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Greater Cleveland Council 2014. Opening & Welcome.

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1 Greater Cleveland Council 2014

2 Opening & Welcome

3 Staff Introductions

4 Youth Staff Mitch Muha (Troop 526) Senior Ptrl Ldr Robert Garrett (Troop 223) ASPL/Program Brandon Makselan (Troop 610) ASPL/Service

5 Youth Staff Will Armstrong (Troop 192)Troop Guide Austin Boldt (Troop 526)Troop Guide Rachel Hill (Crew 371)Troop Guide Josh Jackiewiecz (Troop 221)Troop Guide Casey Komar (Troop 201)Troop Guide Joe Matz (Troop 367)Troop Guide Anthony Miller (Troop 338)Troop Guide Theodore Mullee (Troop 88)Troop Guide Gordon Weiss (Troop 223)Troop Guide

6 Youth Staff Matt Budzik (Troop 526) Instructor Mike Mazur (Troop 526) Instructor Catherine Riordan (Crew 4929)Instructor Robin Reichert (Crew 371)Quartermaster Nathan Pickett (Troop 630) Quartermaster Seth Welch (Troop 115) Quartermaster Jack Otcasek (Troop 701) Quartermaster Andrew Pla (Troop 882) Quartermaster Ryan Cary (Troop 610)Quartermaster Justin Neff (Troop 115)

7 Youth Staff Elena Mazur (Crew 371) Scribe Jesse Belitz (Troop 297)Scribe Kayla Blyler (Crew 4929) Scribe Jarod Klypchak (Troop 701) Scribe Matt Botzman (Troop 297Scribe Robert Weniger (Troop 485) Support Staff Dan Londrico (Troop 88) Support Staff Joe Riordan (Troop 821) Support Staff

8 Adult Staff Dr. Bill Marshall (Western Trails)ASM/Equipment Mr. Gary Musselman (Western Trails) ASM/Commissary Mr. Jim VanGilder (Western Trails) ASM/Equipment Mr. Dale Dragony (Western Trails)ASM/Facilities Mr. Dan Wedig (Western Trails)ASM/Facilities Mr. Galen Younkin (Central) ASM/Health & Safety Mr. Steve Garner (Central)ASM/Health & Safety Mr. Scott Horan (Western Trails)ASM/Program Mrs. Paula Puchajda (Central) Scoutmaster

9 Participant Introductions

10 Participants Name Rank Home troop / crew Why did you sign up for NYLT? Interesting fact about yourself

11 Administration Medical Forms –Should be turned in today or mailed as soon as possible! –If physical is scheduled in the next few weeks, bring the form to camp with you on the first day –Should be new BSA health form (2013 - 2014 version) –Cannot expire before the end of the course (June 14 or 21) –Completely filled out and signed by a physician – – Mr. Musselman Confirm hat and t-shirt size before you leave

12 Course Website For important information: BSA medical form Personal gear packing list Course Overview

13 Course Payments Total cost is $200.00 per person Final payment is due TODAY Assistance from Wood Badge / NYLT Scholarship fund will cover up to $50.00 of course cost –Forms must be turned in by TODAY

14 What is NYLT? National Youth Leadership Training is an exciting, action-packed program designed to provide youth members of the Boy Scouts of America with leadership skills and experience they can use in their home units and in other situations demanding leadership of self and others.

15 What is NYLT? Scouting at its best Provides youth members with leadership skills and experience Integrates modern leadership theory with traditional strengths of Scouting Part of BSA’s youth leadership training continuum

16 BSA Youth Leader Training 1.Troop-level New Leader Training (SM) 2.Troop Leadership Training (SM) 3.National Youth Leadership Training (local Council) 4.National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience at Philmont (BSA National)

17 Course Details June 8 th to June 14 th (Course Week #1) June 15 th to June 21 nd (Course Week #2) Cub (“NYLT”) World, Beaumont Scout Reservation, Rock Creek Check-in: 9:30am to 10:00am on Sunday Closing Assembly: 10:30am on Saturday –parents welcome (no earlier than 10:00 please) Pick-up: 11:00am to 11:30am on Saturday

18 Course Overview Seven days – must attend all to graduate Represents a “month in the life of a troop” Patrol method - six members per patrol Each member will take turn leading patrol Emphasis on immediate application of skills Interconnected presentation concepts Leadership Toolkit

19 Course Overview Central concepts –BE, KNOW, DO –EDGE Finding and developing a vision –Goal Setting, Planning, Problem Solving –“If you can see it, you can be it!” Stages of team development Quest for the Meaning of Leadership

20 Code of Conduct Simple rules; based on Scout Oath and Law Everyone physically and emotionally secure Inappropriate or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated and will result in immediate dismissal Based on learning, while having fun Outdoor Ethics - Leave No Trace; Buddy System Staff committed to do their best to help each participant succeed

21 Staff Code of Conduct

22 Staff Responsibilities Provide leadership Communicate knowledge Share experiences Set the example Strive to make each participant feel welcome, comfortable and at ease Give each participant the tools to succeed

23 Course Uniform Participants must arrive in full Field Uniform, including Scout belt and socks Uniform insignia should be properly placed Participants not in complete uniform may be sent home Scout Shop open until 4:00pm today for missing uniform pieces Two course t-shirts, course hat, neckerchief and slide will be provided at check-in Order form available today to order additional t- shirts. Payment is required.

24 Equipment Use the Personal Gear Checklist No mobile phones, pagers, or electronic devices will be permitted “DO NOT BRING” items will be confiscated and returned to parents at pick-up time Cot or twin-size air mattress recommended Patrol gear for course issued upon arrival

25 Packing All clothing must be Scout-appropriate Put a change of clothing near the top of your pack (for setting up patrol site) Backpacks recommended for personal gear Expect rain - bring appropriate rain gear! Hiking boots are a must - no tennis shoes, sandals, or open-toed shoes! You should use all gear on the checklist

26 Food & Meals Breakfast will be prepared by staff members Lunch & dinner prepared by patrols (food, gear, and instructions provided) NO personal food / snacks / drinks Let us know about all dietary needs / food allergies before you leave here TODAY Bring mess kit & eating utensils, including a personal cup and water bottle!

27 Health & Safety Any and all medication must be turned in to ASM/Health & Safety at course check-in along with detailed dosage instructions Medications must be in original packaging, clearly marked with Scout’s name, dosage, and frequency - a zip-loc bag is preferred Scheduled administration times - NO self- administering! Only EPI pens and emergency inhalers will be allowed to be carried by Scouts

28 Schedule Highlights Reveille (wake up) at 6:30am Breakfast at 7:00am Flag ceremonies, presentations, activities, and games throughout the day Cracker barrel / clean-up time each evening Taps (lights out) at 11:00pm

29 Schedule Highlights Sunday night: opening campfire Monday night: movie Thursday night: outpost Friday night: feast (Scoutmasters invited)

30 Quest for the Meaning of Leadership Patrol presentation on what was learned at NYLT Done prior to the feast on Friday Must be Scout appropriate and involve all members of the patrol

31 Arrival Camp Entrance (too far!)

32 Arrival Park in Cub (“NYLT”) World parking lot Gear is brought to and left at staging area Check-in inside headquarters building –Confirm arrival –Assign to patrol –Review medical form –Turn in medications –Take photo (if not taken previously) –Pick up course materials - t-shirts, hat, and notebook Parents depart while Scout picks up personal gear and proceeds to patrol area to meet Troop Guide

33 Breakout Sessions

34 Final Q&A

35 Scoutmaster Minutes

36 Be prepared! See you at Beaumont!


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