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Research: Catchment Area Mary Sumpmann MS, RN Associate Director for Administration.

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1 Research: Catchment Area Mary Sumpmann MS, RN Associate Director for Administration

2 Catchment: state of Minnesota w/~4M people Located in major metropolitan area ~85% of the population is white Among the largest Somali and Hmong populations in the US Largest American Indian population in the US outside of reservations. Cancer is the #1 cause of death Context

3 Committed, community recognized faculty researcher Community-based participatory research Principles Leverage resources with other university/community chronic disease agendas Principles of Success

4 Strategy: Engagement Before Research Community Engagement MCC Disparities Pilot Grants NIH Cancer Disparities Grants

5 A community is unit of identity that is reinforced through social interactions and characterized by shared values, norms and mutual influences Activities should build on community resources and relationships Programs should establish equal partnerships in all phases of research Community-Based Participatory Research Principles Israel, BA: Schultz, AJ: Parker, EA: Becker, AB (1998) Review of community-based research: assessing partnership approaches to improve public health, Ann Rev Pub Health. 19:173-202

6 Programs should promote co-learning that facilitates reciprocal transfer of knowledge, skill, and capacity. Activities should achieve balance between research and action Research programs should address locally relevant health problems and consider the multiple determinants of health and disease CBP Research Principles Cont.…

7 Program development should occur through a cyclical and iterative process that includes ongoing assessments of successes and obstacles. Knowledge gained should be actively disseminated to all partners in language that is understandable and respectful. Community-based research involves a long-term commitment CBP Research Principles Cont…

8 Minnesota Cancer Alliance Clipper Clinics Community Dialogue series Homeless Communities Community Health Fairs Minnesota Science Museum Minnesota State Fair Minnesota’s Community Engagement

9 Community Engagement

10 Research in MN Catchment Area MN Taconite Workers Health Study: increased rate of mesothelioma (Alexander) Somali women and home HPV testing for cervical cancer screening (Ghebre) Community-based participatory research: increased lung cancer rates in AI/AN vs. Whites (Forster)

11 Minnesota Center For Cancer Collaborations $4.2 million NCI U54 Kola Okuyemi, PI Cancer-related Health Disparities Career Development Program, cohort of 3 pre, 3 post docs every 2 years. $2.2 million, NCI R25T Okuyemi/Forster,PIs Enhancing Smoking Cessation in Homeless Populations $3.37 R01HL081522 Kola Okuyemi, PI Selected NIH Catchment-related Research Funding

12 Lazovich, et al. Ca Epidem Biom Prev 2010;19:1557 Translation: Indoor Tanning Increases Melanoma Risk Biostatistics & Bioinformatics Resource Health Survey Research Resource Findings contribute to evidence- based recommendations and policies


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