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Community College Funding

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1 Community College Funding
Mark Curtis-Chávez Associate Dean Liberal Arts David Frazee Associate Dean Business & IT Cuyahoga Community College Cleveland, OH

2 PREVIEW The Community College The Challenge The Funding Pie
Changes in Funding The Response to Changes in Funding The Administrator’s Role Summary

3 THE COMMUNITY COLLEGE Joliet Junior College, 1901 1,200 Institutions
Open Access Mission Multiple Missions Remedial Education: More Than 60% Close to Half the Nation Enrolled Cost: 2-Year vs 4-Year

4 Ohio Two-Year Colleges

5 Annual Attendance Enrolled in Community College: 8.3 million
Enrolled in University: million Total: million

6 Annual Cost Community College: $3000 University: $9,000


8 Community College Student Profile
Average age—28 First generation to attend college—42% Single parents—13% Non–U.S. citizens—6% Veterans—3% Students with disabilities—12%

9 Community College Student Profile
Full-time students employed full time—21% Full-time students employed part time—59% Part-time students employed full time—40% Part-time students employed part time—47%

Reduced State Funding Completion Agenda Data-driven Dollars Reduction in Pell Grant Limitation on Tuition Increases State Student-Aid Reduction

11 THE FUNDING PIE Pie-eating contest

12 THE FUNDING PIE at Cuyahoga Community College
Tuition & Fees13% Personal Loan Scholarship Taxes - Two 5 year levies 30% State Appropriations 20% FTE Capital Federal Monies—Grants 28% Foundation – 2%

13 THE FUNDING PIE at Other U.S. Community Colleges
Average Percent of Funding Tuition % Local (Tax levy) 0 -30% State % Other 5%

14 Pell Grants – FEDERAL $ Definition: Needs-based federal grant
Total amount which can be awarded: $5,500 Percent of total community college students who receive Pell Funding: 34%

15 Sources of Funding at Cuyahoga

16 Show Me the Money

1. Reductions Philanthropy 2. Performance-based Limited Enrollment

18 Philanthropy - Foundation
2011 Presidential Scholarship Luncheon, featuring the Right Honorable Tony Blair raised more than $1 million for student scholarships and was supported by more than 1,200 guests,raised a record amount for student scholarships 2011 Spring Benefit, Motown on the Lake, was supported by more than guests and raised more than $280,000 for student scholarships・Tri- C JazzFest Cleveland 2011: Over $200,000 raised from community partners to support outreach and youth programs which reached more than 11,000 individuals through concerts, and more than 15,000 individuals through educational and community outreach programs・Provided $1.2 million for scholarships for Tri-C students during the academic year. Employee contributions

19 The Approach At Cuyahoga Community College Cleveland, Ohio

20 The Approach HED Compact NSO Mentoring Early Alert
Developmental Education VFA HED Compact NSO Mentoring Early Alert Pedagogy: Collaborative Learning, Learning Communities, Success Courses Student Progress & Outcomes Workforce, Economic, & Community Development Assessing Student Learning Outcomes

21 Going Forward Focused on scholarships
The Foundation Ohio Association of CCs Focused on scholarships Recent victory: Tommy LiPuma Center for the Creative Arts Loosely organized Voluntary monetary support

Cuyahoga Community College Cleveland, Ohio

23 The Administrator’s Role: An Example
Student Success Lower Costs Increase grad rates Increase Dev Ed completion rates Increase fill rates Offer fewer sections Cancel fewer sections

24 SUMMARY Reductions in funding has led to a number of responses to improve: Student Success Rates Efficiency Alternative funding streams


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