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Rid-All Green Partnership Urban Development Strategy Green n’ the Ghetto.

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1 Rid-All Green Partnership Urban Development Strategy Green n’ the Ghetto

2 Rid-All Focus Growing Healthy FoodGrowing Communities

3 Rid-All Green Partnership Evolved in Summer/Fall of 2009 PolicyBridge’s “Education Pays Get Yours Campaign” led to discussion with Rid-All’s “Shoot Hoops Not Guns” Effort Cleveland 2019 Sustainability Summit aligned with the “Green in the Ghetto” effort PolicyBridge released “Rebuilding Blocks” Research Report Rid-All Corp. meets Will Allen in Youngstown

4 Rid-All Green Partnership Damien Forshe – Owner of Rid-All Exterminating Corporation David Hester – Employee of Rid-All Exterminating and Urban Farmer Randell McShepard – Chairman and Co-Founder of PolicyBridge George “Keymah” Durden – Deconstruction Start-Up and Past Proprietor of Vegetarian Soul Food Restaurant Timothy Lewis – Radio One “Green in the Ghetto” Campaign

5 Rid-All Green Partnership Don Slocum and Mark McClain – Neighborhood Leadership Institute Stuart Greenberg and Kim Foreman – Environmental Health Watch Additional Partners Carlton Jackson – Tunnel Vision and Local Food 365 Michael Walden – Clear Lake Farm Angie Smith – R & B Ranch and Farm (Orville, OH)

6 Rid-All Green Partnership Rid-All Green Partnership Rid-All Exterminating Corporation “Green in the Ghetto” Deconstruction and Healthy Food PolicyBridge Environmental Health Watch Neighborhood Leadership Institute

7 Rid-All Green Partnership Visited Growing Power (Will Allen) in December, 2009 Rid-All Began Urban Agriculture Training in January, 2010 Rid-All Completes Urban Agriculture Training in May, 2010 and has been asked to be a Regional Training Provider for Growing Power

8 Will Allen – A National Icon

9 The Plan Launch an Urban Agriculture Training Center in a Local Cleveland Neighborhood Erect a State of the Art Green House and Hoop Houses Create Green Jobs for Local Communities


11 Broader Rid-All Partnership Strategy Expand Hoop Houses and Urban Agriculture throughout Cleveland and East Cleveland Expand our Deconstruction Efforts Promote the “Green in the Ghetto” Education Campaign Covering Urban Farming, Recycling and Environmental Justice Explore the launch of a Vegetarian Soul Food Restaurant at a Strategic Location

12 Coming Soon… Brink City Comic Book Green Daycare Center Green n’ the Ghetto Apparel Rid-All Youth Camp And More….

13 Thank you for your time!!

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