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Stakeholder Meeting Program Update July 11, 2006.

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1 Stakeholder Meeting Program Update July 11, 2006

2 Strategic Focus Areas Centralized Information and Referral Center Training, Curriculum and Instruction Evaluation and Accountability Fund Development Public Awareness and Outreach

3 Marketing & Public Awareness Capacity Building Literacy Tracking Team Building Summary of Activities

4 Final Report and Action Plan for Literacy Marketing & Public Awareness

5 Pilot Intervention strategies  Learner focus group sessions, one-on-one tailored technical assistance, seminars & workshops, & special resource meetings towards the establishment of strategic partnerships Immediate Outcomes  Training plan (Data analysis, fundraising, new instructors & screening for learners with special need)  Online resource development Capacity Building

6 The LACES software  Web-based data management system  Designed to serve a wide variety of stakeholders including local providers and coordinating agencies  Designed to support adult, family, & early childhood literacy; in-school & after school tutoring  Data from other systems can be imported or exported into LACES Literacy Tracking

7 Next Steps  Further exploration of LACES involving a broader group of stakeholders Literacy Tracking

8 Staff Omobola Lana, Program Director Erika Mason, Program Assistant Maria Asher, Special Projects Manager Consultants Amy McClellan Margaret Doughty Ray Hart The Team

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