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Jane Eyre Settings By: Lexie, Loren, Miranda, and Rebecca.

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1 Jane Eyre Settings By: Lexie, Loren, Miranda, and Rebecca

2 Gateshead Hall  Gateshead is the introductory setting of the novel  Gateshead shows Jane’s isolation (outcast)  Jane can’t play with her cousins  Characters at Gateshead:  Mrs. Reed, Bessie Lee, Mr. Lloyd, Georgina Reed, Eliza Reed, John Reed, and Jane Eyre

3 The Red Room  Symbolic for Jane’s struggle  Jane is exiled because she is an orphan and dependent on the Reed family  Superstitious element  Jane is fearful and believes that her uncle’s spirit is there  She is rejected and ignored when she cried out for help by Mrs. Reed  Jane has flashbacks to the Red Room throughout the novel

4 Lowood  The setting of the school Lowood is important to the novel because the setting is dreary and depressing, displaying the literal sense of the school being a low point in Jane’s life. Here at Lowood, Jane discovers strength inside herself, and also gains access to the knowledge that would soon free her from her school like prison.

5 In the text, Lowood is described as being built in a low valley next to a wood, therefore giving the setting the literal name “Lowood”. Quote "That beck itself was a torrent, turbid, and curbless: it tore asunder the wood, and sent a raving sound through the air, often thickened with wild rain or whirling sleet; and for the forest on its banks, that showed only ranks of skeletons."

6 Thornfield  Thornfield is essential to the plot and stuff because its where she meets her future hubby and step-daughter.  Thornfield is a flippin huge castle with all kinds of secret rooms for his batty wife to live in with her drunk zookeeper. Cool Story Bro: This is the actual place Charlotte Brontë based Thornfield off of.

7 Thornfield and Rochester’s Character  Thornfield is a pretty good representation of Rochester’s character.  When we first meet them both they are hard and not very inviting to Jane  But really anything was better than the last two places she lived. Butthe ad

8 Thornfield destroyed  So when Bertha burnt Thornfield to the ground in one of her little “crazy fits” it was really representative of the inner struggles of both Jane and Rochester, causing their relationship to “burn”  Also it helps them get together.

9 Marsh End  “But all the surface of the waste looked level. it overgrew the marshes; black, where the dry soil bore only death…I could still see those changes. Though but as mere alterations of light and shade; for colour had faded with the daylight” (Bronte 315)  The setting of the Marsh End (Moore house) plays a significant part in the novel because it is as if she revives and is now restarting her life after she was close to death from exhaustion.  She starts fresh with a new name and identity.

10 Marsh End  Here she is treated with kindness and respect by St. John and his two sisters “Never once in their dialogues did I hear a syllable of regret at the hospitality they had extended to me, or of suspicion of, or aversion to myself. I was comforted” (Bronte 323)

11 Ferndean  Ferndean is Mr. Rochester’s forest estate, normally used as covers (woods) for hunting, but turned into his permanent residence after the destruction of Thornfield. “The manor-house of Ferndean was a building of considerable antiquity, moderate sixe, and no architectural pretensions, deep buried in a wood” (Bronte 411)

12 Ferndean  Jane doesn’t like the Ferndean because it is isolated, unsuitable and unhealthy. “But in his countenance I saw a change: that looked desperate and brooding— that reminded me of some wronged and fettered wild beast or bird, dangerous to approach in his sullen woe. The caged eagle, whose gold-ringed eyes cruelty has extinguished, might look as looked that sightless Samson” (Bronte 412)

13 Citations  Bronte, Charlotte. Jane Eyre. New York: Bantam Dell, 2003. Print.  Landow, George. "Setting in Jane Eyre.". N.p., 7 2007. Web. 26 Oct 2012..

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