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Castle View, Jefferson, Mt. View and Washington Elementary Schools.

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1 Castle View, Jefferson, Mt. View and Washington Elementary Schools

2  This rigorous academic program begins in kindergarten and will continue through 12 th grade.  Both fluent English speakers and fluent Spanish speakers are in the same classroom.  It develops bilingualism and biliteracy in English and in Spanish for all students. (Goal #1)  All students reach high levels of academic achievement. (Goal #2)  Students develop cross-cultural awareness and high levels of self-esteem. (Goal #3)

3  There is an equal number of English speaking and Spanish speaking students in the classrooms.  Combines standards-based instruction with the best content and language instructional practices.  Language learning takes place through content instruction that is rigorous, highly engaging, and collaborative.  Academic subjects are taught in both languages, though not concurrently.  Teachers are fully bilingual and bi-literate.

4 Grade K: (90% Spanish)  Language Arts instruction is in Spanish.  30 minutes of English language development is provided daily. NOTE: DLI does not include a Transitional Kinder curriculum. Grades 1-2: (80% and 70% Spanish)  Language Arts instruction continues in Spanish.  30 minutes of English language development is provided daily.  Science or Social Studies is taught in English. Grade 3: (60% Spanish)  English Language Arts instruction is introduced.  Spanish language and literacy continues to be developed.  30 minutes of English language development is provided daily.  Science is taught in English.

5 Grades 4-6:  Content instruction is 50% in English and 50% in Spanish.  Students receive Language Arts and Mathematics in both languages.  Science and Social Studies are taught in either English or in Spanish, depending on the grade level.  High academic and linguistic expectations are in place for all students. Grades 7-8*:  Pre-AP Spanish in 7 th Grade  AP Spanish in 8 th Grade  At least one content area subject taught in Spanish Grades 9-12*:  At least one content area subject taught in Spanish *SCHOOLS TO BE DETERMINED

6  Bilingualism provides lasting cognitive, academic, linguistic, and economic benefits.  Students with multi-cultural experiences will be more prepared to live and function in a global community.  Dominant English speakers will have the opportunity to become fluent in Spanish.  Dominant Spanish speakers will have the opportunity to develop literacy in their first language, and maintain that first language while becoming fluent in English.

7 DLI ProgramDistrict ELAALL English Dominant Spanish DominantALL English Dominant Spanish Dominant Advanced 31%39%18%25%31%6% Proficient 31%35%25%33%35%28% Basic 18%16%18%21%19%27% BB 18%10%29%12%9%22% FBB 2%0%10%9%7%17% English Language Arts

8 DLI ProgramDistrict MathALL English Dominant Spanish DominantALL English Dominant Spanish Dominant Advanced 43%51%29%33%39%16% Proficient 28%31%25%32%33%29% Basic 17%8%32%17%14%25% BB 12%10%14%13%11%22% FBB 0% 4%3%9% Mathematics, English

9 English Learners CELDT LevelIn DLIIn District Advanced0%4% Early Advanced20%19% Intermediate42%44% Early Intermediate23%19% Beginning15%14%

10 SchoolGrades WashingtonKinder - 5 th Grade Castle ViewKinder - 4 th Grade Mt. ViewKinder - 2 nd Grade JeffersonKinder - 1 st Grade

11 1 st : School of Residence students at that site Within this category, School of Residence students with siblings already in the program will be placed first. 2 nd : Transfer students who have a sibling already in the program at that site

12  Application window is Feb. 23-Mar. 27  Applications will be completed online.  Application link will be posted on Feb. 23 at 9:00 a.m. at or (Spanish)  Parents may also visit a DLI school office or the District Office, 2 nd floor, for access to a computer and/or for assistance.  The application window will close at 3:00 p.m. on March 27.

13 Parent may apply to only one school, or to two, three, or all four schools CAUTION: Only request a school if:  You are comfortable having your child attend that school through 6 th grade  You can provide transportation to that school without hardship  The school is a viable option for your family

14 WHY THE PREVIOUS CAUTION?  Transfers later on may not be an option.  Students may be placed through the lottery at any school, even a 4 th choice, if that school is indicated on the application.  Waitlisted parents who refuse an opening at a school listed on their application will be dropped from the waitlist.

15  Both in-district and out-of-district parents may apply to the program.  Through the online application process, a transfer form will be generated for your child if needed.  Through this process, you may also request a non-DLI school as a second transfer preference.  If is not necessary to complete a separate transfer through Pupil Services!

16  Only students whose applications have been received during this window will be eligible for the lottery.  At the end of the application window, parents will receive an “Accepted” letter/email or a “Lottery” letter/email.  Lottery letter/email will include student lottery number, and location, time, and date of lottery.  Lottery is for all four schools.  During the lottery, as lottery numbers are drawn, parents will have an opportunity to select which of the four schools they wish to attend, as long as space is available.

17 For additional information, please visit the Dual Language Immersion webpage at: There you will find posted:  Handy links to each of the DLI sites  The DLI Handbook, a thorough guide to the DLI program  Information on the Application Process  A link to the online application, to be posted Feb. 23  A Frequently Asked Questions document  Research and other articles on Dual Language Immersion

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