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Lessons Learned in Getting Started with ERM Barb Anderson & Marian Simonson.

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1 Lessons Learned in Getting Started with ERM Barb Anderson & Marian Simonson

2 Introduction Who is the Cleveland Clinic Alumni Library? Why we needed ERM Why we chose Innovative’s ERM ERM training & coverage load from III Examples of records & clean-up Questions

3 Cleveland Clinic Alumni Library Print, electronic, & media collections of health/life sciences material only Primary clients: physicians, physicians-in training, nursing & allied health professionals (and their support staff) Primary use of collection: support patient care & health sciences research

4 Why we needed ERM software Budget – Centralized location for usage statistics, expenditures, vendors Administration – Simplify reporting to Library Director Management – Better utilization of our WebOPAC – Back-up solution to Serials Solutions

5 Why we chose Innovative’s ERM Evaluated EBSCO, Innovative, and Serials Solutions ERM software Selected III ERM – Cost comparable to other vendors – Integrated with our WebOPAC – Vested in III software including WAM – Able to use Serial Solutions data file to pre- populate e-journal holdings – Training & implementation available

6 Training preparation Downloaded file of holdings from Serials Solutions & sent subset to III for testing III loaded Millennium ERM & set up resource, license & contact records III pre-populated ERM with some 200 resource records from common vendors









15 ERM basic records Resource, contact & license Many people stop here, but… Coverage load extends the utility of ERM III trainer made this step painless

16 Coverage load Downloaded our serials holdings from Serials Solutions A-Z List (360 Core) Edited downloaded file to remove our print and non-health sciences journals – remember– our collection consists of health sciences material only Saved edited file as two files to make it easier to load



19 Coverage load reports 3 reports are created: – Coverage updates successful – Coverage resources partially updated – Coverage resources not updated Be sure to save each report Millennium Guide, Page #105993

20 What coverage load accomplishes Creates/updates bib records Creates/updates checkin (holdings) records



23 Examples from our Milerm & OPAC Show records before & after coverage load for: – Resource – Bib – Checkin – Web OPAC












35 ERM topics covered so far Create, edit & update of – Resource records – License records – Contact records Screen shots of Millennium & Web OPAC records related to ERM

36 Tying order records to resources Create order record for bib. Resource record links to bib records using the ‘related order’ function. Milacq for serials started after ERM training. Click ‘create report’ under Financial tab of resource record to view payment &/or invoice totals.






42 Usage statistics 2 options: – Manual import – Automatic import Only investigated manual import so far

43 Importing usage statistics manually Obtain Counter JR1 report as xml file From resource record, click usage statistics tab. Click “import” to bring statistics into Millennium.

44 Converting XLS to XML Download/install Perl on local pc Save perl script from Cornell on local pc Follow conversion instructions at sage/counter/jr12xml/ sage/counter/jr12xml/ Reference: Millennium Page #106446

45 Viewing usage statistics On usage statistics tab of resource, click “export”. Results exported as an excel file. Cost per use automatically calculated annually – Requires use of Milacq – For automatically imported statistics only – Haven’t tested this feature—can’t draw any conclusions.



48 Clean-up tasks Entering order & invoice records for bibs Linking orders to resources Finish editing checkin records for each bib – Delete overlapping – Update permanent checkin with vendor,location, and library has data Expand subjects for “Medicine and health” Attach subjects to resources

49 Conclusions ERM –work in progress – Results and reports only as good as the data you enter/import 3 days of III training = – 3 library staff trained in ERM & Milacq – ERM resource records loaded & updated – Coverage data loaded – Resource, contact, license, acq templates created Training = Indispensable, worth every $$

50 III documentation on CSDirect FAQs Training Resources: – ERM agenda – Quick Start Guide to ERM Presentations at previous meetings Service commitments if you’ve already implemented ERM & want to make changes

51 Contact information Marian Simonson – 216-445-7334, Barb Anderson – 216-445-7347, Mailing address – Cleveland Clinic Alumni Library – 9500 Euclid Ave, NA30 – Cleveland, OH 44195

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