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FIRST Lego League Parents Information Night - Parents new to Lego League Parents or Parents of student “graduating” to a new level of Lego League- April.

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1 FIRST Lego League Parents Information Night - Parents new to Lego League Parents or Parents of student “graduating” to a new level of Lego League- April 23, 2013 Presentation for Grades 4 th to 12th- FLL - = 4 th Grade FTC – FRC = High School Sponsored by Young Innovators’ Society

2 Young Innovators’ Society = YIS Who we are: YIS is local organization that inspires K-12 students to pursue STEM* learning, entrepreneurship and to become gracious, professional leaders. *STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

3 Young Innovators’ Society Programs Acronyms Defined F.I.R.S.T. - For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology – National Program Jr. FLL = Junior First Lego League (k-3) FLL = First Lego League (4-8 th grade) FTC = First Tech Challenge (High School) FRC= First Robotic Challenge (High School) Y.I.P.E.E. = Young Innovators’ Pursuing Engineering and Entrepreneurship – Science (straw rockets, Olympic skimmers, etc.) – Entrepreneurship Program (Lemonade Day) – Engineering & Entrepreneurship (Lemonade Stand Design & build) Rocketry - TARC

4 YIS Accomplishments Junior FIRST Lego League (K-3 rd Grade) 18 Jr. FLL Teams (K-3 rd ) Attended Expos Jr. FLL everyone is an “Awesome Winner”!!

5 Accomplishments 2012-13 YIS FLL (FIRST Lego League 4 th – 8 th Grades) 18 YIS FLL Teams Competed in tournaments 7 YIS FLL Teams Advanced to Districts 4 YIS FLL Teams Advanced to State Tournament (Awards = Innovation, “Coopertition”, Research, and Judge’s Choice) 2 YIS FLL Teams are Regional Ambassadors 3 YIS FLL Teams competed in Global Innovation Award and invited to Entrepreneurship Fair at University School


7 YIS Accomplishments FIRST TECH Challenge = FTC High School FTC FTC Teams competed at several tournaments and YIS placed in the top quartile College Scholarships FTC

8 FRC High School FRC Cleveland StateFRC

9 FRC First Robotics Challenge High School Program Short Season Giant Robots Cleveland State Tournament

10 Young Innovators’ Society & FIRST What YIS does to enhance the FIRST experience – YIS / FIRST Season kick-off with Core Values – Field Trips and/or Speaker Panel – Coach Roundtables (training & support) – Scrimmage – Presentation Night – Solon Tournament – Inspiration & Recognition – Parents information / membership meeting – Resources: coaches, mentors, “kid” mentors, former judges are all part of YIS

11 What is F.I.R.S.T. Lego League For the Recognition of Science & Technology VIDEO => Founders= Dean Kamen, Woody Flowers- MIT Core Values & Gracious Professionalism based Sponsors- Rockwell*, Time Warner, Timken, Nestle. Expos / Awards (non- profit) USE WEBSITE!

12 FIRST “Challenges” Topics Sudied: 2009 Smart Move (Supply chain study) 2010 Body Forward (Biomedical) 2011 Food Factor (Food Safety) 2012 Super Seniors (Improving Seniors’ lives) 2013 NATURES FURY – DISASTER BLASTER – Preparation – Response – Recovery-

13 FIRST Lego League Team members: (Ages 9 – 14 years) Kids who turn 14 before Jan 1 st may NOT be in FLL. Kids younger than 9 may graduate with their team to FLL if older kids were on their team who cannot remain in Juniors. Kids younger than 9 who are new to the program are STRONGLY discouraged from entering at FLL.

14 FLL (grades 4-8) Team of 4 to 10 students (YIS recommends 5 to 8) Meets 1 or 2 times per week THREE ASPECTS: – CORE VALUES – INNOVATIVE SOLUTION (research & presentation) – ROBOTICS

15 Core Values Gracious Professionalism Inclusion Discovery Integration Team Spirit COMPETITION = Team exercise & Presentation

16 Innovative Solution Create an innovative (new!) solution Research – Scope of problem, existing solutions, evidence innovative solution will work, cost of implementation, etc. Present Findings - Trifold poster and verbal presentation (often a skit) Opportunity to submit idea for professional review after competition

17 Robotics * Robotic Missions on 4’ x 8’ Lego Table Build robot w/NXT Brick & Legos Program Autonomous Robot Do it again & again Robot Engineering (Present to Judges) Flowcharting Design process Strategy Program code

18 FLL – Typical Meeting (2 hrs) Kids gather (snack if after school) While they eat, discuss plan for the day Teamwork game Brainstorming/ Robot strategy (group think) Split up for work in pairs like – Building attachment – Programming – Researching specific ideas

19 FLL Tips From Team 7+1 = State Participant from Solon Time (You decide!) – Very competitive teams meet 5 hours per week – New teams often meet 2 – 3 hours per week Build a structure with simple time line and objectives Define your research project early and stay on course Carve out some fun time during weekly practice Practice as much as possible Get assistance from other team member parents Tap into the current FLL resources

20 Coach info Lego League is Coach Driven Every team needs a parent volunteer coach – organizer type parent Every team should have a volunteer mentor – technology type parent adult WE NEED COACH VOLUNTEERS! Without them new coaches/mentors we can not form new teams. ALL Team parents should have roles on your team (helpers) snack, extra set of hands/eyes.

21 FLL Coach(es) Responsiblities Each team requires a Coach and a Mentor or one very wonderful parent who is willing to fill both roles. Coach Responsibilities & Mentor Responsibilities: Arrange team location/ time schedule Understand Lego education tools available Send roster and dues to YIS Collect money, register team with FIRST, order kit, register for tournaments Tutor students to use Lego tools Communicate with team members/ parents Attend coaches training workshops and rountables Ensure Team project meets F.I.R.S.T requirements for tournament Arrange access to computer (PC based) (as applicable) Participate in November Solon Scrimmage Register for Tournament in December Collect sizes & quantity to order T-shirts Coordinate session agendas with mentor

22 Coaches Workshops See for more details of Solon- May 8, 2013 Orchard Middle School: How to coach: Please attend if you are considering coaching, mentoring or helping a team Rockwell Automation –Weekends- AWESOME TRAINING lots of training on technical aspects. D iscussion: Tournaments, Research Projects, Core Values, Coaching Tips, Problems, Teamwork Strategies, NXT Software, Tips and Tricks, Building Tips. Program a prebuilt robot to complete a mission

23 Coaches There are typically training courses held by F.I.R.S.T. during the summer. Register early, they tend to fill up. We will also be having coach/ mentor meetings. YIS web site

24 Team Formation 10 teams formed in Solon (First Year) – 4 Jr. FLL – 6 FLL teams 24 Teams in the Second Year – 12 Jr. FLL – 12 FLL – 1 FTC 38 Teams in Third Year… How they came to be….

25 Team Formation Its up to you. – but we can help! – YIS DOES NOT “PLACE” KIDS ON TEAMS- – ATTEND THE POPCORN SOCIAL EVENT- May 22, Solon Community Park – 7:00 pm to find a team. – Talk to other parents with interested kids – Approximately the same grade level – School Attended – Neighborhood – Existing Friends – Schedules / Conflicts – Coach Availability is the primary factor – Team Goals and Commitments

26 Teams can form now: Collect names & numbers of others at the Popcorn Social. When you find a team and someone volunteers to coach it, only the coach can put you on the roster. Match availability & compatibility Formed Teams: Coach submits “Team Roster, Membership Forms, and Membership Checks to YIS- You don’t pay until you are on a team. *Choose wisely -there are no refunds* Coach designs budget, orders equipment from FIRST

27 COACH submits roster Online… Formed Teams: Coach submits “TEAM Roster, Membership Forms, and Membership Checks to YIS Coach designs budget, orders equipment from FIRST DIRECTLY (change from last year) Coach selects and registers their team for the tournament / expo they want to participate in DO THIS EARLY for best tournament selection

28 FLL Estimated Costs - FIRST Lego LeagueFLL Ages 9 - 14 years Team size: 4 - 8 participants Young Innovators’ Society Perks Team Access & Base Kit$260.00> Information Night to get started Robotic Equipment (Mindstorm)$350.00> Team formation support Rechargeable Battery$50.00> Coach & Mentor training $660.00> Access to experienced coaches > Coach Roundtables Platform for Robotic presentations$100.00estimate> Fall scrimmage for team practice Tournament costs$75.00estimate  Presentation Night (for practice)  Core Values Kick-off Tournament presentation materials$50.00estimate > Possible panel or field trip Team laptop, field trips, snacks$435.00estimate > Team designs unique t-shirts YIS Dues$480.00($80x6) $570.00 YIS dues is $80/ student Total estimate per team:$1800 Per student fee:$300.00(based on 6 students) Not included: Travel expenses to local tournament (to be decided by team). Other expenses may arise. These should be discussed with your coach. There are no refunds.

29 Corporate Sponsorship Rockwell Employee = Can Coach or Mentor up to Four FLL Teams. Rockwell provides sponsorship grants

30 Important -On line Resources FIRST information Details= Young Innovators Society info: – Membership, dates, program details: YIS President – Nadine Otterman 240-446-5096 YIS Membership – Denise Riccio 440 -349 -1473

31 Discussion & Questions Session Visit Teams and see their – Models – Posters / Research Presentations – Robots in action Meet Existing Coaches Coaches: Let us know when you have your team Don’t forget about the coaches workshop May 8. Popcorn Social = May 22!

32 YIS Members-Reminder Parents Night Volunteers & Responsibilities DJ – bring model lego / poster –Orange T shirt/3x5 cards, pencils, slide show, projector, cable, Extension cord, laptop, speakers NO- Bring FLL poster/robot/project Mike F- Mat- Table Field kit, sound system Michele F – Banner – Nametags Scott Barto FTC – robot, project? Teams coming? Wear Orange T- Shirts

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