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 USING VOLUNTEERS TO REENERGIZE YOUR FUNDRAISING AND OUTREACH EFFORTS National Conference of Bar Foundations Mid-Year Meeting Houston, Texas February.

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1  USING VOLUNTEERS TO REENERGIZE YOUR FUNDRAISING AND OUTREACH EFFORTS National Conference of Bar Foundations Mid-Year Meeting Houston, Texas February 6, 2015 Joint Workshop Session 5B 11:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. Presenter: Ginger F. Mlakar, Esq. Immediate Past President of the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Foundation Senior Counsel, & Director of Donor Relations at the Cleveland Foundation

2 Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Foundation – Lawyers Giving Back 3Rs Program Mock Trial Competitions Halloween Run Community Outreach Programs Fundraising Events

3 History of the Fellows Program  Fellows Program Launched in 1999/2000  Criteria for Fellows Membership Member of the Association Advance justice in the community Demonstrate a high standard of integrity/professionalism  Levels of Recognition $2,500 – minimum $5k – Silver $10k – Gold  Fall of 2012 – Fellows program raised approximately $1 million for the endowment

4 Legacy Fellows Program  Legacy Fellows Launched in 2011  Recognizes – members who commit to make a future gift to the foundation (i.e., a planned gift) Examples – bequests in wills and trusts; naming in beneficiary designations such for life insurance policies, etc.  Strategy – planned giving brochures, ads in bar journal, letter campaign, and targeted asks  Founding members – 16

5 Endowment Campaign Launch  Pre-Campaign Board Activity Solicited advice from past and current key board members and staff Presented to the board on endowment history Highlighted programs supported by foundation at board meetings Looked into a feasibility study and a community focus group committee  Fall of 2012 — Board committed to a 18 month plan to raise $1 million and double the endowment to $2 million  Key Component – Major gifts at $50,000 or higher level

6 Volunteer Committee Structure  Fellows Committee – backbone to the efforts Long-standing, engaged in the legal community members Continued effort for new fellows at pre-existing levels of $2,500, $5,000 (silver) & $10,000 (gold) levels “Best practice” goal – increase no. of individual fellows to 10% of membership  Strong small working group for major gifts $25k to $100k level (individuals and firms)

7 Goals during Silent/Quiet Period of the Campaign  Raise 40 to 60% before public announcement  Create a video with key leaders and featuring the programs  Plan for Kick-off Event (May 2013) – public announcement Location/invitation – strategic based upon invitee demographics Invitees – fellows (including new legacy), past leaders, legal and community leaders, and board members, i.e., prospects/ambassadors Host committee – GCs and other civic leaders Program – welcome, video, kick-off campaign & thank lead donors

8 Key Administrative Steps before the Public Campaign Launch  Updated Gift Acceptance Policy & Campaign Recognition Levels Gift types - cash, securities, life insurance policies, and estate gifts Campaign recognition - assets must be transferred or pledge signed  Reviewed Investment/Endowment Policy (compliance with UPMIFA, spending policy, investment oversight, etc.)  Created various types of pledge forms Estate Payment terms over time (not to exceed 10 years) Outright gifts – discounts offered

9 Defining New Major Donor Benefits  $50k to $100k+ (founding fellows)* Donor story in bar journal Recognition on donor wall Honored and recognized at appreciation reception Firms allowed 1 representative on host committee for appreciation reception  $25k (leadership fellows)* Recognition on donor wall Honored and recognized at appreciation reception Added near end of the campaign * Unique campaign recognition Allowed combination gifts – combined firms and individuals of law firms contributions for firm recognition Insurance policies transferred – recognition based upon face value of policies Estate gifts – recognition based upon death value

10 Overview Identifying Prospects, Pitch and Follow-up  Initial prospects – ambassadors to the organization Communication method depended on the relationship  Included in first meeting discussion (and covered in proposal) Overview of the history of bar/endowment Explored what the bar meant to them Explained why asking Announced who else has committed & matching gift opportunity (1 to 4) – 4 firms at $100k+ Made the ask (highest amount possible)  Followed-up with formal, customized proposal and supporting materials  Once verbal yes, immediately sent the pledge to be signed

11 Proposal - Why Give Now?  For every $1 million (cash collected) in endowment = $50k of available grant dollars  Contributions will reduce the foundation’s reliance on annual fundraising events to sustain current grantmaking levels  Contributions will allow for sustainability of the current and future priority programs into perpetuity

12 Proposal - Why is it Important to the them?  Continuation of the strengthens of the bar – being part of: Mentorship and volunteer opportunities Advocacy for legal profession Giving back to the community through strong, impactful community outreach programs  Opportunity to give back to the legal community through a legacy gift  Recognition benefits  Existing commitments by peers

13 Proposal – What are the Board Commitments?  100% of fellows contributions added to the endowment  100% of endowment spending will go to programs (and not fundraising or administrative expenses)  100% board participation as fellows

14 Touch Points  Estimate – avg. of 7 before closing of gift  Initial meetings – breakfasts, lunches and/or after work drinks  Presented to firms/small groups  Follow-ups - formal letters, emails, quick discussions at community events/board meetings, etc.

15 Tools to Track Progress  Weekly cultivation report Included ask amount, last contact, next steps, etc. Shared with committee and key staff members  Campaign count spreadsheet Included recognition level and financial reporting difference Shared with committee and key staff members

16 Cultivation Event  Timing – half-way point after public announcement ( Fall of 2013 )  Limited invitees – select ambassadors  Goal – small and intimate event  Location – cool and intriguing  Program Donor story Community leader, e.g., CEO of public schools Keep it short – no ask

17 Donor Wall  Goal – cool design to recognize and thank all donors with flexibility to change through time  Cut-off date for inclusion – 45 days before the appreciation reception  Final drive – emails with lists of those “in” or “tentative in” on donor wall to encourage others to participate Included drawing/illustration of donor wall


19 Celebration (Appreciation) Reception  Timing – May 2014 (1 year from public announcement)  Invitees – donors, community/bar leaders, etc.  Location – same as kick-off reception  Invitation – included host committee; followed kick-off reception theme  Program – welcome (host committee member), video, announced campaign results ( goal - $1 million/attained $1.5 million ); unveiled “visual” of donor wall, awards/recognition  Follow-up - story in bar journal ws_and_Publications/CMBJ/Jul_Aug14_Bar_Journal.pdf ws_and_Publications/CMBJ/Jul_Aug14_Bar_Journal.pdf

20 Celebration Reception

21 Top 6 Keys to Success 1. Staff buy-in and support 2. Heavy commitment by volunteer working group Key - strong personal relationships to bar ambassadors 3. Impactful association/foundation programs 4. Current and Past Board involvement Opened many doors/made many introductions 5. Good, continuously updated communication among staff and volunteer committee 6. Strong long-standing partnership between association and foundation

22 Campaign Timeline Appreciation Event – Public Announcement of Campaign Results May 2014 Endowment Campaign Raises $1.5 million – Donor Wall Cut-off Date April 2014 Endowment Campaign Raises $1 million – Commence Donor Wall Push January 2014 Cultivation Event October 2013 Kick-off Public Reception – Unveil Video & Announce Matching Gift May 2013 Endowment Campaign Raises $450k – 45% of Goal April 2013 Launch of Silent Phase of Endowment Campaign December 2012 Endowment Reaches $1 million November 2012

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