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1.During McKinley’s presidency, the United States was in a war with ______. A.Mexico B.Canada C.Cuba D.England.

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2 1.During McKinley’s presidency, the United States was in a war with ______. A.Mexico B.Canada C.Cuba D.England

3 C.Cuba

4 2.He volunteered for duty in the Civil War in 1861 and served under future president, Rutherford B. Hayes. A.Cleveland B.Harrison C.McKinley D.Hayes

5 C.McKinley

6 3.Ordered that the flag be flown over the White House, as well as other federal buildings. A.Cleveland B.Harrison C.McKinley D.Hayes

7 B.Harrison

8 Mayor of Buffalo: Attempted to clean up the corrupt city government A.Cleveland B.Harrison C.McKinley D.Hayes

9 A.Cleveland

10 5. With his encouragement, nearly every public school in America began to raise the flag daily. A.Cleveland B.Harrison C.McKinley D.Hayes

11 B.Harrison

12 6. During Cleveland’s presidency, the US was growing more urban as millions of immigrants poured into the country from __________. A. Western Europe B. Northern Europe C. Southern Europe D. Eastern Europe


14 7. Served his country during a time of momentous change in America. The nation was moving ahead economically as large corporations began to dominate production. A.Cleveland B.Harrison C.McKinley D.Hayes

15 A.Cleveland

16 8. McKinley saw action at the battle of __________ during the Civil War. A. Antietam B. Gettysburg C. Bull Run D. D-Day

17 A. Antietam

18 9. His great-grandfather was a signer of the Declaration of Independence. A.Cleveland B.Harrison C.McKinley D.Hayes

19 B.Harrison

20 10. While President, Cleveland pursued a_____________. A. New States B. Reform Agenda C. Strong Platform D. Anti-Trust Law

21 B. Reform Agenda

22 11. Saw new innovations introduced in the White House such as electric lights. A.Cleveland B.Harrison C.McKinley D.Hayes

23 B.Harrison

24 12. After failing to win the election 1888, Cleveland spent the next four years practicing law in ________. A. Chicago B. St. Louis C. Atlanta D. New York City


26 13. Nothing marked his presidency more than the Spanish-American War in 1898. A.Cleveland B.Harrison C.McKinley D.Hayes

27 C.McKinley

28 14. One of the heated issues of Cleveland’s presidency was the continuing debate over money supply in America and the distribution of _______. A. Cheap Money B. Silver Dollars C. Gold Coins D. Loaded Wallets

29 A. Cheap Money

30 15. ______________marriage while president made him the only president to marry in the White House. A.Cleveland B.Harrison C.McKinley D.Hayes

31 A.Cleveland

32 16. The only President to serve two non-consecutive terms. A.Cleveland B.Harrison C.McKinley D.Hayes

33 A.Cleveland

34 17. McKinley’s _____________ campaign was unique. Instead of the candidate touring the country, the voters went to him. A. Slander B. Civil Liberty C. Domestic D. Front Porch


36 18. ________ presidency was one of great economic growth and extraordinary development in foreign affairs. A.Cleveland B.Harrison C.McKinley D.Hayes

37 C.McKinley

38 19. Cleveland forced ______ to return excess land to the government. A. Banks B. Railroad Companies C. Robber Barons D. Reformers

39 B. Railroad Companies

40 20. Harrison continued to fight for_______________. A. Civil Service Reform B. Black Codes C. African American Rights D. Freedom

41 A. Civil Service Reform

42 21. Harrison witnessed an increase in the number of states to the Union. Which of these is NOT one of those states? A. North Dakota B. Montana C. Illinois D. Washington

43 C. Illinois

44 22. His administration helped move the presidency and the nation into the world arena as a major economic and military power. A.Cleveland B.Harrison C.McKinley D.Hayes


46 23. Which of these was not a country that America emerged with control of after the Spanish American War? A. Puerto Rico B. Cuba C. Philippines D. Canada


48 24. Following the war, he studied law and was admitted to the bar in 1867. He soon took up practice in Canton, Ohio. A.Cleveland B.Harrison C.McKinley D.Hayes

49 C.McKinley

50 25. He instructed officials to cut waste and corruption in their departments. A.Cleveland B.Harrison C.McKinley D.Hayes

51 A.Cleveland

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