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By Anthony Cleveland and Scott Smith. Overview of how GPS Systems work Overview of Hine GPS Program /Assessment Common GPS Devices for the VI population.

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1 By Anthony Cleveland and Scott Smith

2 Overview of how GPS Systems work Overview of Hine GPS Program /Assessment Common GPS Devices for the VI population Overview of Apple GPS Application for the VI Advantages and Disadvantages of each GPS application CASE Studies Examples Open Discussion of where the future is headed for GPS and VI population


4  Global Positioning System:  Uses Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)  Developed and maintained by the US government  Only fully functional GNSS in the world  Available to anyone  Uses a constellation of between 24 and 32 Satellites to determine position  3-4 satellites required for low GPS coverage  Satellites continually transmit messages containing:  the time the message was sent  precise orbital information (the ephemeris)  general system health and rough orbits of all GPS satellites (the almanac).  GPS Receivers pick up satellite information


6 Ease of use Understandable Voice options Consistent Directions Some type of where am I feature At least turn by turn voice guidance Repeat button Does it tell you what side of the street your on? POI search and extensive POI database A reset button Access to maps for all 50 states External or internal GPS receiver Designed or modified for the VI Different modes of travel (Ped, motorized, etc..) Browsing features Managing how much information is given Quality sound options that don’t block the ambient noise

7  Stable  Secure  Best Value  Cost Effective  Easy to Use  Latest Technology  Customer service and Tech Support  Partners with major technology companies When Evaluating new technology this is a great model to follow.

8  Standard Product Evaluation completed by staff person  Evaluation then is submitted to Blind Rehabilitation VA technology team  Evaluation results are posted on the VA Blind Rehabilitation SharePoint site available to all VA staff  Evaluation results are not shared with vendors without prior approval

9 GPS Programs  2010 (41) ◦ 26 Trekker Maestro ◦ 14 Trekker Breeze ◦ 1 Sendero GPS  2011 (62) ◦ 8 Trekker Maestro ◦ 52 Trekker Breeze ◦ 2 Sendero GPS  2012 to date (58) ◦ 1 Trekker Maestro ◦ 57 Trekker Breeze ◦ 14 Apple GPS Apps

10  10 GPS instructors  GPS devices stocked for immediate issuance  Separate program preferred  Can be tacked on at the end of a regular program

11  Trekker Breeze ◦ Average training program  50-65 hours  2-3 weeks  Sendero GPS ◦ Average training program  60-75 hours  2-3 weeks  Apple IOS applications ◦ Average training ◦ program  5-30 hours (iPhone not iPad)

12  Once the students admission is confirmed the GPS instructor calls the student prior to training to discuss goals, current abilities, and expectations for GPS in general  If the student had gone through a regular program, the OM instructor would have provided a demonstration and recommendations for training  Once the student has arrived for training we fine tune the training based on their goals and assessment results

13  Our prescribed GPS programs are GOAL driven, not device driven  General Blind Rehabilitation, specifically OM IS the prerequisite for this technology  Assessments to determine safe travel is a priority.  Refresher training may be prescribed  YOU CAN educate without issuing

14 Trekker Breeze -Simple nine button layout -4 different modes of travel -(Pedestrian, Motorized, Open area, Browsing) - Designed for the visually impaired -Built in GPS receiver -External speaker comes with it -True Turn by turn directions -Easy Menu System

15  Automatic recording of routes while walking with sighted help  Landmarks can be recorded while travelling or recording a route  Preview to learn the routes and receive turn instructions  Explore outdoor environment without guidance instructions  In case you are lost, retrace your steps to come back  Receive turn instructions to a destination from where you are  Know where you are while walking or moving in a car  Know which landmarks are around.


17 Advantages Disadvantages  Trekker brings greater independence when travelling, both in familiar and unknown environments  Great tool for enhancing the O&M rehabilitation process  Synthesized speech easier to understand  Built in receiver  Compact size, fewer, larger buttons  Trekker Breeze does not require having computer knowledge  Can enter address using phone keypad  Limits the search within its data base by up to 5 miles  Limited POI categories  You can’t avoid highways or toll ways  No virtual mode  Recording a route can only be used in Pedestrian Mode  Built in receiver may not be as accurate

18 VoiceOver  VoiceOver speaks the name or describes any element surrounded by the VoiceOver cursor  Announces when Screen Orientation and Lock Status of device changes.  Can be adjusted to speak characters, words, both, or nothing when typing  Rotor Control  Cannot be used with Zoom  Most finger gestures require 2, 3, or 4 fingers

19 Zoom  Allows the user to magnify screen to your preferred level.  Three fingers are used to adjust magnification.  Device remembers the last magnification level used.  Typically used with the iPad.  Will work with the White on Black setting.  Cannot be used together with Voiceover

20  Mastering finger gestures  Understanding of Apple and Computer Terminology  Understanding Concepts  Consistency  Multi-tasking  Balancing instruction between gestures and keyboard commands in VoiceOver  Keeping it simple  Inability to understand the VoiceOver voice.  Resistance to using VoiceOver.



23 AdvantagesDisadvantages  Fully self contained standalone GPS app  Very portable and does not require extra equipment  Highly compatible with the Voiceover features on iPhone  Can be used with other apps  Does not require data plan  The POI display has very useful information and very detailed including phone numbers  User has to have good knowledge of VoiceOver or Zoom enlargement software by Apple  ONLY- Turn-by-turn guidance  Limited verbal navigational directions on straight line routes  Consumes lots of battery life  Somewhat difficult to navigate with Voiceover  Can’t currently transfer personal POI’s to software or share POI’s from other databases



26 Advantages Disadvantages  Very popular app  Turn by turn directions  Different voice options  Voice guide ped mode  Comprehensive POI database  Options for maps to other countries  Does not require a data plan  The app is accessible but some of the buttons aren’t clearly labeled  Limited route info for the totally blind  People have reported issues using VO and dealing with unlabeled buttons  More expensive



29 Advantages Disadvantages  Requires data service and is dependent on fast connection  Difficult to stay oriented to the screen when scanning maps  Great for unmapped areas  Can set own POI’s  Can explore areas using finger search and voice over  Inexpensive



32 Advantages Disadvantages  Complicated main screen menu  Difficult to navigate the menu with VoiceOver  Many menu option buttons are not labeled for VO  Multiple screen overlays  Stand alone GPS application  Inexpensive  Traffic information when using motorized mode



35 Advantages Disadvantages  Use categories to sort through POI’s  It has simulated browsing features  Works fairly well with VO  Can be used to search for POI’s near location other than your current position for planning  Free integrated voice turn by turn navigation  Works great with other apps  Not all buttons are clearly labeled with VoiceOver  The app is fully accessible but not easy to navigate and use with VoiceOver



38 Advantages Disadvantages  Simple to use and helpful in locating POI’s nearby  Nearest intersection and address information  Can be used in combination with another map program  Works well with Voice Over  All Buttons are clearly labeled  Requires a data plan to work  The app has to be used with another map program for guidance to the POI  No turn by turn navigation



41 Advantages Disadvantages  Excellent for unmapped areas  Easy to add POI’s by shaking phone  Easy to localize by pointing phone and heading toward vibration  Can upload user generated POI files  No ability to route to POI using address

42  Waze ◦ Privacy issues with tracking location  Nav 2 (Skobbler) ◦ No pedestrian mode

43  NLP OU- But excellent cane skills  Been VI for 20yrs due to trauma when he suffered a TBI with some cognitive deficits  Travels independently daily but would often forget routes and street without cues or prompts  Lives in a urban area but close to a forest preserve  Completed the regular program and returned for advanced training prior vs. adding GPS on at the end  A lot of practice and repetition needed to master the keys, menu structure, and route planning  Recorded daily routes  Needed street by street guidance vs. turn by turn  Was able to simplify the training to the students cognitive ability  Increase confidence in his travel ability and eased family anxiety about him getting lost.

44  55 year old RP vet  Very small field but excellent acuities  Excellent cane user  Lives in a small town  Good foundation of computer by profession  Very technical Mind  Prides himself on his independence  Loves to enjoy the outdoors and fish.  Able to master the complexities of the Iphone and use of Voiceover  Needed something portable and small because he was tired of hauling around 5 different devices  Utilized more than one application to meet his GPS needs  Was able to see the screen for spot checking

45  83 year old ARMD vet  Very visual traveler  Relies on wife, family and friends for transportation  Has stayed away from technology since he retired  Has a friend who went through our CATS program who received an IPad  Recently moved to a new area close to lots of shopping options  Struggled greatly learning the gestures needed for Voiceover, and the Zoom feature made it too large to benefit  Struggled with all of the other features of the Iphone including GPS application  Wanted to use it for giving his wife directions in the car  Wanted something easy to use like the GPS in his sons car


47 Apple VIS Sendero Humanware IBLINK Radio Application

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