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Cleveland Clinic Spend Reporting

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1 Cleveland Clinic Spend Reporting
SupplierGATEWAY Portals 2013

2 Cleveland Clinic Diversity Spend Reporting
Spend due on the 10th of the following month (ie report June spend by July 10th) First add your diverse suppliers to your account Report Tier 1 spend against these supplier accounts Report any Tier 2, Tier 3 or Tier 4 spend to the diverse categories Cleveland Clinic Tier X – MBE, or Cleveland Clinic Tier X – WBE

3 Accessing the reporting system
To begin the reporting process, proceed to the portal homepage and enter your login id and password information in the appropriate fields.

4 Set up: Add your diverse suppliers
Once you add a supplier to your reporting list, you can report spend against that supplier going forward. To add suppliers, select the “Add Company as a Supplier” link in the Diversity Reporting Tool drop down menu. Then enter the name of the supplier you wish to add and select the Go button

5 Set up: Adding an existing supplier
If you find your supplier in the list returned by the system, simply select the Add link to add that supplier. The system may ask you for EIN and a supplier number you want to associate with that supplier. If the supplier is not found in the search, select the “Manually Add Supplier” link to add the supplier.

6 Set up: Adding a new suppier to the database
When manually adding a supplier, complete the required and any optional fields you have information for, and select the “Submit” link at the bottom of the screen.

7 Adding Spend – Spend Worksheet
Once you have added all of your diverse owned suppliers for whom you will report spend against you have completed the set up set. Next you will need to enter spend each reporting period for the suppliers. To do so, select the Enter Spend Manually link on the Diversity Reporting. Next select the “Go” link to view your diverse supplier list.

8 Adding Spend – Spend Worksheet
Next select the “0” link under “Edit Entries”

9 Adding Spend – Spend Worksheet
Finally, enter the spend date spend amount, cost center and category information and select the “Add” button.

10 Confirm Spend Added After completing the entry of all spend, feel free to use the Tier 1 Ad Hoc report to verify the spend information entered into the system

11 How To Get Help Use the red Support link to start a help desk ticket, or Send an to to start a help desk ticket. Be sure to include phone number so that help desk personnel can contact you directly if necessary.

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