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Pharmacy Practice Model Initiative (PPMI)

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1 Pharmacy Practice Model Initiative (PPMI)

2 Overview What is PPMI? PPMI Messaging Platform/Overview PPMI Summit
Five pillars of PPMI PPMI Summit Key recommendations Case study on PPMI implementation What can you do as a student?

3 Pharmacy Advancements
AZT for 1987

4 What is PPMI? Pharmacy Practice Model Initiative Joint initiative
American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) ASHP Research & Education Foundation Practice model to utilize pharmacists as direct patient care providers Instill passion, commitment, and action among hospital and health-system practice leaders

5 What is PPMI? (continued)
Transforming how pharmacists care for patients Led by pharmacists Empowers fellow pharmacists Improve patient outcomes


7 Five Pillars of PPMI Care team integration
Leveraging pharmacy technicians Pharmacist credentialing and training Technology Leadership in medication use

8 Goal of PPMI Initiative
To significantly advance the health and well being of patients by supporting futuristic practice models that support the most effective use of pharmacists as direct patient care providers.

9 PPMI Rationale Healthcare reform is a high national priority
Pharmacy practice has greatly evolved Entry-level PharmD degree Increase in number of pharmacists with residency training Recognition of pharmacists among interdisciplinary teams we probably should expand on this

10 PPMI Summit Two-day invitational event of pharmacy professionals Areas of consensus assessed prior to conference by survey Consensus process to develop a new pharmacy practice model 147 recommendations adopted

11 PPMI Focus Areas Create a Framework Determine Services
Identify Emerging Technologies Develop a Template Implement Change

12 What were the KEY recommendations from the PPMI Summit?

13 Key Recommendations All patients should have a right to receive the care of a pharmacist. Hospital and health-system pharmacists must be responsible and accountable for patients’ medication-related outcomes. Every pharmacy department should develop a plan to reallocate its resources to devote significantly more pharmacist time to medication management services. Pharmacists who provide drug therapy management should be certified through the most appropriate board of pharmacy specialties. Pharmacist-provided drug therapy management should be prioritized using a patient medication complexity index.

14 Key Recommendations (cont.)
A patient medication complexity index should be developed that includes factors such as severity of illness, number of medications, and comorbidities. In optimal pharmacy practice models, individual pharmacists must accept responsibility for both the clinical and the distributive activities of the pharmacy department. Sufficient pharmacy resources must be available to safely develop, implement, and maintain technology-related medication-use safety standards. By 2015, the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board should require completion of an accredited training program before an individual can take the certification examination. To support optimal pharmacy practice models, technicians must be licensed by state boards of pharmacy.

15 Case Study Site = Cleveland Clinic Florida
PPMI recommendation in action B24c. Develop a plan to allocate pharmacy student time to drug therapy management services. Students incorporated in the following ways: Functioned as pharmacist extenders Worked up and rounded Computer access to patient information and were able to round on daily basis Accommodated ~15 APPE students/month

16 What can you do as a student?
Spread the word about PPMI Explain to others how PPMI will shape the future of pharmacy Share with other healthcare providers Present on PPMI at your work, rotation site, or SSHP meeting Assist with completing the hospital self-assessment at your APPE site, Get involved at the state level through the PPMI... Task force Educational opportunities Projects

17 What can you do as a student?
Participate in ASHP Connect PPMI community Attend ASHP Midyear or Summer Meetings and participate in PPMI and/or practice change sessions Learn about the outcomes from the Ambulatory Care Conference and Summit in Dallas, March 3-4, 2014 As a next step in the PPMI, help create a vision for forward thinking pharmacy practice models for pharmacists in ambulatory healthcare Participate in advocacy efforts for Provider Status at the state and national level

18 General information about PPMI
Tools & Resources General information about PPMI Add specific breakdown of website

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