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USNAC 2015 Eye Department Update Vision Enhancement and Protection

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1 USNAC 2015 Eye Department Update Vision Enhancement and Protection
CAPT Matt Rings, MC, FS, USN Aerospace Ophthalmology Vision Fit for Flight and the Fight

2 Objectives New PRK & LASIK Policies MANMED updates
Color Vision Testing Research CVN Aerospace Optometrist Study

3 Refractive Surgery Active Duty Applicants:
Only 3 month wait for waivers for most patients: …all LASIK, or PRK less than -6D myopes Civilian Applicants: Six Month wait for waivers

4 Refractive Surgery Applicants: Class II, III: LASIK +6D hyperopia
Active Duty applicants and students: Astigmatism up to 6D

5 Refractive Surgery Designated Waiver times:
LASIK (any myopia): 2 weeks LASIK (up to +4D): 4 weeks LASIK (+4D to +6D): 8 weeks

6 Refractive Surgery LASIK: Designated personnel +6D hyperopia
6D of astigmatism

7 MANMED Updates Proprietary Term Elimination Goodlite eye chart:
“Sloan Letter Crowded Chart” MacBeth Lamp: “True Daylight Illuminator” Titmus/Randot “Circle Stereogram”

8 Color Vision in Aviation

9 MANMED Color Vision Proposals to BUMED & CNAF
Phase out FALANT (Optec 900) MEPS/DODMERB Request No longer produced Troublesome Administration “creative memorization” Grandfather current aviators Substitute: Computerized Color Vision Testing

10 Color Vision Deficiency Current NAMI policy
Fail PIP = Color Vision Deficiency Computerized Testing for Type & Degree CVD Pass Falant = “information only” CVD waiver

11 Color Vision Deficiency Research
NAMRU-Dayton PIP, Falant and 3 computerized testing devices Non-redundant aviation signals PAPI lights, F/A-18 AMPCD Missile Icons Reaction time and Accuracy ‘Mild’ CVD performed nearly as well as Normal ‘Moderate’ / ‘Severe’ CVD: much slower, many more mistakes

12 Color Vision Deficiency: Aviation Practical Examination
Safety Officer, NATOPS Evaluator, Model Manager Flight Surgeon Simulator: Internal/External lights Ship deck, runway, gauges, warning/caution, moving map overlays, terrain banding, etc.) ALDIS Lamps from tower FLIR color imagery identification YUMA example w/ control group

13 Color Vision Research Validation of two commercial color vision tests (PC-based) Cone Contrast Test Netbook (USAF) ColorDx Laptop Tablet Color Vision Devices Hardware accuracy, calibration requirements iPad Air, Samsung Tab Pro, MS Surface Pro 3 Clinical validation, best-practices

14 CVN Optometry: Proof of Concept USS Carl Vinson

15 CVN Optometry Preliminary Data
Embarked Aerospace Optometrist for Six Months available to the entire Strike Group Efficacy: > 1,100 vision and eye encounters in 5 months >400 Occupational and Laser Safety Eye exams: Aviation/Ordnance/Security >250 failed physicals due to vision (flight deck, etc.) requiring new spectacles No medevac for eye injuries and disease

16 NAMI Contact Info CAPT Matt Rings, MC, FS CDR Ken Whitwell, MSC, AO LCDR Chris DeAngelis, MSC, AO Phone:

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