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SEEDFOLKS by Paul Fleischam

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1 SEEDFOLKS by Paul Fleischam

2 Cleveland Housing Projects

3 KIM Vietnam

4 Ana Romania

5 Critical Thinking Chapter Questions: Ana
What evidence revealed that Kim and Ana lived in a poor neighborhood? What has happened to Ana’s neighborhood since she was a child? Why did Ana stay in her old neighborhood? What does a lima bean represent versus a pair of binoculars?

6 Wendell Kentucky

7 Studying Figurative Language: Wendell
How does the garden itself become a metaphor for what happens among its member? 1 paragraph Explain your answer with text evidence Explain what the phone symbolize in Wendell’s life and why. Create a summary: S.W.B.S.T. (paragraph form)

8 Gonzalo Guatemala

9 Understanding Connotation: Gonzalo
“The older you are, the younger you get when you move to the United States.” Explain his point of view and support your answer-1 paragraph Describe how discrimination has occurred in the novel thus far and why. Elaborate why “TV” is so important to Gonzalo. Support your answer with text evidence. How did Gonzalo’s mother demonstrate that she understood Tio Juan’s needs? What caused Tio Juan to change from a “baby back to a man”?

10 Leona Atlanta

11 Practicing Cause and Effect: Leona
What caused her granny to not trust doctors? What was the purpose of Granny placing “Goldenrods” at the grave site? Why did Leona compare the Public Health department to snakes? What was the purpose of bringing the garbage bag to the meeting and infer what happened afterwards? How does Leona affect the course of the narrative and the purpose?

12 Sam Cleveland

13 Making Connections: Sam
Why did the idea of a garden remind him of “paradise”? How does the weather conditions compare to Houston’s weather, last summer? Explain what is happening with the neighborhood and how does it relate to “The War of the Wall.” In what ways are some of the characters working around language barriers to communicate and why?

14 Virgil Haiti

15 Explaining Symbolism: Virgil
How is the running rat similar to Virgil’s father? Explain your answer Miss Fleck, the teacher, represents…, because… The lettuce:_______::The Locket: Hope. List some of the problems that the gardeners encounter. How do they help each other deal with these obstacles?

16 Sae Young Korea

17 Analyzing Occasion: Sae Young
How does Sae Young’s experiences influence her perspective about life and people? How does the garden help her overcome her tragic experiences in America? Explain how Sae Young relates to Johnny, from “The Outsiders.” If the robbery situation was to happen now, how would the situation be similar or different? Explain the significance of the funnel.

18 Curtis Cincinnati Nickname(s): The Queen City, Cincy, The Tri-State
Motto: Juncta Juvant (Lat. Strength in Unity)

19 Supporting Point of View: Curtis
Support how the statement, “You don’t know what you got till it’s gone” relates to Curtis’s situation. How does tomatoes represent “deeds.” Predict what will happen to Lateesha’s attitude after witnessing the sign. (support your answer) After reading, how can you describe Curtis, as a person?

20 Nora Great Britain

21 Identifying Purpose: Nora
What does Mr. Myles demonstrate by working in the garden? Present how Nora’s statement, “a mind altering drug we took daily” explains the purpose of the garden. How are the neighbors like seeds in the garden? How do Royce and the gardeners help one another and their attitudes?

22 Maricela Mexico

23 Clarify the Subject: Maricela
Identify the main topic of this chapter and its significance to the novel. How does the storm illustrate irony. Imagine and explain how would Maricela’s life would be different if she did not join the special program. Sam likes to spend his time “sewing up the rips in the neighborhood.” What are some of the ways he does this in the garden?

24 Amir India

25 Observe the Tone: Amir Justify how eggplants built courage. Explain
Define the statement, “dirty immigrant” and explain why was it said. What did the garden help him realize about people and how did his attitude change? “The garden’s greatest benefit, I feel, was not relief of the eyes, but to make the eyes see our neighbors.” What does Amir mean when he made this statement? Provide Text Evidence

26 Florence Louisiana

27 Evaluate the THEME: Florence
Explain how Florence’s chapter reveals the importance of the book and the reason for the chapter. “Be Not Solitary, Be Not Idle” teaches… If you could rename the novel, what would it be and why? Choose a word to describe the novel and explain your answer. 1 paragraph Unity Diversity Healing Adversity

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