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Unitec Winter Sales Meeting Hawaii January 25, 2001.

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1 Unitec Winter Sales Meeting Hawaii January 25, 2001

2 Unitec Electronics Inc., Company Profile Unitec: The Technology Leader. Since 1983, Unitec has been providing the most advanced technological solutions on the market to the carwash industry. Founded by a carwash distributor and an engineer, with over 30 years of combined experience in the carwash industry, Unitec has consistently produced the most advanced hardware and software available. Unitec has the finest reputation in the industry for quality, price and after-sales service. As a customer driven company, many of Unitec's products and their unique features were developed as a direct response to customer requests. Unitec products combine state-of-the-art technology, user-friendly operation - for customers and staff - and dependable, rugged construction. With detailed installation documentation and extended service hours (9am - 8pm EST), Unitec customers receive the highest level of service in the industry. With Unitec, you are guaranteed to get the maximum return from your invested capital. New From Unitec Wash Select II with Credit, VIP Wash Pass and Remote Reporting, Enterlink®/V2 MultibayEnterlink®/V2 Multibay and the VIP Wash Pass VIP Wash Pass

3 Unitec History Previous RYKO Distributor for Maryland Started Separate Business Copied RYKO’s Code-A-Wash and Direction to Retire the Tokens Expanded RYKO’s 2-digit code to a random code Expanded business to include activations systems

4 Equipment Offered E-3000 E-4000 POS 4000/V2 Wash Select II Enterlink V1 Enterlink V2

5 E-3000 System Backlit daylight- readable LCD POS 4000 and UNI- CAM integrated software Detailed accounting reports Multi-bay interface

6 E-3000 System Automatically sells car washes Advertises upgrades Offers 3 POS locations Generates detailed accounting reports Allows multi-bays and multi-console operations Provides instructions

7 E-3000 Retail Pricing With Coin, POS 4000 and UNI-CAM ($6,395) No Cash (-$295) Bill Acceptor ($995) Voice Option ($695) Prox Sensor ($495) Box ONLY ($3,195)

8 E-4000 System Interfaces with your cash registers and gas pumps Accepts bills and coins and gives change Visible sunlight- readable customer displays 4-wash program display Optional speech response and customer drive up detection

9 E-4000 Retail Pricing With Bill, Coin Change, POS 4000 and UNI- CAM ($8,295) Voice Option ($695) Prox Sensor ($495) Token Coin Acceptor ($395) Box ONLY ($5,295)

10 Wash Select II Premium entrance system for the automatic car wash market

11 Wash Select II Standard Features include Accepts up to 1000 $1, $2, $5 or $10 bills using the Coinco MAG52BAB bill validator (can be configured for $20 bill acceptance) Dispenses U.S. Quarters via a 2500 coin capacity change hopper. Acceptance of U.S. Quarters via Slugbuster II coin acceptor. One LARGE character “day light readable” Main Instructional display. 4 LARGE character “day light readable” Wash Selection displays. 350 Fleet Account or Coupon Code storage Up to 4 wash packages. On screen viewable accounting reports 8 programable wash arming relays. Fault & Warning output relays. Passcodes for entry to menus without unlocking unit.

12 Wash Select II Options Major Credit card acceptance package that includes Remote Reporting/Paging capabilities. Also allows Passcard use. Multi-Coin acceptance accepts Quarters and Bi- Metal tokens through 1 single coin slot. Enhanced fleet software allows up to 1000 Fleet or Coupon codes. Allows use of VIP Wash Pass cards w/ the purchase of either the Credit option or Card reader option. Stores last 400 fleet account uses. Speech option to vocally respond to customers and prompt their actions. Proximity option. Works w/ Speech option to greet the customer when they drive up. Card Reader Option. With Enhanced Fleet software allows use of VIP Wash Pass Cards. Also allows Passcard use. Thermal Receipt and Report printer. Prints customer credit receipts, reports and customer overpayment vouchers. Remote Reporting/Paging option (included w/ Credit Option) allows you to get reports from a remote computer and receive Text, Numeric or Tone pages when there is a problem.

13 Wash Select II Pricing Bills, Quarters, Codes ($5,495) Multi-Coin ($395) Voice ($695) Credit Card ($2,495) Pager/Remote ($695) Thermal Receipt and Report ($1,295)

14 Enterlink V2 Multi-bay Ability of controlling up to six Enterlinks from one Smart Terminal (This means that customers can purchase washes at the pump or in the C-Store and use the issued code at any bay) Both individual detailed bay and total site account reporting. Interfacing to carwashes from different manufacturers and will link tunnel and rollover units. Fleet accounts can then be entered for use at any Enterlink bay installation. Credit Card acceptance can be available at one or more bays and all are controlled through the primary Enterlink V2.

15 Enterlink Credit Card Welcomes customers vocally Talks customers thru instructions Offers 3 POS locations Automatically sells upgrades Accepts credit cards Takes cash and gives change Generates reports

16 Enterlink Credit card Allows your customers to use Visa®, Master Card®, American Express® and Discover Card® at the carwash entrance Supplied with the Smart Terminal and a transaction modem Only need to supply a dedicated phone line and a 120V outlet Purchase this feature factory installed or as a retrofit unit

17 Enterlink Pricing Standard (Box, Smart Terminal, Cash, C-Store Printer, Fleet Code Account) ($ 9,995) Multi-Bay ( Above Plus Multi-Bay Communications ($10,690)

18 VIP Pass Increased capacity to maintain up to 1000 fleet accounts offers increased sales and promotional opportunities Acceptance of magnetically-encoded fleet cards (The Unitec VIP Wash Pass ) promotes customer loyalty and increased revenue A Customer Account Status Display Screen at the Enterlink shows washes remaining, reducing customer frustration and prompting additional card purchases Ability to print customer receipts promotes commercial usage and provides security The most recent 400 fleet transactions are logged and can be printed by date or by specific account number – allowing enhanced ability to monitor sales successes

19 VIP Wash Pass Pricing Card Reader ($695) Enhanced Fleet Software ($496) VIP Wash Cards: 50 ($145) 100 ($250) 500 ($1000) 50 B/W ($50)

20 POS 4000 Version 2 Current model in a series of marketing controllers made by Unitec POS4000 will accommodate multiple car washes at a single site Multiple points of sale Unicam, the universal gas pump/car wash interface Totally flexible pricing Three shift accounting Simple 2-wire communication installation Code-of-the-day back-up codes fleet accounts and ultra security Sold under tradenames such as Audit Touch, Data Tek, and Comptrol Integrating a new Membrane keypad for added life Spill resistant keypad

21 POS 4000/V2 Pricing Standard ($3,995) Interface kit ($1,095) Account Option ($395) LCD Display ($175) Voice ($695)

22 Code-A-Wash IV

23 Code-A-Wash Features Issues Discrete Codes Accountability Communicates with POS Controls Car Wash Cycles Single or Multi Bay Controls RYKO or Other Brand Diagnostics Info to Attendent Fleet Code Functions Multiple Reports

24 Code-A-Wash Features Automatically Prices and Discounts Fast Jam Proof Printer Wash Valid Time Ticket Rain Check Capable Custom Printing Messages Free vs Paid Tickets – Different Expiration Dates Multiple Car Wash Control Manager Security (Key or Code)

25 Code-A-Wash Functions Shift Change Back up Operations Check a Code Last Coin Box Entries Display Code Count Disable Coin Box Upgrade Dial Modem Help

26 Code-A-Wash Function Manager Operation Mode Print Shift Manager’s Report Coin Box Totals Edit Promo Messages Edit Keys Edit Coin Box Operations Change Day Valid Maintenance and Diagnostics Code-A-Wash IV Reports

27 Shift/Manager Report Total Washes Number of Free Washes Coin Box Revenue Cash Received Number of Times Cleared Washes Used Total Back-up Washes Remote Tickets

28 Shift/Manager Report Low Temperature Alarm Expired Tickets Value Unused Tickets Lifetime Washes Lifetime Coin Box Revenue

29 Comparisons Reports to POS basically the same CAW IV prints a separate Shift and Manager reports while the Unitec prints the same info on one report CAW IV has more reports on when washes were purchased and used CAW IV has more info on upgraded washes CAW IV has more diagnostic reports The old Unitec (V1) can store 3000 codes, V2 stores 5000, CAW stores 20,000

30 Comparisons Unitec V1 allow code to remain valid 30 days, CAWIV 180 days Only 8 or 14 voice messages depending on the coin box verses 32 for RYKO The only information the Unitec can give to the POS is if the carwash is ready or not. RYKO can provide anything once protocol is implemented

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