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The future of mobile photography is here Meet MMCam: Designed to improve the quality of mobile photography, MMCam offers mobile users a better experience:

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2 The future of mobile photography is here Meet MMCam: Designed to improve the quality of mobile photography, MMCam offers mobile users a better experience: smooth UI and extensive feature control, backed up by industry leading MMS developed image processing algorithms. The only condition? Android OS 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or above.

3 Use Modes MMCam makes the most of your phone's capabilities and offers it in an accessible way: Custom profiles - for experienced photographers, allowing full customization of camera parameters and saving of custom profiles Auto profile - for casual enthusiasts, with automatically preset capture parameters for the best quality image with point and shoot simplicity

4 Quality Imaging MMCam is powered by MMS developed algorithms providing: Best-in-class image and video quality Wide range of image processing features: Filters and effects Advanced features: Smile shutter HDR Best Face Panorama

5 User Interface Smooth and intuitive, MMCam's UI offers users effortless navigation and control of the application: Simple menus with basic and advanced menu complexity Easy to navigate tab system Tool tips to provide a helping hand Preview window personalization – drag and drop shortcuts to settings on the preview screen Possible multi-language support to enjoy MMCam in your mother tongue

6 MMCam offers easy navigation of features through a simple switch between basic and advanced menus Easy to use menu

7 Camera Features MMCam allows precise control over all camera settings: Resolution – from VGA to max device-supported megapixels Focus – auto, continuous, macro, touch or infinity Image Quality – normal to super fine Flash – with additional setting for red eye reduction and torch Antibanding – either automatically determined, 50Hz or 60Hz * Features may vary depending on device support Face Detection – automatically detects faces

8 Processing Features MMCam also provides a set of processing features for the user to choose from: Effect – apply an effect depending on device supported features Exposure value – choose exposure compensation value White Balance – options for various situations such as daylight, cloudy, incandescent, etc. Scene – choose predefined scene for optimal capture results Auto White Balance Lock – option to lock the white balance Auto Exposure Lock – option to lock the exposure compensation

9 Other Features MMCam offers a set of specific features to improve the user experience : Self portrait – automatic capture whenever face is detected Anti-shake – adjusts for abrupt movements Photographic grid – to help with photo composition Review – displaying the picture right after capture Smile Detection – automatic capture when all faces detected are smiling Self Timer – wait time before capture Screen Brightness– adjust screen brightness Voice control – manipulate app through voice commands Volume key shortcut – set function for volume key Contextual naming – name photos based on location Share with apps – share photo directly after capture

10 Multiple shooting modes More than a simple image mode, MMCam offers shooting modes for every situation: Image Video HDR Continuous Capture Best Photo Animated Photo Best Face Panorama

11 Best-in-class HDR One of the things that sets MMCam apart form other camera apps is its exceptional HDR feature, built upon MMS developed algorithms that are working to: Avoid ghosting Use both gyro- and features based alignment Embed local and global brightness and contrast enhancements

12 Quality Video MMCam's camcorder offers quality video supporting: Resolutions ranging from CIF to Full HD Time lapse video with adjustable rate Video snapshots Graphical effects Variety of formats MMS Limit

13 Animated Photo In addition to its video mode, MMCam also offers Animated Photo mode, allowing users to create short animations and edit them by: Freely selecting an object or area to freeze during animation Changing direction of animation Picking the size of the selection area unit Changing the speed of the animation

14 Flexible Design and Extensibility MMCam is designed to ease further development – a built in abstraction layer helps developers add new features, while a special abstract class allows effortless interfacing. It can be easily extended to cover more functionality than already implemented. The system is built with all data about features and visualization collected in xml files, allowing: Automatic data filtering Quick and easy updates Simple insertion/removal of UI elements Cleaner and easier maintenance

15 Simple UI Modification All MMCam UI elements extend standard Android components. Therefore, they can harness the full capabilities of Android UI customization through XML files: Fonts Backgrounds Positioning Elements’ behaviors Menu tabs and contents Icons and buttons Multi-language support

16 About MMS R&D experience in digital imaging & computational photography 15+ years ramped so far using MMS camera solution and imaging IPs 200M+ phones Best mobile imaging 5 TIPA awards working with ALL Tier 1 handsets OEMs Cross platform camera solutions IP development, R&D, QA IQ development, tuning & testing Application Development 200+ in-house experts 15+ years ARM DSP GPU Android Windows QNX Linux MeeGo


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