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CMR 1 Port Lighting Presentation ICHCA International Safety Panel Kotka September 8 th 2008 Cameron Maritime Resources.

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1 CMR 1 Port Lighting Presentation ICHCA International Safety Panel Kotka September 8 th 2008 Cameron Maritime Resources

2 2 CMR International Safety Panel Cameron Maritime Resources provides:- Market Research, Marketing P.R. and Events Head Hunting, Executive Recruitment Management Training and Coaching African Business Development and country briefings

3 3 CMR Major Causes of Accidents (APM Terminals 2006-7)

4 4 CMR Port Lighting Issues Today Energy costs continue to Increase Port expansion and increased crane demands have caused energydemand to outstripping supply Light Pollution a big issue especially when lobbying for additional capacity Increased Health and Safety issues demand better night visibility Today's security demands increased lighting performance

5 CMR 5 Our Clients Lighting Issues  Pressure to increase UK lux levels currently:- 20 lux operational areas 5 lux non operational areas  People tripping on passenger terminals  Improving quay lighting at:- Mooring areas Berthing areas for ferries Quay side lighting  Improving lighting for Security areas, cargo inspection areas The reading of container and seal numbers

6 CMR 6 Our Clients Lighting Issues  Wind and Container Gantry Vibration causing light failure  Replacing lights difficult for Container Gantry Cranes and Hi Mast Towers  Cell guide visibly on container vessels  Straddle carrier visibility  Straddle carrier power generation  Power availability issues as :- Crane size increases Reefer volumes increase (30% ) Ports increase in size and insufficient local power ( South Africa example )

7 CMR 7 Lighting Improvements  Improving Hi mast lighting Southampton replacing:- 6 x 400 watt H P Sodium 6 x 250 watt Prismalence Lux levels increased to 25 - 31 lux Energy savings of 900 watts or 38% per tower Improved visibility  Container Gantry Crane Replaced 40 x 400 watt H P Sodium With 44 x 150 watt Prismalence Energy savings of 9400 watts or 60% per crane Whiter daylight light focused foot print Less light pollution

8 CMR 8 Lighting Improvements  Lighting for Straddle Carriers:- 4 x 150 watt Prismalence Better visibility Longer lasting Reduced power consumption  Lighting for Container Inspection areas Daylight Light Easier to read reefer settings

9 9 CMR A Multipurpose Light for all internal and External Industrial applications An innovative lens design ensuring a more efficient and effective use of all the light produced. A range of clearly definable lighting footprints for every application A much; clearer, brighter, light using more of the light spectrum

10 10 CMR Prismalence Foot Prints

11 CMR 11 Effect of Prism Lens Normal Lights have clear lenses Reflector gathers lights rays from the sides but not the front Prismalence focuses all light to specific footprint to give the energy savings

12 12 CMR How Prismalence can help It’s high efficiency levels provides energy savings in excess of 50%. The range of lenses provide different clearly definable light foot prints for every application The lens design reduces light pollution and glare The full light spectrum usage helps high security areas, CCTV’s

13 13 CMR Energy Cost Comparison Quote for a UK terminal, reduces power demand from 360,000 watts to 106,000 watts

14 14 CMR Light Spectrum Usage

15 CMR 15 Benefits of White Light Night Vision Issues (Scotopic/Photopoc) Disability Glare Stray light from eye imperfections reduce contrast Discomfort Glare Non uniform brightness within field of vision White Light (CDM) Closer to day light Better for night vision 10 lux CDM light = 18 lux H P Sodium Growing recognition of benefits

16 16 CMR Prismalence & H.P Sodium 400 Watt High Pressure Sodium Lighting 150 Watt Prismalence CDM

17 17 CMR Prismalence Port Uses High Mast Lighting Towers Gantry Cranes ( Withstands vibration ) Straddle Carriers Cargo and gate inspection areas Reefer Container Monitoring Areas Parameter Fencing CCTV areas Warehouses

18 18 CMR Other Applications Airports Bridges Car Carriers Internal Car Decks Green House Lighting Oil, Gas and Bulk Terminals Patrol Boats Production Lines Rail marshalling areas Road Lighting Tunnel Lighting Vessel ISPS Code Security Lighting Warehouse lighting

19 19 CMR The future - Standardisation of lighting regulations Regulatory Acceptance of White Light Benefits Ability to see properly in Ports and Terminals Joined up strategy between Environmental and and Technical departments See for

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