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CHURCH HISTORY II Lesson 38 CHURCH HISTORY II Lesson 38 Trends in 20 th century Christianity “a most confusing time”

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1 CHURCH HISTORY II Lesson 38 CHURCH HISTORY II Lesson 38 Trends in 20 th century Christianity “a most confusing time”

2 “A movement whose adherents were seeking to reshape the Christian faith into a form which would be acceptable to modern man” The challenge of Liberalism/Modernism HOW DID THE CHURCH RESPOND? Denomination fightsLost them all! Fundamentals Separation Bible Conferences Liberalism is not Christianity Dr. J.G. Machen Niagara Creed 5 Fundamentals Dispensational Pre-millennialism Bible Schools North: GARBC Orthodox Presbyterians South: division came much later Presbyterian Church of America-1973

3 PENTECOSTALISM Is this the 3 rd branch of Christianity? 20 th Century Phenomenon Protestant ??? Catholic/Orthodox 2000: 800 million adherents worldwide 2001: 9 million new adherents yearly! Dr. Rosell: 4 periods of renewal:Great Awakening 2 nd Great Awakening Pentecostal Revival 1950’s revival under BG

4 Roots of PentecostalismWesleyan Methodism Rock of Ages, cleft for me, Let me hide myself in thee; Let the water and the blood, from thy riven side which flowed, Be of sin the double cure, Cleanse me from its guilt and power. Two elements of Wesley’s double cure 1.Justification/conversion 2. Sanctification A Plain Account of Christian Perfection Efforts to call the church back to holiness/holy living July 1667 Vineland, NJ 188767 separate events in 16 states Overall results:failure to call the church to repentance

5 Beginnings Charles Fox Parham (1873-1929) Agnes Ozman (?-1937) Bethel Bible School: Topeka, KS

6 Wm T Seymour (1870-1922) 1905 Houston, TX 312 Azusa Street

7 1948PENTECOSTAL/CHARISMATIC CHURCHES OF NORTH AMERICA Assemblies of God Salvation Through Jesus Christ Divine Healing Baptism in the Holy Spirit The Second Coming of Christ 212 Countries 859 Bible Schools 39 Seminaries Outside of the United States! 1914300+ Hot Springs, AK 1916‘Oneness’ PentecostalsUnited Pentecostal Church 1988World Assembly of God Fellowship

8 Foursquare Gospel Church Aimee Semple McPherson

9 Pentecostal Holiness Church The Church of God (Cleveland) A.J. Tomlinson The Church of God (of Prophecy)

10 Why discuss? Fastest growing Christian movement in the world If we do not personally interact with Pentecostals, our missionaries will! These people were genuinely seeking a closer walk with God How did it thrive in the face of constant opposition? 1. Inner spiritual strength 2. Uniquely qualified for ministry 3. Prominence of leaders ‘Second Wave’ Pentecostalism Rise of Charismatic's inside other churches ‘Third Wave’ Pentecostalism

11 What about Reformed? Collin Hansen Dr. Delnay “Neo-Puritanism” Some denominations you should expect to find this doctrine Presbyterian Church of America Covenant Seminary-St. Louis Reformed Seminary: Jackson, MS +++++ Knox Seminary-Ft. Lauderdale, FL Greenville Presbyterian Seminary-Greenville, SC

12 REFORMED RESURGANCE D. Martin Lloyd-Jones 1899-1981 Bethlehem Evangelical Church Sandfields, Wales



15 Iain H. Murray 1931- 1955 First Issue of Banner of Truth 1957 Formation of The Banner of Truth Trust “To republish Reformed literature in this country” 1961-65 Grove Chapel, London 1981-84 St. Giles Presbyterian Church, Sydney

16 Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals ref21‘ezine’ Ligonier MinistriesR.C. Sproul 1978 International Council of Biblical Inerrancy 1984Ligonier moves to Orlando

17 Tabletalk Magazine National Conference-Orlando 5,000+ Renewing Your Mind

18 John Piper Bethlehem Baptist Church 1986 Desiring God ‘confessions of a Christian hedonist’

19 John McArthur 1969 Grace Community Church “Grace to You” radio broadcast

20 Albert Mohler Southern Seminary

21 Mark Dever Capitol Hill Baptist Church 9 Marks Ministry

22 What about us? Walter J. Chantry Grace Baptist Church Carlisle, PA Ernest C. Reisinger 1919 - 2004 What are Reformed Baptist?

23 Albert N. Martin

24 Piedmont Bible College September, 1970 Free Grace Baptist Tabernacle Where is the Reformed movement headed? Together for the Gospel Gospel Coalition

25 C. J. Mahaney Covenant Life Church Sovereign Grace Ministries

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