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1 SAISD Identification and Placement Procedures Questions and Answers.

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1 1 SAISD Identification and Placement Procedures Questions and Answers

2 2 Timeline Identification of New Students Home Language Survey is completed by parent at registration Identify students to be tested with WMLS Conduct LPAC for: new students to SAISD within first two weeks of enrollment any student that was inadvertently overlooked during annual spring 2012 review Document all information on the appropriate forms Use blue form (BE-12 or ESL-10) to document new student information Data Clerk will enter information on WST 1175 TEA Flowchart

3 3 Helpful Guides for LPAC LPAC Monthly Responsibilities At-a-Glance Process for Identification and Placement of a LEP Student

4 4 Follow the same identification/placement procedure as student with Spanish as the first language. If the student is identified as limited English proficient, the student will be identified as LEP and categorized as ESL. Instructional placement for this student is in the non- bilingual classroom with (pullout) ESL provided by the bilingual education teacher during the designated ESL time. Q: What if the student’s first language is other than Spanish?

5 5 Q: When does LPAC convene? A: LPAC must convene for: Initial identification and placement (throughout the year as needed) Any changes in the status of the student Prior to TAKS for identification of language of test Every spring for: the annual review of all LEP students, including parent denials. Monitoring of exited students (first and second year follow-up.) Within the first two weeks of the student’s enrollment to identify and place students in the appropriate instructional program. Invite parent(s) to attend LPAC meeting (Form LPAC-2 (E or S). (This is optional but highly encouraged especially for initial placement or special cases.)

6 6 A: Upon initial enrollment and at the end of each school year, the LPAC shall review all pertinent information on all limited English proficient students identified and shall: Designate the language proficiency level of the student. Designate the level of academic achievement. Designate, subject to parental approval, the instructional placement of the student and facilitate the participation of LEP students in other special programs. Recommend a LEP postponement (11 th grade only) and or STAAR Linguistic Accommodations for eligible students. Classify students as English proficient in accordance with the criteria and recommend exit. Review and/or recommend an instructional intervention plan. Q: What are some of the roles and responsibilities of LPAC during the review of pertinent information?

7 7 What assessment is administered to determine if the student is limited English proficient (LEP)? A: Woodcock Munoz Language Survey (WMLS) English Grades PK-12: Form A – Fall Semester Form B – Spring Semester Spanish Grades PK-5 (only at initial placement) Q:

8 8 Woodcock Muñoz Language Survey CALP Levels English CALP Level / Description 1NES  Negligible English Speaker 2 VLES  Very Limited English Speaker 3 LES  Limited English Speaker 3.5 LFES  Limited to Fluent English Speaker 4 FES  Fluent English Speaker 4.5 FAES  Fluent to Advanced English Speaker 5 AES  Advanced English Speaker 6 VAES  Very Advanced English Speaker Spanish CALP Level / Description 1NSS  Negligible Spanish Speaker 2 VLSS  Very Limited Spanish Speaker 3 LSS  Limited Spanish Speaker 3.5 LFSS  Limited to Fluent Spanish Speaker 4 FSS  Fluent Spanish Speaker 4.5 FASpS  Fluent to Advanced Spanish Speaker 5 ASpS  Advanced Spanish Speaker 6 VASpS  Very Advanced Spanish Speaker

9 9 A: Other English Language Proficiency Tests WHAT? Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) WHO? All students new to SAISD in grades 2 – 12 (LPAC may recommend that non-English speakers not be administered the ITBS.) WHEN? Check Testing Calendar for exact dates  Fall (September - October)  Spring (February) WHAT? Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System (TELPAS) Rating Window WHO? LEP students in Grades K-12 WHEN? Spring (February – March) Q: What other English language assessments are administered to LEP students?

10 10 Q: What is the ITBS for students in grades 2-5? Administration of ITBS: Fall ITBS September-October Spring ITBS February Check with Testing Dept. for deadline to submit order of tests needed. For students New to SAISD, recommendation during the initial LPAC must be made regarding the administration of the ITBS.

11 11 A: Complete all information pertaining to the date of LPAC, campus, etc. The four committee members must sign and date each Minutes page. ‘ Information must note recommendation of LPAC based on pertinent information. Addendum is used to record other information that must be documented. Q: What form does LPAC use to document program recommendations?

12 12 Forms & student information needed during LPAC meeting: Minutes & addendum (for initial placement use LPAC-6) LPAC Meeting Minutes Checklist - LPAC-7 when using LEP Rosters Student Profile Data for Bilingual Education (initial placement and annual review) New Student LPAC Review Data Sheet (blue form used to record initial placement data and given to Data Clerk to enter information) Oral language proficiency test results: Woodcock Munoz Language Survey (WMLS)  Grades PK-5 English and Spanish for initial placement  English every spring thereafter until the student has attained (level) CALP 4  Grades 6-12 English ONLY upon initial placement and every spring thereafter until the student has attained (level) CALP 4 CALP Level Chart Other pertinent information regarding student academic performance

13 13 After the LPAC makes program recommendation: Obtain parent permission, as soon as possible. Entry to the program date is the first day the student is served AFTER all documentation is in place including the Parental Approval Form. Complete New Student LPAC Review Data Sheet (blue form) with all information. File parent permission form in the student LEP folder. Data clerk will enter information on New Student LPAC Review Data Sheet in WST 1175.

14 14 New Student LPAC Review Data Sheet (Blue) Only for initial placement Completed after all documentation is complete Submitted by LPAC coordinator to Data Clerk to enter information on Screen WST 1175 Both coordinator and data clerk must sign the form Q: How is the initial placement recommendation recorded for PEIMS?

15 15 Q: What if the parent wants to deny placement in the Bilingual/ESL program? Conference with parent to explain benefits of the program Parent signs the Waiver form BE-8 or ESL-7 and the Documentation of Explanation of the Benefits of the Bilingual/ESL Program form (LPAC-8). Use the blue form BE-12 or ESL-10 to record initial denial. Use the Change in Status form BE-13 or ESL-11 (yellow) to record a denial for an existing Bilingual/ESL student. The LPAC may need to convene to make changes The campus data clerk enters the changes in WST 1175 Note: Waiver must be signed every year until exited. Waiver letter is filed on the left side of the folder behind the oral language tests. The current year’s letter must be first. Waiver letter must be duplicated in both languages.

16 16 Student Change of Status Form (yellow) Use only if making changes in student status during the school year. Duplicate in yellow. LPAC Coordinator completes and Data Clerk enters changes on Screen WST 1175

17 17 Student Change of Status Form Form BE-13 or ESL11(yellow) The purpose of this form BE-13 or ESL11 is to document the change in status of a LEP student From Bilingual (YES) to Bilingual (NO) (This is a parent denial) Reasons for status change during the school year: Withdraw Code – 45 student no longer enrolled in the program (Exited met criteria and is reclassified as a Non-LEP) Withdraw Code – 33 program status change due to parent permission changes during school year

18 18 Student Data Profile Sheet Must be completed and signed by the LPAC coordinator Information on form must match LPAC minutes Form has a Fall and Spring section Must be filed on right side of the folder Elementary: Forms BE-4 or BE-5 Secondary: Forms ESL-4 or ESL-5

19 19 According to Commissioner’s Rules, key LPAC members are required to attend ARD meetings for LEP Special Ed students, including parent denials. ARD and LPAC shall collaborate on any decisions regarding identification, placement, interventions, exiting, etc. of the student. Exemption from TELPAS (any domain) must be specifically documented during the ARD. Criteria for exiting (reclassification) shall be established prior to testing. A: Q: What if the LEP student is being recommended for Special Education services or is Special Ed student?

20 20 Categories: 7 – Parent Denial 8X – Student exited from program 8N – Student reaching the highest level of English proficiency upon initial identification, and therefore, not being identified as limited English proficient. 0 – Student not placed in program due to severity of disability preventing student from being placed in bilingual education.

21 21

22 22 Approval of Placement (Form BE-6, BE-7, or ESL-6 Letter must be duplicated in both languages. Parent must sign and date approval. Placement letter must be filed on the left side of the folder.

23 23 Exit / Reclassification Upon the student meeting the criteria to exit the program the LPAC must notify the parents. Letter must be duplicated in both languages. Exit letter must be signed and dated by parent. Exit letter must be filed on left side of the folder behind the oral language test which is on top of the approval or waiver letters.

24 24 Things to Remember… Identification and placement must be within the first two weeks (10 days) of enrollment. For new students, check previous placement and original Home Language Survey for current year’s placement Students NEW to SAISD in grades 2 - 12 must be administered the ITBS during the two week period identified by the Testing office. Students in grades PK – 1 cannot exit program.

25 25 Things to remember… All LEP students are administered the WMLS in Spring until the student reaches CALP 4. WMLS Form: A– Fall; Form B – Spring Spanish only for initial placement in PreK-5. Parents denying the program must sign a waiver letter yearly. If a student was inadvertently overlooked during the Spring annual review – LPAC should immediately correct the error and update the student’s program status.

26 26 Things to Remember… Members of LPAC must be trained yearly and have signed the statement of confidentiality (LPAC-4) form before the first LPAC. All members of LPAC must be present in order to hold the LPAC meeting. No parent serving on LPAC shall be an employee of the district.

27 27 Part III Crystal Enterprise

28 28 Crystal Enterprise How do I log in? What information do I need? Which documents should l check very, very often? How can these rosters help me keep the documentation current?

29 29 LEP Roster

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