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A brief introduction to EuroQol Group Foundation.

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1 A brief introduction to EuroQol Group Foundation

2 Prof. Dr. Jan J.V. Busschbach Erasmus MC Psychiatry; –Section Medical Psychology and Psychotherapy – – Chair of the EuroQol Foundation 2 2

3 The EQ-5D-3L questionnaire ‘Simplified’ Chinese version for China

4 The EQ-5D-3L questionnaire

5 EuroQol jargon: state 11232

6 Moving from 3 levels to 5…

7 The EuroQol Group Founded 25 years ago A network of about 100… –International, –multi-disciplinary, –researchers Devoted to… –measurement of health status, –health related Quality of Life

8 International members Australia Canada Denmark Finland France Germany Greece Italy Netherlands New Zealand Norway Poland Singapore Slovenia South Africa Spain Sweden Trinidad & Tobago United Kingdom United States

9 Non commercial An non profit organization –A foundation –No stock holders –Members votes for a Executive Board The EuroQol Office –Executive Director: Dr. Bernhard Slaap – All money goes into research

10 Income Pharmaceutical industry –Subscriptions for 3 years Large non commercial users –Delectated research allocations Small non commercial user –Sometimes fees Might change Research –Free

11 EuroQol Membership Reserved for those who actively support the work of the EuroQol Group and make a positive and sustained commitment to it Attend and scientifically contribute to the EuroQol Plenary Meetings and participate in Working Groups Access to research grants and annual meeting

12 EuroQol Annual Plenary Meeting

13 EuroQol Annual Meeting Present papers and posters on: –Methodological / valuation aspects of EQ-5D –Development of new EQ-5D versions –Alternative modes of administration –Use of EQ-5D in health population surveys Papers are discussed –Authors do not present –Authors get often much critique,… but quality and quantity of output is high

14 EuroQol Executive Office

15 EuroQol Office Handles EQ-5D license requests Scientific support clients Scientific and operational support EQ sponsored studies EQ members support Based in Rotterdam –The Netherlands 5.0 FTE + contractors

16 1)Two versions in target language Translators should be native in target language and fluent in English 2)First consensus version 3)Report to EuroQol Group 1)Two versions in English Translators should be native in English and fluent in target language 2)Comparison to the original English version 3)Second consensus version 4)Report to EuroQol Group 1)Test second consensus by 8 lay respondents - Native to the target language - Patients and healthy persons - Range of socio-demographic characteristics 2)Third consensus version 3)Report to EuroQol Group 1. Forward Translation 2. Backward Translation 3. Respondent Testing Final translation of EQ-5D Translation Protocol

17 Other language versions All produced following recommended guidelines for cultural adaptation + rating scale exercise Translation certificates provided for all versions

18 EQ-5D User Guides

19 EuroQol Paper version EQ-5D-3L descriptive systemEQ-5D-3L VAS

20 Other formats Tablet, PDA, Web


22 EQ-5D Web

23 EQ-5D Products EQ-5D-3L Translations –More than 160 languages in Self-complete paper format –Also available in; Telephone, Face-to-face, Proxy, IVR, Web and Tablet format EQ-5D-5L Translations –More than 90+ languages in self-complete paper format –Also available in Web and Tablet format EQ-5D-Y Translations –Available in more than 20 languages –Youth between 7-12 years

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