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1151 East Main Street Norman, OK 73071 Mon - Fri | 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.405-364-1420

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1 1151 East Main Street Norman, OK 73071 Mon - Fri | 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.405-364-1420

2 Mission Center for Children and Families, Inc. exists to improve the lives of children through partnerships with families and communities because every boy and girl deserves to grow up safe, nurtured and loved. Core Values Heal Children – Reduce the waiting list for therapeutic services and heal the hurt for twice as many abused and neglected children. Empower Youth – Reach 550 children and youth by adding two hours to daily enriching out- of-school services and a full summer program. Strengthen Families – Ensure a safe and supportive home for 325 children by educating and supporting at-risk parents.

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5 Issues Facing Cleveland County CCFI serves about 2,000 clients annually Cleveland County ranks 3rd in Oklahoma for the number of confirmed cases of child abuse & neglect with 250 confirmed cases and 1,654 investigation/assessments in 2012 CCFI serves about 3,000 people through its Baby Pantry Cleveland County averages 250 births to teens annually. Teen pregnancy and poverty are strongly correlated with child abuse and neglect. CCFI has recently experienced a 37% increase in the number of clients served with services to heal and prevent child abuse and neglect. 9,412 children live in poverty in Cleveland County and the number is increasing. Poverty for a family of four is an annual income of $23,050 or less.

6 Goals of the Organization CCFI works toward giving all children the relational building blocks they need to grow into healthy adults, and believe that every child deserves the opportunity to achieve his or her full potential. Every day at the Center for Children and Families, Inc. (CCFI), we dedicate our lives to creating a better, brighter future for the children and families in our community. Our organization exists at the heart of Norman, and has for more than 40 years.

7 Programs & Services Trauma-focused Services Baby Pantry Divorce Services Bringing Up BabiesNeighborhood Centers Parents Assistance Teenage Parenting

8 Board Governance Total board members: 27 Current term: Sept 2012 - Aug 2013 Term Lengths: 3 Board Term Limits: 2 Gender: 9 males, 20 females Board Orientation: Yes Katie Fitzgerald Executive Director Kevin Kloesel Board Chair National Weather Center Board Chair Company Affiliation Board Meeting Attendance – 76% Written Conflict Of Interest Policy: Yes Percentage of Monetary Contributions: 100% Percentage of In-Kind Contributions: 62% Constituency Includes Client Representation: Yes Number of Full Board Meetings Annually: 10

9 Grants and contracts are the next highest form of revenue, then United Way and program fees Because of the capital campaign, revenue has been considerably higher 2012 Financial Highlights RevenuesExpenses 1,881 children and adults served in Cleveland County $879.90 spent on each client

10 Partnerships & Affiliations Oklahoma District Attorneys Council Oklahoma State Dept. of Health Oklahoma State Dept. of Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services

11 Measuring Success! Methods of Measuring Success Direct service staff collects and enters client data following every unit of service they provide to a client. Outcome data is collected through regular staff observations of individual clients based on a structured rating scale after a period of services have established a baseline for each client. Children 1,100 therapeutic services provided 85% of children in play therapy demonstrated improved behavior. Youth 17,225 hours of supervision, mentoring, and play provided by caring adults 91% kids in NC programs showed improved self-esteem, peaceful conflict resolution, and ability to resist peer pressure Families 1,300 parent education groups and home visits provided 430 supervised visits and exchanges provided 77% of parents in parent education and support groups exhibited increased positive parenting practices 94% of teen parents, eligible for graduation, graduated from high school Baby Pantry 2,900+ pantry recipients 71,000+ diapers distributed 660 cans of formula distributed

12 This new building will feature: A children’s therapeutic area A multi-purpose Youth & Family Center An expanded Baby Pantry A renovated kitchen


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