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DLV Advisory group Harm Brinks and Bertus Buizer.

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1 DLV Advisory group Harm Brinks and Bertus Buizer

2 The changes in rural extension The new role of DLV

3 © DLVPagina 3 Looking back Until 1990, extension service was part of the ministry of agriculture Our work –related to government policy –all our services for free –emphasis on group activities, every extension officer guided several study groups –individual advice not very important

4 © DLVPagina 4 Start privatising in 1990 Extension seperate from the government but still more or less under control First periode most of the services for free Individual advice was payed for 80% of our total income from the government

5 © DLVPagina 5 Privatising proces complete Since 1993 DLV is independant from the government Since 1998 DLV-Advisory group, a private company. Government and workers are shareholders. 5% of our total income comes from the government through projects

6 © DLVPagina 6 DLV-Advisory group Since 2000 five Business Units: –Plant –Animal production –Building/Construction/Equipment –Agricultural Chains –Nature/Recreation Daughter companies

7 © DLVPagina 7

8 © DLVPagina 8 Business Units became independant companies within the holding, 1-1-2003 Strategic partnership with BU Agricultural Chains and others Spread of the risks Entrepreneurship lower in the organisation

9 © DLVPagina 9 Business Unit Plant 160 advisors, several market groups Arable farming Vegetable farming Horticulture Flowerbulbs Fruit

10 © DLVPagina 10 ……..more DLV Communication DLV Facet (applied research) Project management and -acquisition

11 © DLVPagina 11 Each market group 10-20 persons Responsible for own finances Each advisor has an individual financial task (apr. 80-100.000 $) Each advisor is responsible for contracts with farmers

12 © DLVPagina 12 Market situation From 100% government to 100% market income Free concurrence on projects, due to EC rules 60% individual advice 40% projects

13 © DLVPagina 13 DLV advisor Economic results on the short term Farm development, strategic issues From crop level to farm level

14 © DLVPagina 14 Role of DLV-advisor in projects Intermediate between legislator, farmers and his network Carrying out communication projects Participants mostly are the ‘early adopters’ Excursions, websites, newsletters, articles, workshops, symposia Motivation of farmers can be a problem

15 © DLVPagina 15 Projects BU-Plant Reduce the environmental burden of agriculture in general: –Plant protection –Mineral-management –Nature, energy and water Trade, industry and retail –Food quality and safety (Eurep-Gap, HACCP) –Tracking and tracing

16 © DLVPagina 16 Projects, sponsored by the government Environmental Yard Stick, based on environmental properties of pesticides BIOM (organic farming) Farming for the future (integrated farming) MLHD PC based DSS (GEWIS/Pest control)

17 © DLVPagina 17 Role of the projectpartners Research: development of the system on the research stations, technical and economical consequences of the environmental goals DLV: implementation of ‘state of the art technology’ at the farms Identification of possibillities and problems, regarding the environmental goals

18 © DLVPagina 18 Communication ‘from 80 to 80.000’ communication activities with stakeholders –Farmers Union –Industrie –Ministery of agriculture –Excursions, presentations for farmers groups –Articles and demonstrations

19 © DLVPagina 19 From linear to interactive No longer top down Farmers with high education Scientific knowledge and ‘experience knowledge’of farmers is equal Mutual search for solutions Different role for advisor, not only the expert

20 © DLVPagina 20 Information management Until 1990 free acces to information: –Research institutes –Research stations –Exchange of information between research and extension service Governmental funding of research in agriculture

21 © DLVPagina 21 Information management Since 1990 more and more research paid by the industry (plant protection, fertilisation) Results not always (free) available Research institutes: – sell their results –sometimes are compettetor of DLV Strategic and applied research compete with eachother as well

22 © DLVPagina 22 Information management (3) Strategic research Applied research Extension service Farmers Farmers

23 Uitvoering door Plant BV Machineleveranciers Telers CUMELA

24 © DLVPagina 24 L. Lütkemeyer met zijn prototype Pneumat

25 © DLVPagina 25

26 © DLVPagina 26 Loonwerker Renze Hoekstra, St. Jacobiparochie bij teler Joute Miedema in Oude Bildtzijl

27 © DLVPagina 27 Loonwerker Renze Hoekstra, St. Jacobiparochie bij teler Joute Miedema in Oude Bildtzijl

28 © DLVPagina 28

29 © DLVPagina 29 Sarl Radis Fabrikant/ leverancier - Cristian Daussan - Sarl Radis Mechanisation

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