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Welcome ESC North Principal Meeting October 2014.

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1 Welcome ESC North Principal Meeting October 2014

2 Right Drivers Change Culture Wrong vs. Right Drivers Michael Fullan  Focusing on accountability vs. Focusing on capacity building  Individual teacher & leadership quality vs. Group work development  Focus on technology vs. Focus on instruction  Fragmented strategies vs. Systemic strategies

3 Goals Interconnected Implement Common Core Equity & Access for ALL Closing the Achievement Gap

4 System for Change

5 Need for Shared and Distributed Leadership

6 Instructional Leadership Teams Improving schools and increasing student achievement are only possible if everyone shares responsibility in doing the work Sharing leadership is the only way schools will sustain progress and improvement overtime

7 Preliminary Graduation Rates 2013-14

8 Preliminary Growth in Graduation Rates 2012-13 and 2013-14

9 Measure Progress Towards Goals Alerts DIBELS Attendance Marks/Grade CELDT



12 ESC North Grade 2 CELDT

13 Core Waiver District LAUSD chose to participate in the CORE waiver because it aligns with work already being done in the District Creates infrastructure to support collaboration across schools and districts in support of our students becoming college and career-ready Aligns with our district initiative to support the Common Core roll-out Aligns with our district initiatives to support Teacher and Leadership development and evaluation

14 Creates a new accountability system that: o recognizes performance growth o over time will base evaluation of school performance on multiple measures, including academics, social/emotional and school culture & climate factors o captures positive or negative changes in school achievement gaps o invites shared responsibility of accountability across and within districts

15 CORE Waiver Schools in ESC North 2014-2015 8 Reward Schools Kester ES Mayall ES Mt. View ES Rio Vista ES San Jose ES Sharp ES Valley Alternative Vanalden ES 5 Collaborative Partners Kennedy SH Maclay MS Northridge Academy Olive Vista MS Taft SH 3 Support Schools 19 Focus Schools

16 A New Accountability System - SQII

17 There is no them or us…there is just us.

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