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Please take out your homework (ACE 6, 22, 23)… …and your DEAR book to read.

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1 Please take out your homework (ACE 6, 22, 23)… …and your DEAR book to read.


3 d. If the truck is driven for less than ~89 miles, East Coast Trucks is the company to use. If it is driven more than 89 miles, Philadelphia Truck Rental is the better choice.

4  A) (Look at graph) While it doesn’t make complete sense to connect the points because the # of customers is not a continuous variable, it is quite common to see continuous graphs drawn in such situations.

5  B) For each increase of $2 in price, there is a decrease of 15 customers. The points fall exactly on a line.  C) The pattern suggests that if the price is $16, there will be 30 customers. A price of $20 will attract NO customers. A price of $2 will attract 135 customers.


7  B) It does make some sense to connect the points because prices could be offered at just about any dollar amount (including partial dollars as fine as $.01)

8  C) The pattern shows increasing income as price increases, but only to a point. Then the price-induced decrease in customers becomes a stronger factor in shaping income than the increase in price itself. The pattern in the data makes sense because if the price goes too high, the number of customers willing to pay this price will decrease. Hence, the income will decrease.

9  In the warm-up section of your notebook title it:  Pg 17#43-46

10 Make sure your notebook cover sheet looks like this. #. DATE Book/ Brief Description 1. 9-15 V&P:Problem 2.3, ACE 8, 10-12 Open your books to page 33 You Need: Notebook Assignment Sheet Problem 2.3 Handout BIG IDEA: Reading Graphs GET YOUR CALCULATOR! Runners…get a NEW “Notebook Assignment Sheet” for each of your group members!

11 Let’s read the “Getting Ready”…


13  Which variable depends on the other?  As the independent variable increases, what happens to the dependent variable?  Will the increase or decrease be constant or will it slow down or speed up in places?  How will the change appear in the graph moving from left to right?

14  Book p. 34  Do it in the “Problems/ ACE” section  Title it “Problem 2.3”

15  I should hear a lot of vocabulary used during this  Dependent  Independent  Increase  Decrease  X and y axis  Coordinate graph  Scale  Pattern  relationship

16 A) The number of students who go on school trip is related to the price of the trip for each student.

17 Independent time Dependent speed Graph #6 Relationshipthe riders speed increases, then decreases TitleSpeed of a Skateboarder B) When a skateboard rider goes down one side of a half pipe ramp and up the other side, her speed changes as time passes.

18 Independenttime Dependentwater level Graph1 Relationshipfill tub, get in, get out, drain it TitleTub Water Level C) The water level changes over time when someone fills a tub, takes a bath, and empties a tub.

19 Independent# people in park Dependentwaiting time Graph4 Relationshipwaiting time increases as # people increases TitleAmusement Park Lines D) The waiting time for a popular ride at an amusement park is related to the number of people in the park.

20 Independenttime Dependent# hours of daylight Graph 3 Relationshipover the seasons, the amount of light varies TitleDaylight vs. Season Change E) The number of daylight hours changes over time as seasons change.

21 Independenttime Dependentweekly attendance Graph 2 Relationshipweekly attendance decreases as time passes TitleWeekly Movie Attendance F) Weekly attendance at a popular movie changes as time passes from the date the movie first appears in theaters.

22 Independenttemperature Dependent# of customers Graph4— (or 5 if you think people won’t come because it’s too hot! Relationship# customers increases as temperature increases TitleNumber of Customers G) The number of customers at an amusement park with water slides is related to the predicted high temperature for the day.

23  #. DATE Book/ Brief Description  1. 9-18 V&P:Problem 2.3, ACE 8, 10-12 You may begin your homework…

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