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Finnish Red Cross Youth Youth activities at the Finnish Red Cross.

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1 Finnish Red Cross Youth Youth activities at the Finnish Red Cross

2 Finnish Red Cross Youth Educational aims Educational aims of the organisation: In the Red Cross children and youth will grow to values that honour life and diversity. He/she is not afraid to speak for the good, he/she believes in actions of sympathy and the power of presence. He/she has the courage to help, to speak for people who are in need and to take a stand – he/she has the courage to be a human. Kuva: Jukka-Pekka Moilanen, 2011

3 Finnish Red Cross Youth General information Youth activities for under 29 year olds 7–12 year olds are active in clubs and at camps. 13–17 year olds are active in youth groups, first aid groups, at camps, in arranging and participating in short-term drives, campaigns and projects as well as taking part of international camps, field trips and group exchanges. 18–28 year olds arrange and participate in short-term drives, campaigns and projects, take part in activities regarding humanitarian law, first aid group and friend visitors activities, they are active as Youth Delegates, participate in international activities and act as various instructors and trainers as well as in positins of trust.

4 Finnish Red Cross Youth Strategy for Youth Activities 2014-2020 ”We help the youth in need and raise a new generation of helpers.” Strategic goals: To support the social strengthening and well-being of children and the young. The young are a part of the emergency preparedness. The young have an impact in society and the organisation.

5 Finnish Red Cross Youth Reddie Kids Target group children aged between 7 and 12 years regular and long-term activity arranged by the local branch the club is led by an over 15 year old, trained facilitator through club activities children get familiar with the Red Cross’ values and other activities three guidelines the Red Cross, first aid, diversity facilitator training and guide.

6 Finnish Red Cross Youth Youth groups Guide for youth group activities. Gives those aged between 13 and 17 years a chance to make a difference in their local area and take a stand for better everyday life and those less fortunate. A youth promoter can be a group instructor. Youth promoter training.

7 Finnish Red Cross Youth International youth activities The aim is to increase international interaction, mutual understanding and tolerance among young people. FRCs international mobility is funded by the Folke Bernadotte foundation. International camps: FRCs members can apply to international camps hosted by other countries’ branches. We also invite participants from other countries’ branches to take part in international camps arranged in Finland. Field trips: training and conferences as well as field trips for various volunteer groups. The field trips always have a certain theme and a limited working time. The aim is to share knowledge and best practises as well as increase interaction between young people from different countries. Collaboration in neighbouring areas: headquarters and the districts coordinate the collaboration in neighbouring areas. Currently Savo-Karjala district (collaboration with the RC in Karelia) and Lappi district (collaboration with the Barents Countries).

8 Finnish Red Cross Youth Youth Delegates FRC youth members between 18 and 28 years of age, who are fluent in English and have experience of organisational and voluntary work, can apply for the Basic Training Course of Youth Delegates. Organisational development work is a local activity which is funded by the Disaster Fund among others. The aim is to help another national organisation to develop its youth activities and structures. FRC collaborates with other national organisations around various themes. Youth Delegates are also an active part of homeland activities and volunteer as leaders of field trips.

9 Finnish Red Cross Youth Friend visitors activities Young people as friend visitors for young people young adults as friend visitors for elderly people one-time events for example ”Iloa ystävyydestä” events (eng. friendship brings joy), taking retirement homes learning about friend visitors in schools young people as clients of friend visitors (emergency youth shelters).

10 Finnish Red Cross Youth Camps Arranged by districts and branches various themes and contents for children, young people and families training in camp activities camp instructor camp boss. Kuva: Santtu Hyytinen, 2011

11 Finnish Red Cross Youth Communications Web page:  English  Get Blog Henry goes live Facebook: FRC youth, Punaisen Ristin Nuoret Rednet Leaflet of youth activities Leaflet ”Nuoria remmiin”

12 Finnish Red Cross Youth Trainings Reddie Kids instructor training Youth Promoter training camp activities training (camp instructors, camp bosses) about 40 youth trainers training for trainers Kuva: Alejandro Lorenzo, 2011

13 Finnish Red Cross Youth Positions of trust The Annual Youth Meeting in autumn The National Youth Commission the districts’ youth committees and commissions districts’ youth forums directions to the districts’ youth commissions Kuva: Jani Rutanen, 2014

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