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CODE LAVENDER North Carolina Chaplain’s Association October 2, 2014

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1 CODE LAVENDER North Carolina Chaplain’s Association October 2, 2014
Bob Hamilton - Director Spiritual Care and Wholeness Cone Health - Greensboro North Carolina Chaplain’s Association October 2, 2014

2 Origins of Code Lavender
Code Lavender started by Earl Bakken, CEO at North Hawaii Community Hospital in Waimea in 2008. His Commitments included: A Robust Integrative Medicine approach Wholistic Care across the continuum Code Lavender was one aspect Initial Focus was for Patients primarily Later focused on Staff

3 Code lavender Origins We all know our healthcare codes—Code Blue requires the most urgency in the restoration of a patient’s clinical condition. The Code Lavender™ system is an integrative healing equivalent of a Code Blue Code Lavender™ services consist of a rapid response team of specialists, who are called upon when an individual—patient or her family or an employee—has reached her/his emotional limit Experia is a consulting group connected with the Cleveland Clinic

4 Cleveland Clinic Code Lavender
Code Lavender adopted at Cleveland Clinic Dr. Brenda Duffy a colleague of Earl Brakken brought the concept to the Cleveland Clinic. She asks providers to center themselves on healthcare’s most fundamental mission: “Don’t lose the connection to the reason you entered health care in the first place. This is sacred work. We are here to heal. Caring for Ourselves when the stress is too high or life delivers a devastating blow is being congruent with a being a healing community.

5 Code Lavender does Not – From Interview in the Huffington Post of Amy Greene, the Cleveland Clinic Director of Spiritual Care Does not prevent Burnout Does not assure employee retention Does not prevent PTSD It is - A curcuit breaker on stressful days ... it allows any caregiver to trigger its holistic pressure relief valve for a particular staff.

6 Code Lavender Breakthroughs
It sends three signals to the entire staff, loud and clear. 1) This work is stressful  This acknowledgement alone makes an incredible difference for anyone in the Cleveland Clinic system to whom it is available. For the first time there is institutional admission that this is stressful work, that you can get overloaded and that it can impact the quality of care you provide.

7 2) You have needs that are important to us
The message is you matter to us and when you need it, you can have a break to regroup. Rather than the typical "never show weakness" programming we all absorbed in our medical education.

8 3) We can Systemize Support in cases of Bad Outcomes
What we do at the time of a tragic or traumatic for staff will make a difference System /Institutional Recognition Support Opportunity for community

9 Code Lavender Is a supportive response to a unit, department, or work group which experienced a particularly stressful event or series of events impacting them and their ability to cope. At Cone Health this intervention is specifically aimed at Caring for the Caregivers (staff).

10 PROGRAM OVERVIEW Coordinated, integrated therapies and support delivered via a multidisciplinary team Rapid response to employees’ needs when an event has impacted a department/staff. Support by: Hospital leadership Departmental Leadership Chaplains Supportive Interventions

11 Emergency Department Please use main entrance!!!!

12 Examples of Events Unexpected death of a coworker
New nurse died OR PA sudden death A series of difficult situations or death on the unit over time Children shot by parent Death of mother during a C-Section. Death of young mother after 5 months in hospital Multiple deaths on unit in one day Co-worker in serious accident

13 A Code Lavender What Happens
Code lavender is initiated via call to Administrative Coordinator or other leadership staff member. Spiritual Care Services is notified and will manage the logistics

14 Code lavender initiation
A Team member brings Code Lavender cart which holds support information inspirational quotes, water, resources for support for personal use or resources available to them. Guided meditations, Tea for the Soul, EAP, Aromatherapy, Chaplain support, quiet music, information on grief, coping with stresses etc. Massage on site or gift certificates for a session Protocol Handout

15 Code lavender initiation
Nutritional Services are notified and bring snacks (chocolate, chips, drinks – Comfort Foods!!! ) Leadership presence and support Rounding Continues for hours Overhead announcement that a Code Lavender has been initiated at….. Goal to foster a sense of community

16 Planning Implementation
Gain Leadership buy in – support connection to caring for staff Gather a strong interdisciplinary planning group Policy, Protocol, Roll out, Follow up/eval. Consider the logistical issues for implementing Develop a protocol and educate, educate, educate staff and leadership. Have leadership attuned to what is happening with staff and who will recommend calling a Code Lavender

17 Challenges Attention to when a Code Lavender could be called
Expanding Support Resources appropriate for context Creating a Sacred Space Awareness

18 Benefits Restores and reinvigorates employees’ physical and emotional capacity for caring Support to enable employee to continue their valuable work Aligns with our Health System values, principles, and practices

19 Evaluation Code Lavender time frame hours (variable depending on event) 98% of staff said services met or exceeded their expectations 96% of staff said they would recommend to peers Use a follow up evaluation form to track.

20 QUESTIONS? Bob Hamilton

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