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Supporting Hotel-related Academic Research and Education

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1 Supporting Hotel-related Academic Research and Education
Introduction to STR and Reports Overview The SHARE Center Supporting Hotel-related Academic Research and Education

2 Table of Contents Introduction to STR The Flow of Data at STR
Overview of Products and Services More on Products and Services Subscription Reports - Ad-Hoc Reports Publications - Industry Presentations - Additional Services

3 Introduction to STR

4 Who is Smith Travel Research?
The recognized leader in hotel benchmarking STR samples (obtains performance data from) over 70% of total U.S. room supply (99% of chain hotels and most significant independent hotels) and nearly 50% of total global (non-US) room supply STR provides monthly, weekly, and daily STAR reports to over 42,000 hotels Impartial, timely, confidential, and accurate

5 What role does STR fulfill in the hotel industry?
STR is an independent third party; they contract with all of the major hotel companies and many independent properties STR obtains confidential performance data from clients; they maintain strict rules to ensure data integrity, protect confidentiality, and never isolate a single hotel’s data STR makes aggregated data available so that hotels can perform competitive benchmarking and to provide an accurate representation of industry performance

6 Benchmarking 101: my hotel vs. the competition

7 Who does STR serve? Hotel companies (chains, parent companies, management companies, owners) Hotels (many GM bonuses are related to STR data) Convention & Visitor Bureaus (provide data to nearly 600), Tourism & travel organizations (including USTA), and Hotel associations (STR is endorsed by the AHLA), Developers, Consultants, Appraisers (most banks in the US require an STR Trend report for a hotel loan) Wall Street/Accounting firms, Financial institutions Main customers are hotel companies, data valuable to many 3rd parties

8 Who does STR serve? - continued
Media (data appears regularly in places such as: Wall St Journal, USA Today, NY Times, Washington Post; as well as lodging related media: Lodging, Hotels; STR staff also write many articles) National and international hotel and tourism conferences (STR staff are frequently keynote speakers) Hotel vendors (such as Starbucks, Sealy, HBO, Nationwide) Educators (through the SHARE Center, most universities) Government (including GSA [who use data to help set federal per diem rates], FEMA, Bureau of Labor & Statistics, Commerce Dept, Dept of Energy & Homeland Security, National Park Service)

9 Brief History 1985 – founded, started collecting hotel census data
1987 – started collecting monthly sales data 1992 – started collecting Canada, Mexico, Caribbean data 1997 – started collecting worldwide sales data 1999 – started collecting daily sales data 2001 – started collecting segmentation data 2003 – started collecting pipeline data 2008 – launched STR Global and, acquired RRC 2009 – launched HotelDataConference and STR Analytics 2011 – launched the SHARE Center

10 The STR Family Of Companies
STR – North America sales and support, processing, accounting, IT STR Global – Non-North America sales and support – free news and articles STR Analytics – Data analysis RRC – Ski benchmarking, customer satisfaction HDC – Hotel Data Conference in US & Europe

11 Offices Nashville, TN – main office
Cleveland, OH – office of Boulder, CO – office of STR Analytics and RRC. STR Analytics provides statistical expertise and works with additional data sources. RRC assists CVBs and local governments and is involved with ski resorts London, UK – main STR Global office; also offices in Singapore and people on the ground in Italy, India, Japan, China, Dubai, Australia, and Brazil

12 What data does STR track?
Hotel census data – attribute information Name, address, phone, number of rooms Geographic & non-geographic categorization, lat/longs Amenities, physical info, affiliations, & history (changes) US & WW hotels Pipeline data Hotels under construction Projects in planning stage Rooms sales data – performance information Rooms available, rooms sold, & room revenue Monthly & daily

13 Other types of data: Segmented sales data Additional Revenue data
Group, Transient, & Contract Rooms sold & Room revenue Additional Revenue data Food & Beverage Revenue Other Revenue Total Revenue Profit & Loss data - HOST=Hotel Operating STatistics Multiple revenue & expense accounts Also payroll, fees, taxes, profit Collected annually

14 Current Participation Stats
Census/attribute information US: over 52K hotels in the database, STR tracks more hotels in addition to the ones that submit data Total World: over 95K non-US hotels in the database STAR data US: 29K hotels submit monthly data (over 70% based on number of rooms) 28.5K hotels submit daily Total World (non-US): 13K hotels participate in monthly and daily (nearly 50%)

15 More Participation Stats
Segmentation (Group & Transient) data US: nearly 4,000 hotels participate; representing 90% of Luxury and Upper Upscale hotels Total World (non-US): nearly 1,000 hotels participate Additional Revenue data A subset of the hotels submitting Group/Transient data participate Profit & Loss (HOST) data US: over 6,000 participate Total World (non-US): nearly 2000 participate

16 Back Data – How much history?
Monthly sales/performance US: back to 1987 North America (Canada, Mexico, Caribbean): back to 1994 Rest of world: back to 2000 Daily sales/performance US: back to 1998 North America and rest of world: back to 2000 Segmentation (Group & Transient) data US: back to 2002 North America, United Arab Emirates: back to 2007 Rest of world: select markets, currently expanding HOST (P&L) data US: back to 1991 WW: back to 1997

17 The Flow of Data at STR

18 Data Flow Overview There are four major data functions or processes at STR: A large number of foundational datasets are maintained on a regular basis Sales data is collected and loaded on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis The sales data is processed and aggregated based upon the foundational files Reports and data files are generated and delivered to hotels and corporate HQs

19 Data Maintenance STR maintains three main foundational datasets:
Hotel Census - attribute information for every hotel in the world Competitive Sets – subject hotel and members of each comp set Pipeline – construction and planning info for every Pipeline project STR also maintains a wide variety of control information including: Geographic codes (countries, markets, tracts, counties, …) Non-geographic codes (scales, locations, classes, …) Affiliation codes (parent companies, chains, mgtcos, owners, …) New records are added and existing records are updated in these datasets on a regular basis. All history is tracked.

20 Sales Data Loading Hotels submit sales data (Supply, Demand, Revenue) on a daily, weekly and monthly basis: Most data is received via corporate feeds from the headquarters of companies Additional data is entered by individual hotels via a web user interface STR performs an involved data loading process Elaborate error checks are performed to ensure accuracy All data that does not pass the error checks is verified with the hotel/company before it is loaded There is a separate process for loading sales data updates

21 Data Processing After loading, the Sales Data is processed and aggregated based upon all of the foundational files: Property data – for each hotel Industry data – for each geographic and non-geographic combination (market, market scale, tract, tract scale, …) Comp Set data – multiple comp sets per subject hotel Chain data – plus parent company, mgtco, owner, and more User-defined data – special cuts of data based upon special needs and customer definitions All aggregated data is then checked for accuracy

22 Data Distribution After processing, reports and data files are generated: STAR reports for individual hotels Corporate reports and data files for companies The formats of all reports can be customized by a client based upon control variables The reports and files are delivered to hotels and corporate HQs using a variety of methods: Some reports are ed directly to hotel staff. STR maintains a dataset of s for many companies. Some reports are delivered to corporate headquarters. They may load these on their own website for their staff to access. Some data is available online

23 STR Data Flow Overview Foundational Data Maintenance
Sales Data Loading & Error Checking Data Processing & Aggregation Report Generation Report Distribution

24 Brief Overview of Products and Services

25 Overview of Products and Services
Contract Reports: Hotels: STAR Property Report Hotel Companies: Corporate Reports & Data CVBs/Tourism Orgs: Destination Reports Ad-hoc Reports Publications Industry presentations, Additional Services

26 STAR Property Reports ed to hotel on monthly, weekly, and daily basis Compare subject hotel to comp set(s) and industry segments Displays performance metrics for different time periods New: Spa STAR, Casino STAR

27 Corporate Reports & Data Files
Various reports for corp- orate and regional staff Various raw data files Received by headquarters of hotel companies around the world

28 Destination Reports Monthly and weekly reports generated for nearly 600 CVBs, DMOs, and Local Tourism Organizations Variety of templates/ pages and different industry segments or user-defined groups Provide additional help for for CVBs

29 Ad-Hoc Reports Trends Market Pipeline
Select industry segment or user-defined set of hotels Displays monthly data for 5, 10, or 20 years, also daily, group/transient, running 12 Market Pipeline Display hotels under con- struction, projects in planning, existing hotels, and conversion activity

30 Ad-Hoc Reports HOST Reports Census Database
Select industry segment or user-defined set of hotels Displays revenue and expense detail, including profitability Census Database Nearly 100 fields of hotel information, attributes, affiliations, history, …

31 Publications US Hotel Reviews Forecasts Monthly & Weekly
Provide overview of industry performance (US, Scales, Locations, Regions, Top 25 Markets) Forecasts Project future performance Available for 25 US and 44 WW markets

32 WW Publications Global Hotel Reviews WW Country Reports
Versions for Americas, Europe, Asia/Pacific, and Mideast/Africa Overview of industry performance WW Country Reports Available for 13 countries and country groups including Canada, UK, Germany, China, India, … Detailed performance within a country

33 Other Publications Pipeline Outlooks HOST Study
Overview of projects under construction or in planning, supply changes Versions for US, Canada, Carib/Mexico, Cen/So America, Europe, Asia/Pac, Mideast/Africa HOST Study Annual survey of P&L data Provide detail of revenue, expenses, and profitability

34 Occupancy almost back to 2008 level, ADR ⅓ way, RevPAR ½ way
Industry Presentations Total US - Key Performance Indicators July YTD 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011 2011 Smith Travel Research, Inc. Occupancy almost back to 2008 level, ADR ⅓ way, RevPAR ½ way

35 Occupancy leveling, ADR slowly returning
-8.8% (Jan 10) 2.8% (Jul 11) -4.5% 0.0% Occupancy: -9.7% (Sep 09) 6.4% (Apr 11) 5.5% (Jul 11) -3.4% -6.7% 2011 Smith Travel Research, Inc. Total US Twelve Month Moving Average – Jan 1989 to July 2011

36 Current challenge of the hotel industry – recovering the ADR
Total US - Historic Occupancy & ADR Actual Values Twelve Month Moving Average – January 1997 to July 2011 2011 Smith Travel Research, Inc. Current challenge of the hotel industry – recovering the ADR

37 Free electronic news service ( ) Focus on data/performance, latest issues, & conferences; global emphasis also User-friendly search cap- ability, 3 years of past articles Great for current events, staying connected to Industry

38 Special Projects & Research
Custom projects such as Distribution Channel Study and GSA Per Diem Rate User-defined analyses based on STR data, i.e.: Gulf Oil Spill Impact, Katrina Special surveys such as Travel Intention Survey Special projects for AHLA, Hotel Survey Metropoll Convention & Meeting data

39 More on Products and Services
Subscription Reports Ad-Hoc Reports Publications Industry Presentations Additional Services

40 Subscription Reports

41 Subscription Reports STAR Property Reports - monthly, weekly, & daily report for US & WW hotels; Segmentation & Additional Revenue versions also Corporate Reports & data files - monthly, weekly, & daily for US & WW customers Destination Reports - monthly & weekly reports for CVBs and tourism organizations

42 STAR Property Reports - Intro
STAR = “Smith Travel Accommodation Reports” Compares the subject property to the comp set and to various industry segments Separate reports generated Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Hotels can receive additional pages for secondary comp sets or with Segmentation and Additional Revenue data (upper end) Non-US hotels receive slightly different version

43 Monthly STAR Property Reports – Table of Contents

44 Monthly STAR Report – Summary page
Subject property is compared to the comp set and to various industry segments (market, tract, scale, class)

45 Monthly STAR Report - Competitive Set page
Subject property versus comp set over a longer period of time

46 Monthly STAR Property Reports - More
Additional pages with daily data: Day of Week, Weekday/Weekend data Additional segmentation pages: Pages analyzing performance by Group, Transient, and Contract Pages comparing performance for Food & Beverage, Other, and Total Revenue Additional pages for WW hotels: Pages comparing subject to industry segment

47 Monthly STAR Report – Segmentation Summary page
Subject property versus comp set by Group, Transient, and Contract

48 Weekly STAR Property Report – Table of Contents

49 Weekly STAR Report – Summary page
Day by day detail for subject property versus comp set

50 Weekly STAR Report – Running Month-to-Date page
Running MTD data for subject property compared to comp set

51 Weekly STAR Property Reports - More
Additional pages for WW hotels: Pages comparing subject hotel to closest industry segment Additional segmentation pages: Pages analyzing performance by Group, Transient, and Contract Pages comparing performance for Food & Beverage, Other, and Total Revenue For hotels in US, NA, and select WW markets

52 Daily STAR Property Report – Table of Contents
Available in 19 NA markets and most all non-NA markets

53 Daily STAR Property Report – Running Month-to-Date
Daily data delivered the next day

54 New Developments for STAR Reports
Spa STAR Casino STAR Bandwidth reports RPM - RevPAR Positioning Matrix reports MComp – market comp sets

55 STAR Spa Report New - Spa related performance data

56 Corporate Reports - Intro
Index reports list each hotel in a company with data for a specific time period, comparing the subject hotel to either the comp set or an industry segment, with grand totals and subtotals Summary reports compare a group of subject hotels to some other group of properties (comp set, industry, corporate comp), utilizing various aggregation methodologies

57 US Monthly Index Report - Table of Contents

58 Index Report - Monthly numbers
Properties in a company subtotaled by brand

59 Corporate Data Files - Intro
Companies receive a huge number and a huge variety of raw monthly and daily data files Different types of data: Industry data, multiple segments Property versus comp set and/or industry data Chain (or company) versus aggregated comp set or industry data Census, affiliation, or participation information

60 Corporate Property Data File
Monthly data for subject property, comp set, tract scale, tract, and market

61 Destination Reports - Intro
Used by CVB’s, local tourism organizations, and hotel companies; for US and WW areas A user can select a large number of industry segments related to a specific local area or multiple areas of special interest Variety of monthly or weekly report formats (templates): multi-segment, historic trend, comparative, and graphs

62 Destination / CVB Reports

63 Destination / CVB Reports – Industry data
. Month & YTD data for various industry segments

64 Destination / CVB Reports – historic data
. Historic data for single industry segment

65 Ad-Hoc Reports

66 Ad-Hoc Reports Trend Reports (US & WW; monthly, daily, & Segmentation data) Supply/Pipeline Reports (US & WW) Custom HOST Reports (US & WW) Census Database (hotels & companies) Ad-Hoc Industry Data Files and Property & Room counts

67 Trend Reports Possible to select an ad-hoc group of properties based on countless variables or based on a standard industry segment Include various types of data (monthly, running 12- month, daily, WD/WE, segmentation) Reports include various pages that analyze the data, as well as tabs with raw data Possible to order/download Trends via online UI

68 Trend Report – Table of Contents

69 Trend Report - Classic page
All raw monthly data and percent change figures including census and sample information, Classic tab includes YTD & Annual subtotals (STR’s original format)

70 Trend Report – Raw Data page

71 Ad-hoc Pipeline Reports
Display hotels under construction and projects that are in various planning stages for a market or tract Reports include property detail on existing hotels and project detail on all pipeline projects Reports also show changes to existing supply, including opens, closes, room adds/drops, and conversions Possible to order/download via online UI

72 Market/Tract Pipeline Report – Table of Contents

73 Market/Tract Pipeline Report – Supply Summary

74 Market/Tract Pipeline Report – Project Detail

75 Custom HOST Reports Possible to select an ad-hoc group of properties based on countless variables or based on a standard industry segment Displays annual P&L data for a single year Displays “Ratio to Sales”, “Amount Per Available Room”, and “Amount Per Occupied Room” Possible to obtain reports for multiple years

76 Custom HOST Report – Table of Contents

77 Custom HOST Report – Data page

78 Census Database Nearly 100 fields of hotel information: name, address, and phone, geographic and non-geographic attributes, rack rates, meeting space, affiliations, dates, and latitude/longitude Available for US & WW hotels Also possible to provide hotel company information (chains, mgtcos, owners, …)

79 Census Database Sample

80 Ad-Hoc Industry Data Files
User can select various industry segments related to their needs User can choose specific time period(s) of interest User can also select different performance-related fields including prop & room counts Available for US & WW hotels

81 Publications

82 US Publications US Hotel Reviews (monthly & weekly)
US Segmentation Reviews (monthly & weekly) US Pipeline Reports (monthly) US Forecasts (monthly for 25 markets) US HOST Study (annual) Travel Intention Survey (quarterly)

83 WW Publications Canadian Reviews (monthly & weekly)
Global Hotel Reviews (monthly for 4 continents) WW Country Reports (monthly for 12 countries/locations, weekly for UK) WW Pipeline Reports (monthly) WW Forecasts (monthly for 42 markets) WW Profitability Study (annual)

84 US Monthly Hotel Review – Table of Contents

85 US Monthly Hotel Review – Industry numbers
Month & YTD industry data for US, Scales, Regions, Price Levels, and Locations

86 US Weekly Hotel Review – Table of Contents

87 US Weekly Hotel Review – Industry numbers
Week & Running 28 Day data for US, Scales, Locations, and top markets

88 US Monthly Segmentation Review – Table of Contents
Separate performance data for Group, Transient, and Contract

89 US Monthly Segmentation Review – Industry Numbers
Month & YTD data for US, Scales, Regions, Size, Locations, and Types

90 US Weekly Segmentation Review

91 Global Hotel Reviews - Intro
Monthly Reviews for 4 continents: Americas -- Asia/Pacific Europe -- Mid East/Africa Details performance of countries and markets/cities in each area Displays local currency and US Dollars, Europe version also displays Euros and UK Pounds Constant Currency versions also available which remove the exchange rate fluctuation

92 Global Hotel Review for Americas – Table of Contents

93 Americas Hotel Review – Global Performance
Overview of Month & YTD data for continents, subcontinents, and major markets/cities

94 Americas Hotel Review – Countries page
Month & YTD data for all countries in a continent Page in US Dollars and page in Local Currency Local Currency page displays ISO code and exchange rate

95 WW Country Reports - Intro
Monthly Reports, currently available for 12 countries/areas: Canada Italy UK China Germany India Benelux Southeast Asia Nordics Australia/New Zealand Central/Eastern Europe -- South Africa Iberian Peninsula -- Gulf Cooperation Council Displays smaller cities and class breakdowns Weekly Report just for the UK at this time

96 Pipeline Reports - Intro
Focus on existing supply, new opens, hotels in construction and projects in planning Monthly US Pipeline Outlook Monthly WW Pipeline Outlooks for: Canada Europe Caribbean/Mexico Asia/Pacific Central/South America -- Mid East/Africa

97 US Hotel Pipeline Outlook – Table of Contents

98 US Hotel Pipeline Outlook – Overview by Scale
Existing supply, hotels recently opened and under construction, and projects in planning by scale

99 US Hotel Pipeline Outlook – Existing Supply Changes
New opens, conversions, room adds/drops, and closes by brand and scale

100 WW Hotel Pipeline Outlook for Asia/Pac – Table of Contents

101 HOST Study - Intro Annual Profit and Loss information for Full and Limited Service hotels Include revenue and expense detail, profit, fees, payroll detail, and cost of sales numbers Display ratio to sales, and dollars per available or occupied rooms Separate numbers for various groups of hotel Also WW version called WW Profitability Study

102 Annual HOST Study – Table of Contents

103 Annual HOST Study – Summary pages
Total US, Chain Affiliated, and Indepen- dents by Full & Limited Service

104 Annual HOST Study – Detail pages
Separate pages for Ratio to Sales, $ per Available Room, and $ per Occupied Room By Region, Location, Size, & Price

105 Forecast Reports - Intro
Monthly reports available for Top 25 US markets and 42 WW markets Annual, quarterly, and monthly forecast numbers for occupancy, ADR, and RevPAR Displays high and low estimates Checks accuracy of previous months forecasts

106 US Forecast Reports – Table of Contents

107 US Forecast Reports – Annual & Quarterly
Past and future performance by year and quarter

108 US Forecast Reports – Monthly
Past and future performance by month

109 Additional Services

110 Other Services Guest Satisfaction – for specific clients
Impact Studies – such as Oil Spill, Katrina Meal Pricing – in conjunction with GSA Travel Intention – survey of travelers

111 Travel Intentions Survey
Quarterly survey 3,800 respondents Past travel & future travel intent Just updated

112 Questions? Steve Hood , extension 3315

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