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Philips Ledalite VersaForm LED Recessed luminaire family

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1 Philips Ledalite VersaForm LED Recessed luminaire family
Harmonious style and uncompromising quality combine seamlessly in the Philips Ledalite VersaForm recessed luminaire family.

2 Product Overview Design LED design from the ground up
Architectural grade performance and versatility to suit a wide range of areas and applications Fully luminous appearance Quiet, clean aesthetic < 3 ½” housing depth VersaForm LED has been designed from the ground up to deliver architectural grade performance to suit a wide range of areas and applications. It delivers a fully luminous appearance, quiet aesthetic in an architecture that wasn’t predefined by fluorescent.

3 Product Details Performance Up-to 115 lm/W
Batwing distribution from nadir to 35 degrees Wide row spacing Improved work plane uniformity Ultra low energy densities VersaForm delivers up-to 115lm/W with a distribution that is specifically designed to throw the light farther out to the sides resulting in wider row spacing, improved work-plane uniformity and ultra-low energy densities.

4 Product Details Technology – Optics
Light is coupled and transmitted thru panel via TIR Graduated, engineered surface structures homogenize and extract the light Smooth, homogenous aesthetic Wide batwing distribution VersaForm uses Light Guide technology to deliver superior performance and aesthetics. Here’s how it works… LEDs are side mounted along two channels that run the length of the housing. Light from the LEDs is then coupled and transmitted through the Light Guide panel via Total Internal Reflection, or TIR. Light continues along inside the panel until it hits a surface structure at which point it is extracted. In VersaForm, we are using graduated, engineered surface structures to homogenize and extract the light. By graduated we mean the structures are smaller and less dense nearest the LED and more concentrated and bigger the farther we get away from the LED. This ensures a clean, homogenous aesthetic. Finally, the engineered surface structure pattern ensures we get more light out to the sides versus directly below hence we improve our spacing uniformity and lower our max:min ratios.

5 Product Details Maintenance Light engine separate from housing
Driver access from below the ceiling Ease of maintenance or upgrade without expensive rewiring or total fixture replacement Another by-product of our design was that we could easily design in driver access from below the luminaire. To gain access to the driver you simply push up and in at the marked corners. The light engine then hinges open allowing you to disengage the low voltage wiring and access the driver cavity from below the ceiling.

6 Product Details Technology – Integrated Controls
VersaForm also comes with the option of integrated Response Daylight sensors and Philips Actilume Occupancy sensors.

7 Product Details Options 3 sizes: 2x2, 1x4, 2x4
T-Grid and Slot Grid ceilings Static and Air Return 3000, 3500, 4000K CRI >80, >90 (3500K) 3000, 4000lm (2x2, 1x4) 4000, 5200, 6800lm (2x4) Chicago plenum V Integrated battery packs Response Daylight and Philips Actilume Occupancy sensors No charge dimming (0-10V) VersaForm comes in a range of options to suit many applications…

8 Product Details Applications - Classroom
Classroom application example based on 8’x12’ on center spacing; reflectances: ρC 80/ρW 50/ρF 20; LLF: 0.85; 24’Wx40’Lx8’H.

9 Product Details Applications – Open Office
Open office application example based on 8’x10’ on center spacing; reflectances: ρC 80/ρW 50/ρF 20; LLF: 0.85; 14’Wx30’Lx8’H.

10 Product Details Applications – Health Care
Healthcare corridor application example based on 12’ on center spacing; reflectances: ρC 80/ρW 60/ρF 40; LLF: 0.85; 8’Wx40’Lx8’ 6”H.


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