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2 Background Overall policy change and implementation ramifications Example: Security and Immigration Compliance Act Research Administration Work Group Report Recommendations for improved customer service for sponsored project/research administration – across all administrative support offices Recommendations for better communication and working as a team Recommendations for business process improvements and increased institutional risk tolerance Finance & Administration Transition Advisory Team Recommendations for improved customer service and communication Request for flexibility because “one-size” does not fit all Request for reduced bureaucracy and business process improvement

3 Initiatives Several initiatives underway with respect to requests for improvement: Post-award policy review with faculty, staff and external accounting firm to examine policy alignment with federal, state and BOR requirements and areas for improvements and potential revised risk tolerance posture. Sessions for central administrative staff to re-visit customer service focus and shared vision for facilitating the administrative support needs of the institution across its academic, research and public service and outreach missions Potential work with external consultants to independently review and determine actions for improved customer service and training, communications, staffing, organizational design, business process improvement, guidance on risk tolerance, and implementing performance metrics for administrative functions. Assessment and Readiness for next generation human resource and financial administrative systems. Discussions underway with Department of Administrative Services (DOAS) to seek remedies and decreased administrative burden in the areas of : Purchasing Fleet Maintenance and Reporting Surplus Property Insurance Claims Processing

4 Approach UGA Processes: Using the approach taken with the Security and Immigration Compliance Act, we will utilize a ‘user community’ model to address business process changes and policy implementations. This methodology has been used when implementing UGAMart, Kronos, travel policy changes and other topics, however, the ‘user community ‘input has traditionally included a small number of users.

5 Approach STEP #1: Establish Business Services Advisory Group BAAF Planning Committee Members + the Chief Fiscal Officer of each school/college and ‘major’ unit + Internal Audit + Other “subject matter expert” faculty and staff as appropriate per topic = Business Services Advisory Group (BSAG)

6 Approach STEP #2: Working with the Business Services Advisory Group – Short Term To begin, recommendations from recent reports and input of work groups/transition teams will be used to work on already identified “issues” for BSAG discussion, idea generation, and for BSAG members to gather input from their unit. BSAG will meet to address the identified “issues” and will create issues-based work groups so that more than one “issue” can be addressed in a timely manner. BSAG will make a recommendation on the “issue” to Finance & Administration including implementation actions. Recommendations requiring significant risk posture changes and/or significant funding requirements will need approval from executive/institutional levels. Otherwise, implementation plans can be finalized and acted upon.

7 Approach STEP #2: Working with the Business Services Advisory Group – Long Term On a recurring basis, F&A will bring policy changes or new policy items to BSAG for discussion, recommendations, and input. Additionally, a method for BSAG to bring forward needs and ideas on behalf of faculty and staff will facilitate a recurring process for information exchange and for business process review and improvement.

8 Getting Started Communication about formation of BSAG to VPs, Deans and BSAG members in July 2014 Meeting of BSAG in August 2014 Advance materials on topics and issues will be distributed. Need volunteers to chair work groups on topics and volunteers to staff work groups Examples of topics for work groups: Best methods of communication for resolving declined transactions (email vs. within existing system vs. phone conversation, etc.) Best methods for providing feedback Allow shift differentials on salaried payroll by lifting the budget restrictions Remove use of GSA rates as guides for ‘reasonable’ lodging rates and remove letter of justification when lodging >25% of GSA rate Revisit 2012 proposed changes to wireless communications policy to improve approval process and administration

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