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Presented at the NDLA Annual Conference September 2014 by Mary J. Soucie State Librarian.

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1 Presented at the NDLA Annual Conference September 2014 by Mary J. Soucie State Librarian

2  A makerspace is a place to be creative.  An opportunity to explore common and uncommon tools  Users often teach each other

3 Answer: tools There is no one answer to what should a makerspace include. Each is unique to the community it belongs to. Many makerspaces revolve around technology tools.

4  3-D printers  Software that users may not have access to at home  Some type of recording equipment

5  Electronics kits  Musical instruments and recording equipment  Textiles  Handheld and power tools  Computers and software  Laser cutters


7 To provide patrons with new experiences Meet patron needs in new and innovative ways

8 A natural extension of programming already being done in libraries Reach users currently not using the library

9 Affirm the libraries role as the center of the community They’re fun!

10  Here are pictures from the Fountaindale Library’s Studio 300. Fountaindale PL is located in Bolingbrook, IL



13  On the other end of the spectrum are makerboxes, portable makerspaces that can be shared out in the community or with other libraries.

14 Little Maker Kids NDSL’s littlebits kit Available for checkout by libraries October 15.

15  Do some additional research on makerspaces  Identify the budget amount you can devote to the service  Start small if you need to  Check out the State Library’s littlebits kits

16  Fayetville, NY Fab Lab  Cleveland Public Library Tech Central tral/TechCentralMakerSpace.aspx  Missoula Public Library Makerspace makerspace

17  rian/makerbox/ rian/makerbox/  stem-libraries-as-makerspaces/ stem-libraries-as-makerspaces/  97371591128/ 97371591128/  228133081363/ 228133081363/

18  http://suburbanitesoapbox.wordpress.c om/2014/03/23/arts-gala-technology- the-maker-movement-in-libraries/ http://suburbanitesoapbox.wordpress.c om/2014/03/23/arts-gala-technology- the-maker-movement-in-libraries/  iewer/pdfviewer?sid=4f3d5c7e-b91d- 4bed-b653- d9a499e17f82%40sessionmgr4001&vid= 1&hid=4201 iewer/pdfviewer?sid=4f3d5c7e-b91d- 4bed-b653- d9a499e17f82%40sessionmgr4001&vid= 1&hid=4201  difference-between-hackerspaces- makerspaces-techshops-and-fablabs/ difference-between-hackerspaces- makerspaces-techshops-and-fablabs/

19   Create mailing list ary-makerspaces ary-makerspaces  Funding Sources /creativemaker-funding /creativemaker-funding  A collection of articles and blogs  http://library-maker- http://library-maker-

20  For school librarians /want-to-start-a-makerspace-at-school- tips-to-get-started/  General article on makerspace models http://www.americanlibrariesmagazine. org/article/manufacturing-makerspaces

21 My contact info: Mary J. Soucie State Librarian (701) 328-4654


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