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Resources to Help You do Research Better Mark Czajkowski.

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1 Resources to Help You do Research Better Mark Czajkowski

2 When can programs help you? Managing references and journal papers Create a database of sources Theoretical calculations (equations) Simulations Post processing

3 Mathematica is the premier all-purpose mathematical software package. It integrates swift and accurate symbolic and numerical calculation, all-purpose graphics, and a powerful programming language Available to all faculty and students Download from Information Technology Services (ITS) mathematica / mathematica /

4 Matlab a high-level technical computing language and interactive environment for algorithm development, data visualization, data analysis, and numeric computation Available to Faculty and RA’s and TA’s for Research or Class Installation Instructions Installation Instructions

5 Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Powerpoint, … Available on research computers Ask ITS to install or download from

6 Ensight The most advanced post-processor on the market, take your visualizations to new extremes... 20 floating licenses available for research use Contact Mark Czajkowski for more information

7 Ansys (Fluent) delivers advanced technology in all key simulation areas Academic Version (limited number of nodes) is available to all students in computer lab Currently, John Daily has 5 seats of Fluent Research Edition

8 Solidworks SolidWorks 3D design software can help you design better products faster. Available to all students in computer lab

9 Webfiles

10 Reference Managers ZoteroPapers

11 Papers: an Apple Application Comprehensive application streamlines references workflow Functionality Download, with all citation metadata Store, sort, highlight PDFs in one location Create archives Read full screen Multiple search and database repositories Export to Bibtex, Endnote, Bookends, Word2008, XML, etc. 30-day trial for any Apple computer $40 full license; $25 with student discount

12 Zotero Advantages Works with all operating systems (windows, mac, linux) Free program Organizes references into personal database Accessible from any computer with Zotero installed Database communicates easily with LaTeX Disadvantages Requires browser Not quite as streamlined as Papers when downloading pdfs

13 Zotero Browser Find journal articles, books, etc. using EngineeringVillage, ScienceDirect, Chinook, etc. Export citations as Bibtex file Use Bibtex file directly in Latex document (or Word document)

14 Zotero with Jabref Jabref Reference manager Allows you to easily copy cite key into Latex documents

15 LaTeX a high-quality typesetting system Free software, available for download from the internet Recommended frontends Mac: TeXShop, texmaker Windows: TeXnicCenter Linux: Kile Thesis template and information Cheat Sheet archive/info/latexcheat/latexcheat/latexsheet.pdf archive/info/latexcheat/latexcheat/latexsheet.pdf

16 Example working with: Zotero, Jabref, and Latex

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