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BBYO Brand Update August 10, 2011. Original Brand Architecture.

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1 BBYO Brand Update August 10, 2011

2 Original Brand Architecture



5 Stakeholder Groups Surveys Teens (ILTC, Human Rights Summit, I-Board, Branding Council) Parents (combination of Passport, Panim, AZA/BBG) Board of Directors / Panim Committee All Staff All Advisors FAN Leaders

6 New BBYO Master Logo

7 Comparison in Competitive Set

8 Final Division Logos


10 Brand Rollout Highlights Web-to-Print re-opens mid-September Soft launch with teens at August Execs Branded collateral collection and disposal / auction for charity Brand officially launches September 19 on Advertising campaigns: New York, South Florida, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Cleveland and Chicago

11 What’s on your mind? AZA/BBG red and blue books BBYO calendars BBYO Connect materials Regional websites Letterhead, business cards, banners…. Newsletter templates effective in October ???? (email

12 AGENDA BBYO Connect Mission, Principles, Strategies and Program Areas BBYO Connect Core Principles Specialist Team Grant Opportunity Implementation Steps


14 5 Core Principles: -AZA/BBG Leadership Engagement -Consistent and Quality Programming -Multi-Faceted Marketing and Communication -Parent Relationships -Community Partnerships

15 Grant Application - 3 Categories: Staff Support, Programming, Marketing/Camp Partnerships -4 general questions and 7-8 specific questions per category -Due September 2 nd, 3 pages double spaced -Please ask for help and feedback! Educational/Mentor Support - Hub Meetings - Staff Conference - Programmatic Resources - Conference Calls

16 Dear Parents and Middle School Students, Hi! My name is NAME, and I am the BBYO Connect Director of CITY NAME, which is part of BBYO’s REGION NAME consisting of LIST CITIES. BBYO Connect, formerly known as Teen Connection, is a division of BBYO aiming to create a community of 6 th, 7 th, and 8 th graders through social and meaningful experiences that will serve as a gateway to continued involvement in Jewish life. BBYO Connect offers teens a variety of experiences to help bridge the gap between pre- and post- Bar/Bat Mitzvah and High School programs. The purpose is to provide middle school students with a positive experience in which they can get together with camp, school, and synagogue friends, as well as meet new teens from all over CITY. BBYO Connect allows middle schoolers to begin experiencing the privileges and obligations of being a member of the Jewish and general communities. Focused on Judaic, service and social programming, BBYO Connect builds a network of teens across North America at a critical age when middle school students begin to strengthen their identities, form social circles and prepare for high school and beyond. Included in this letter is a schedule of events for this year. Some of the events we will host this year include LIST OF EVENTS. INCLUDE MORE DETAILED INFORMATION ABOUT KICK-OFF EVENT. Hopefully we have included all Jewish 6 th, 7 th, and 8 th graders in CITY. If we have inadvertently missed some names, please invite any Jewish middle schooler to please attend our BBYO Connect events. The more names we have, the bigger our database gets, which means that we have more great participants involved! I am looking forward to meeting all of you, and having everyone involved in an exciting new year with BBYO Connect. Sincerely, CONTACT INFO


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