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Overhead Conducting System for Electric Railways.

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1 Overhead Conducting System for Electric Railways

2 Granville T Woods  After leaving elementary school, the young Granville Woods became an apprentice in a machine shop, repairing railroad equipment.  Later, he accepted other positions in mills and machine shops, spending his spare time studying mechanical engineering and electricity.  Granville T. Woods overcame many obstacles related to being an African American genius at a time when most African Americans could not even obtain a basic education.  His accomplishments helped move America into the modern world  He patented over 60 inventions, including the overhead conducting system for electric railways.

3 The system itself  This electrical apparatus, the "trawler" or "trolley" is the electrical apparatus which provides electric traction power to the rail vehicle; transmitting power from the overhead catenary wire to the moving (or stationary) rail vehicle.  Used in Modern countries for trams and trolleys by conducting electricity for an overhead catenary.  An overhead line, or catenary, is used to transmit electrical energy to trams, trolleybuses, or trains at a distance from the energy supply point. Granville Woods’ apparatus allowed the trains to collect electricity from these overhead catenaries.

4 Left: His patent document for the overhead conducting system. Right: The invention first being utilized on a train

5 Benefits of the invention  This invention was extremely useful when it was first invented and it still is being utilized in trams, trolleys, and some trains today. (with a different design)

6 Our Improvements  We revolutionized the design of the overhead conducting system. It still serves the same function, but our design is more aerodynamic and sturdy because of its rectangular shape.

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