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1 Toyota Grant Project: Science and Literacy Toyota Grant Project: Science and Literacy Susan Dougherty-Fitzpatrick, Croswell-Lexington Community Schools.

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1 1 Toyota Grant Project: Science and Literacy Toyota Grant Project: Science and Literacy Susan Dougherty-Fitzpatrick, Croswell-Lexington Community Schools Andrea Nunn, Croswell-Lexington Community Schools Rebecca Josephson-Gorinac, Sanilac Intermediate School District

2 2 Overview of the Grants 2005 Toyota Tapestry Grant = $9,400 Funds were used to purchase informational text materials that aligned with the ABC in Science countywide curriculum project

3 3 Major Grant Goals Improve understanding of science informational text in grades K-3 Provide professional development for K-3 rd grade teachers (including special needs teachers and reading specialists) in research-based literacy strategies

4 4 “Each and every one of you may be the only ‘scientist’ many of your students ever come to know. Whatever grade you teach, as a teacher and role model, you are a key player in shaping the next generation of scientists, mathematicians, and engineers who will be responsible for the future innovations of this country.” Jo Anne Vasquez, Science and Children

5 5 ABC in Science Curriculum Overview ABC in Science is an elementary kit-based program that is aligned with the state standards Teachers in grades K-6 each receive 3-5 science kits per year that are stocked and delivered by Sanilac ISD/Sanilac County Science and Math Center

6 6 KindergartenFirst GradeSecond Grade Third GradeFourth Grade Fifth-Sixth Grade Autumn: It’s Apple and Pumpkin Time! Atmosphere and Weather Creature Features: Life Cycle of Butterflies Beautiful Plants The Great Lakes: Our Bountiful Freshwater Supply! Wood Lot Ecosystems AnimalsMagnet ManiaWetland Animals Wild About the Weather! Our Dynamic Earth: Oh, How it Changes! What’s the Matter? Life Cycles in Nature Measurement, Forces and Simple Machines Boats that Float! Sound and Light Earth, Moon and Sun Detective Moolock’s Search For Energy! Understanding the Atmosphere Exploring Our Earth Using Trash: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Motions, Forces and Simple Machines Michigan Ecosystems: The Web of Life Simple Machines Magnets and Motors K-6 ABC in Science Unit Scope and Sequence

7 7 Selection of Informational Text Materials Contacted vendors for grade and content appropriate sample books Met in K-3 grade level teams for two half-days during the summer (grant funds provided a stipend for participants) Used the Nonfiction Conventions Checklist and Your Guide to Leveled Texts to make appropriate selections

8 8 Nonfiction Conventions Checklist Use the following criteria to rate the quality of each nonfiction science book you feel would be a high-quality resource for your grade level. ConventionPurposeThe book contains this feature: Yes/No Comments from Grade Level Team Comments from Review Team LabelsHelps the reader identify a picture or photograph and/or its parts. PhotographsHelps the reader understand exactly what something looks like. CaptionsHelps the reader better understand a picture or photograph.

9 9 Grade Level Developmental Level Guided Reading Level DRA Level KEmergentA, B, C1, 2, 3, 4 K-1Emergent/EarlyD, E5, 6, 7, 8 1EarlyF, G, H, I9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 2Early/FluentJ, K, L, M18, 20, 24, 28 3FluentN, O, P30, 34, 38 4FluentQ, R40 5FluentS, T, U44, 50 6FluentV, W, X, Y, Z44, 50+ Your Guide to Leveled Texts

10 10 Assessing the Project Pre/Post Tests Electronic data collection by grade Student questionnaires Parent questionnaires Other data – MLPP, MEAP, CCC Lab

11 11 Why Nonfiction? Encourages planning, sustaining, and revising work over an extended period of time Helps children become active learners who apply their learning Generates a high level of enthusiasm and engagement Replicates the process of decision making and acting on those decisions

12 12 Allows students to organize information Allows students to pursue a special interest Provides opportunities to search for answers to questions Provides opportunities to develop expertise Provides opportunities to learn and use reading strategies specific to nonfiction Engages children in research and experimentation

13 13 Allows students to write clearly and concisely in interesting ways Expands vocabulary Lends itself to persuasive writing Provides opportunities to practice public speaking Exposes children to a wide range of interesting topics and allows them to hear many different thoughts and perspectives. Stephanie Harvey, Nonfiction Matters, 1998

14 14 Development of Mini-Units at Each Grade Level Kindergarten – Life Cycles First Grade – Worms; Fossils Second Grade – Light Third Grade – Simple Machines

15 15 Professional Development January 26 – Countywide First Grade Teachers attended session to learn about MSTA books and resources; Cros-Lex First Grade also learned about the Toyota Grant resources January 31 – Cros-Lex K-3 Teachers participated in training with new Toyota resources

16 16 Teacher Professional Development

17 17 Nonfiction Strategies Overview of First Grade Unit - Wormin’ Around: A Worm’s Work –Strategies: RAFT Headband Game It’s Amazing –Foldable: Flip Book

18 18 Nonfiction Strategies Overview of Third Grade Unit - Simply, Simple Machines –Strategies: Frayer Model Question Game –Foldables: Venn Diagram Six Simple Machine Flip Book

19 19 Resources Refer to bibliography of nonfiction teacher resources handout in your packet “Why is nonfiction almost a guaranteed success? The key to teaching with nonfiction is passion, for children are passionate inquirers and nonfiction fuels their curiosity and their demand for knowledge and understanding of the world.” (Stephanie Harvey, Nonfiction Matters, 1998)

20 20 Questions? Thank You!

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