/champions) Creating Media Centre for VELUX EHF Champions League and VELUX 5 Oceans Race? Raising VELUX profile overall: Spotlight on cool new projects and awards ( ex: students of architecture awards ) Involvement in design festivals and expos ( ex: Sustainia ) Interesting partnerships and collaborations Charity work/CSR

18 Next steps Training VELUX team members to use the VMC Use publishing guidelines to be shared with wider team, info on best practices to help them produce good content Find ways to integrate existing content from different marketing activities, i.e. Daylight site, Sustainia, within VMC Create infographics with interesting info where possible – for example, ventilation topic in time for winter Potentially: Consider creating interactive digital brochures (Daylight and Architecture magazine) Language content with country sites Email marketing tool Activation toolkit for VELUX PR teams

19 Discussion How can we help you achieve your targets?

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