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The Visual Factory Light It Up for Quality!. Why Visual Management? How Do I Turn the Pump On???

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1 The Visual Factory Light It Up for Quality!

2 Why Visual Management? How Do I Turn the Pump On???

3 Visual Management = Clarity Make it clear ■ What to do ■ That it was done correctly ■ If something went wrong ■ What needs to be improved

4 The Visual Factory Goes Even Further Visual management (5S, etc.) Illumination + Indication Visual Factory

5 Five Steps to the Visual Factory 1. Illuminate the work area 2. Use light-guided assembly when possible 3. Communicate process status to operators 4. Communicate status to supervisors 5. Communicate plant-wide status

6 Light Up the Gemba ■ Gemba means “the real place” ■ Proper illumination drives up quality by revealing defects ■ Start by choosing an illumination level (lux) ■ Lux = lumens/m² ■ Example: 1000 lumen light over a 2 m² work surface = 500 lux

7 Light Up the Gemba ■ Lux level required: ■ The Illumination Engineering Society recommended levels: Clear DaylightOvercast DaylightTwilightHallway

8 Light Up the Gemba ■ What is color temperature? –The temperature of a black body radiating a comparable hue to the LED color –Higher temperatures (eg., 5000°K) are bluer (cool white) –Lower temperatures (eg., 2500°K) are yellower (warm white) ■ Why is it important? –Cool whites produce more contrast in general –For color-based inspections, the color temperature will be specified such as D50, meaning Daylight 5000°K

9 What About Light Consistency? ■ The Illumination Engineering Society recommends no more than a 3:1 ratio of light intensity ■ You can get a quick read of this with a Lux meter app on your iPhone ■ See Megaman Lux Meter

10 Why Use LED Lighting for Work Areas? ■ Flicker-free light ■ Highest efficiency (3 x lumens/W) ■ Long life (50,000 hrs) ■ Non-hazardous materials ■ Compact size ■ Higher color temp

11 Use Light Guided Assembly



14 Use Light-Guided Assembly Banner Offers Four Levels of Guide Lights Indicators with Sensor Arrays Indicators with Buttons Simple Indicators Indicators with Sensors

15 Communicate Status within the Work Cell ■ The problem with traditional indicators is that they require a panel or enclosure and end up mounted away from the operator’s direct view ■ Banner indicators are designed for direct machine mounting ■ They can also be moved and adjusted for continual improvement

16 Communicate Status within the Work Cell

17 Human Factors Engineering ■ According to principles of Human Factors Engineering, visual indicators should be: –Conspicuous - mount them where they make sense, not simply where the electrical enclosure happens to be mounted –Unambiguous - indicators should be free of color when in the off state ■ Only EZ-LIGHTs can provide this. –The color goes to gray when the light is off ■ Reduces “visual clutter” Depending on the ambient lighting, it’s not immediately clear which lights are on and off

18 Communicate Process Status at the Cell Level ■ Banner tower lights and beacons are pre-assembled, so they can be deployed quickly ■ Because they are LED-based, there is no need to take them apart and replace bulbs

19 Use Wireless to Communicate Status Plant Wide ■ The sender and receiver of information are often separated by long distances ■ Wireless solutions are the fastest and most cost- effective way to make the link ■ Continuous improvement: “Decide carefully; implement quickly.”

20 The Visual Factory Links People to the Process ■ The Visual Factory is the foundation of all quality systems ■ It enables Kaizen, continuous improvement, by assemblers, supervisors and managers ■Banner has the widest array of Visual Factory solutions available

21 Thank You Questions?


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