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Regional Seminars Series

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1 Regional Seminars Series
PI System Products Overview Laurent Garrigues, Product Manager October 12, 2009

2 Turn Real-time Data Into Actionable Information
THE PI TECHNOLOGY GIVES THE POSSIBILITY TO PUT IN PLACE BUSINESS SOLUTIONS PROBLEMS RESULTS TURN REAL-TIME DATA INTO ACTIONABLE INFORMATION CONDITION-BASED MAINTENANCE ENERGY AND RESOURCES MANAGEMENT KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER AND RETENTION PRODUCTION OPTIMIZATION COMPLIANCE ENVIRONMENTAL REQUIREMENTS AND REGULATIONS PROCESS CONDITIONS AND QUALITY KNOWLEDGE PERENNIALITY EQUIPMENT STATUS ENERGY RESOURCES AND UTILISATION DATA PI INFRASTRUCTURE BUSINESS DECISIONS INFORMATION ACTIONS OSIsoft and the PI System provide process, manufacturing, and utility enterprises with a real-time operational data infrastructure that empowers people to address key business challenges including asset performance, production optimization, risk mitigation, knowledge retention, and energy efficiency. Conditions-based Maintenance is a great way TODAY to drive efficiencies and reduce costly breakdowns. You can quickly set up the PI System to monitor your plant equipment. Depending on your corporate priorities, the PI System can be used to also support: Support Production and Process Optimizations such as establishing “what-if scenarios” and ultimately fleet or plant optimization. Risk Mitigation and compliance through monitoring and reporting. Knowledge Retention through the creation of historical data and event online libraries and ultimately centralization of operations. Energy Efficiency through energy monitoring.

3 The PI System Visualize Analyze Integrate Connect The Interfaces
Display information, identify problems and perform corrective actions with the help of simple to use and intuitive graphical and analytical tools Analyze Ad-hoc or automated advanced data post-processing. Notify users and systems of significant events. Integrate Aggregate, normalize and archive a large amount of information that can be scaled to your growing business requirements Connect Acquire data from any time series data source The Interfaces The Server The Analytics The Visuals

4 The PI System: Generic Architecture

5 The PI System: Connect The Interfaces The Server The Analytics The Visuals The PI System connects with real-time data sources every second, minute or day and stores the values forever Measures and aggregates a broad range of data types Handle either or both time-series data and events Secures the access and transmission of the data Data collection redundancy and high availability The PI System can connect to more than 400 different systems

6 The PI System: Connect Connect (Interfaces) Real-time Custom
Present (Visuals) Analyze (Analytics) Connect (Interfaces) Manage (Servers) Connect (Interfaces) Real-time Custom Relational AMI DCS PLC SCADA OPC DA/HDA 3rd Party COM Connector SDK API OLEDB ODBC/JDBC ORACLE SQL Elect Meters Gas Meters Water Meters Interfaces Web Services ERP IT Enterprise Gateway SOA RLINK SERVERS MCN Health Monitor

7 The PI System: Manage Within the PI System, the server components …
Present (Visuals) Analyze (Analytics) Connect (Interfaces) Manage (Servers) Manage (Servers) Within the PI System, the server components … Archive the data and keep it online for decades Contextualize and enrich the values from the plant floor Distribute the data to clients application Expose the data supporting standard communication protocols

8 OSIsoft proprietary Data Base
The PI System: Manage Present (Visuals) Analyze (Analytics) Connect (Interfaces) Manage (Servers) Manage (Servers) PI Data Services PI Data Access (PI SDK, AF SDK) Relational Data (OLEDB, ODBC) Web Service Data Managed Provider PI Archive AF Server OSIsoft proprietary Data Base MS SQL Server

9 The PI Server

10 The PI Server: Historize!
19.23 year  System #104 The Interfaces The Server The Analytics The Visuals The core of the real-time data infrastructure offers: An infinite storage capacity Highly available Secure Accessible Reliable This infrastructure insures that everyone in the organization uses the same metrics to make decisions - « One version of the truth ». The center of the your real-time data infrastructure. The central data repository that stores your company’s data in a highly-available, secure, and accessible location. Provides a reliable, standardized system for accessing the mission-critical, role-based information you need to make informed decisions to execute daily tasks. Adjusts to your company’s changing data needs, leveraging your IT investment over time. Ensure that everyone has the same information. Consolidating and standardizing information means everyone in your company can communicate and collaborate more effectively since they all work with a common data set — “one version of the truth.”

11 The PI Server Performance Over Time
Startup Time Archiving Rate Snapshot Rate Archive Query Rate

12 The PI AF Server

13 The PI AF Server in the PI System
Structures and organizes the real time data by asset/equipment Store static information Reach to non time series data Spans multiple PI Servers Asset/Equipment centric access to information Non Time Series Data Sources SCM RDBMS MES Honeywell ABB Time Series Data Sources OPC Interface XML Modbus SNMP Generic Interfaces Delta-V Rockwell Vendor Specific Interfaces PI Server 2 Other Honeywell ABB Time Series Data Sources OPC Interface XML Modbus SNMP Generic Interfaces Delta-V Rockwell Vendor Specific Interfaces PI Server 1 Other

14 The PI AF Server

15 The PI Data Access layer

16 The PI Data Access Components
PI ODBC Client PI OLEDB Provider PI JDBC Driver OPC OPC DA/HDA Server OPC UA Server Web Services PI Web Services SDKs AF SDK

17 The PI System: Analyze Present (Visuals) Analyze (Analytics) Connect (Interfaces) Manage (Servers) Analyze (Analytics) Convert real-time data into actionable information CEP (Continuous Event Processing) & Post processing Equations, calculations, aggregations, filters, business rules Reports, Notifications and Alerts Monitor business & operational performance in real time Convert real-time data into actionable information. The PI System® includes a collection of analytical tools that allow you to create reports, equations, alerts, batch reports and notifications with minimal effort. Apply your business rules and metrics to raw time-series data, automating and/or easing the business decision making process. Measure and improve business performance. With PI Analytics, you can create consistent metrics to determine whether you are meeting specific business goals. Produce notification alerts whenever critical parameters are violated. Leverage the power of PI to determine an excursion’s root cause and get your manufacturing environment back on track.

18 The PI System: Analyze Analyze (Analytics) PI Analytics
Present (Visuals) Analyze (Analytics) Connect (Interfaces) Manage (Servers) Analyze (Analytics) PI Analytics PE, Totalizer, Alarm, RTSQC, etc. PI Advanced Computing Engine PI Notifications

19 The PI Analytics: PI Performance Equations
Pump daily uptime High/Low alarm on tank level with alarm reset every shift

20 The PI Analytics :PI Totalizer

21 PI ACE (Advanced Computing Engine)

22 PI Notifications Analysis Rule Time Target Configuration Trigger
Business Logic Analysis Rule Time Target Configuration Notification Emission Trigger Contacts Content Delivery Acknowledgement

23 Within PI Notifications
Notification Templates Notifications Rules

24 The PI System: Visualize
The Interfaces The Server The Analytics The Visuals The decision makers can use the well-known tools like: OSIsoft PI ProcessBook Microsoft Office Excel or Microsoft Office SharePoint SAP Enterprise Portal The Visuals stimulates the creativity and gives solutions to end-users for solving business problems. PI System® Visuals are a configurable suite of intuitive, easy-to-use graphical tools that simplify decision-making. Decision makers at every enterprise level can access PI System data through familiar desktop tools such as PI ProcessBook, Microsoft Office Excel, or portals such as Microsoft Office SharePoint Server and the SAP Enterprise Portal. Either way, everyone gains access to mission-critical, relevant, role-based, up-to-date information to empower informed decisions and drive business success. And with Microsoft technology, PI Visuals are easy to learn with minimal training.

25 The PI System: Visualize
The Interfaces The Server The Analytics The Visuals Thin Clients PI WebParts PI ActiveView Rt Business Package DataLink Excel Services Smart Clients PI ProcessBook PI DataLink PI Manual Logger

26 The Smart Clients

27 PI ProcessBook Draw intuitive graphical diagrams and include live data
Make one diagram refer to many similar units or assets Easily trend data View annotations to data points Intuitive “status” indicator displays health of data on the display Large symbol library included to make drawings quickly

28 PI ProcessBook localized

29 PI DataLink PI Add-In for Microsoft Excel and Lotus
Worksheets update each time the user adjusts a time range Create interactive reports and analyses in a spreasheet Worksheets can also be integrated with contexts

30 * * PI DataLink with Excel 2007 * *

31 The Thin Clients

32 PI ActiveView PI ActiveView is a ‘run time’ version of PI ProcessBook
Can be deploy easily and automatically ActiveView ActiveX can be added easily to web pages or any ActiveX container ActiveView displays preserve all functionalities from the source ProcessBook displays including VBA code

33 PI Webparts

34 PI DataLink for Excel Services (DLES)
Deploy DataLink functions across the enterprise Existing reports directly usable through the Portal No PI DataLink or Excel installation required on client Less PI data traffic on the WAN 34

35 RtBusiness Package


37 Strategic Alliances - Overview
Real-Time Data Infrastructure Productivity & Infrastructure Line of Business Connectivity We’ve got some great relationships with the key technology firms including Microsoft and SAP. We provide the real time operational data infrastructure, Microsoft provides the productivity layer, and SAP represents the line of business connectivity. We’re working closely with our strategic partners and expect to come to the table together, as partners to support your business objectives.

38 Strategic Alliances – MSFT Technology Integration
Office Business Applications Microsoft Dynamics SAP Duet ISV OBA’s Custom OBA’s Virtual Studio Tools for Office (Visual Studio.NET) SharePoint Designer, Admin Tools Tools 2007 Office System Clients Open XML File Formats & Extensible Fluent Interface Office SharePoint Server 2007 Portals Search Workflow Business Data Catalog Excel Services Electronic Forms Website & Security Framework Exchange Server 2007 Office Communications Server 2007 Point Server 2007 Office Performance The Microsoft Office System Both Clients and vendors unit to take on common challenges With an objective to deliver the following Scalable Architecture Based on Standards Addressing security along the way Mapping out new business processes impacts to the solutions Blue printing the processes Co developing to reduce integration efforts and LOB Systems Microsoft Dynamics SAP Siebel

39 Strategic Alliances – SAP
Strategic Alliances – SAP Integration Strategic Alliances – SAP . OSIsoft Partner Since 1996: SAP Production Planning-Process Industries (SAP PP-PI) module SAP Plant Maintenance (SAP-PM) module SAP Quality Management (SAP-QM) module The OSIsoft Business Package for SAP Portal Member of ES Community Member of Value Network for Chemicals, Mining, and Utilities Enterprise Services for SAP Enterprise Service Repository AMI MDUS Solution and participant in SAP Lighthouse Council OSIsoft has a deep, long standing relationship with SAP. We’re a SAP certified partner and have developed several SAP integration components to make it easy for our joint customers to integrate PI data with SAP portal and other systems.

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