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How to Write a CV. Usually a CV is divided into several parts and can include: Personal informationPersonal information (Личная информация) Objective.

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1 How to Write a CV

2 Usually a CV is divided into several parts and can include: Personal informationPersonal information (Личная информация) Objective Objective (Цель) EducationEducation (Образование) Work Experience and EmploymentWork Experience and Employment ( Профессиональный опыт) Positions of responsibilities (социальная активность)Positions of responsibilities (социальная активность) Special skillsSpecial skills (Специальные навыки) InterestsInterests (Интересы) ReferencesReferences (Рекомендации)

3 Personal Information Provide the employer with personal information so they can contact you easily. Be sure to include your name, address, phone number, email, and fax number, if available. Ivan I. Ivanov 198, Zelenaya Street, apt. 85 St Petersburg, 191194, Russia Phone: +7 812 273 10 50 Date of Birth: 25.08.1970 Marital Status: married

4 Objective This is statement of what you actually want to do. If you apply for a job, you can write " to obtain a position in..., where I can use my skills in…". You should show what you can do for the company more than what the company can do for you. Obtain employment in the field of public relations that will allow me to use my ability to work with people and take advantage of my knowledge of English.

5 Educatio n: most recent education first Give places of education where you have studied - most recent education first. Include any special project, thesis, or dissertation work. Pre-college courses (high school, etc.) should then be mentioned, including grades. St.Petersburg State University 1988-1995 Diploma in English and French. Qualified as English interpreter. 1977-1988 School № 31, Penza, Russia.

6 Working Experience Include all your work experience in reverse chronological order. Include the following for every description: - Title of the position - Name of the organization - Location of work - Date of employment Stress your best and most relevant achievements. Working as a chief specialist in Insurance Co.Rodina Ros. April 1995-to present Duties: schedules of meetings, appointments and recording of the personnel, interpreting and translation of documents.

7 advanced - продвигал analyzed - анализировал assisted - помогал carried out - выполнил changed - изменил classified - классифицировал completed - выполнял conducted - осуществлял controlled - контролировал cooperated - сотрудничал coordinated - координировал corrected - исправлял created - создавал detected - вычислял developed - развивал discovered - обнаружил established - основал expanded - расширил grouped - сгруппировал headed - возглавлял improved - улучшил increased - увеличил installed - установил invented - изобрел, ввел в работу promoted - продвигал purchased - закупал raised - поднял, увеличил replaced - заменил stimulated - стимулировал strengthened - усилил supported - поддерживал systematized - систематизировал won - победил wrote - написал Use these words describing your working experience:

8 Position of Responsibility List all awards and honors you have achieved in reverse chronological order. Include achievements from all areas of your life – academic, sporting, within the community, etc. Publications, Conferences, Presentations: They can provide a significant point of difference between you and other candidates for positions where such skills are both valued and relevant. Head Basketball Manager, St.Petersburg State University Basketbal Team Communicated with coaches, managers, players and trainers; Coordinated duties and responsibilities for all managers; Completed and maintained paperwork on the team.

9 Special Skills List here all the languages you speak, with a one- word description of your knowledge of that language: conversational, intermediate, advanced, and fluent. List any certificates and/or results like TOEFL scores, with date. Mention your computing skills (e.g. "good working knowledge of MS Access and Excel, basic web page design skills“, etc.) English: Fluent reading, writing and speaking ability. Qualified as interpreter and translator. French: Good reading and translating ability. Computer skills: Advanced PC user (MS Office, MS Access, Navision, Lotus Notes, Consultant Plus, Garant).

10 Interests Show a range of interests Hobbies that are a little out of the ordinary can help you to stand out from the crowd Any interests relevant to the job are worth mentioning Any evidence of leadership is important to mention (captain or coach of a sports team, course representative, chair of a student society, scout leader|) Dancing: Dancer in a professional dancing group. Swimming: Winner of regional and town competitions.

11 accurate - пунктуальный, точный active - активный adaptable - приспосабливаемый broad-minded - с широким кругозором competent – компетентный conscientious - добросовестный creative - изобретательный dependable - заслуживающий доверия determined - решительный diplomatic – дипломатичный discreet - осмотрительный efficient - эффективный energetic - энергичный, активный enterprising - предприимчивый enthusiastic - полный experienced - опытный fair - честный, справедливый firm - твердый, непоколебимый honest - честный loyal - лояльный, верный, преданный positive - позитивный reliable - заслуживающий доверия resourceful - находчивый, sense of humor - чувство юмора sensitive - чувствительный sincere - искренний successful - успешный tactful - тактичный trustworthy - надежный These words can be used when you write about your responsibilities, qualities and skills:

12 References Write 'References available on request' if you prefer that the employer asks your permission before writing or ringing them up.

13 Good luck!

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