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Christo and Jeanne-Claude The Umbrellas, Japan - USA, 1984-91 Andy Goldsworthy.

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1 Christo and Jeanne-Claude The Umbrellas, Japan - USA, 1984-91 Andy Goldsworthy

2 Art found OUTSIDE not in a museum or gallery ~Placed in public sites, this art is there for everyone, a form of collective community expression.



5  In the spring of 2001, fifth year industrial design students from the Cleveland Institute of Art created bicycle rack designs for a juried competition. Among the Jurors were world- renowned artist/designer Viktor Shreckengost, a former student and professor at the institute. CPA gifted the four racks to the City of Cleveland, and the 4 racks were placed in front of City Hall and finished in a bronze color to match the existing architectural elements of the outside of the building. In the summer of 2003, two additional bike racks were fabricated and placed in front of the newly expanded Cleveland Botanical Garden. It is CPA’s hope that individual building owners, municipalities and corporate entities will purchase the racks for installation in business districts and neighborhoods Old style racks

6 Artist: Claus Oldenberg and Coosje van Bruggen’s Another of the artists’ work

7 One of Cleveland’s most controversial pieces of Public Art is Claus Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen’s Free Stamp Sculpture. Originally commissioned by Standard Oil of Ohio (Sohio ), it was to be placed at the company’s headquarters in Downtown Cleveland’s Public Square. Shortly after the piece was finished, British Petroleum of America, Inc. (BP America) merged with Sohio. The sculpture was not regarded highly by the new executives. BP refused the 75,000- pound, 28-foot high and 48 foot long replica of a rubber stamp. After sitting homeless in a storage facility, the sculpture was eventually gifted to the City of Cleveland by BP America. Willard Park, at the corner of East 9th Street and Lake Avenue next to City Hal l, was selected as the permanent site after much debate and lobbying. The sculpture, fabricated from ½ inch steel plate and painted gray, red, and hot pink, looks as if a giant tossed it into it’s place, with the word “FREE” aiming directly at the executive offices of what was once the headquarters for BP.



10  In May 2004, acclaimed artist Albert Paley’s latest work was unveiled at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens.. Through a gift from the Donna M. and Stewart A. Kohl Fund at The Cleveland Foundation, the Kohl Gate was completed after a national call for artists and juried competition. Paley’s sixty-foot-long, fifteen feet high work depicts enormous, stylized leaf shapes cut of heavy Cor-ten steel. The powerful steel plantings mirror the Botanical Garden's own collections of plants native to Costa Rica, Madagascar, and Ohio, reflecting the dynamic energy of the Garden and its historic environs.

11 In the Works: Lakewood, OH A forest of Little EC trees sprouting up all around the city, to create a virtual forest with all the smells and aromas of the real deal! Scientific studies have shown that people keep areas cleaner that seem to be fresh and clean. Based on that study, Lakewood is Art, is hoping to install a series of the “Magic Trees” around the city and see If the delightful fragrance indeed encourages people to pick up litter.

12 From

13 On of Historic Birdtown's most famous residents was Robert Crumb, artist, musician, and legend. Robert worked for American Greetings. Not far from this lot on Plover, R. Crumb used to walk everyday down to Berea and Highland Ave. Years later he would move to San Francisco, and become one of the leaders of the Underground Comic Movement with Zap Comics, Fritz The Cat, Mr. Natural and others. Robert now lives in France and records with his swing band, "The Cheap Suit Serenaders." This tribute would tower over 25 feet into the air. Made of aluminum or bronze. In The Works-->Crumb in Birdtown



16  Kelborn Castle: MjmVUrU MjmVUrU  Revere Graffiti by Paul “Moose” Curtis 2sP0JFw 2sP0JFw Student works Enl1ywk

17 vs... or Why do some artists choose to create public art vs. art found in a gallery or museum?

18  Public art can be created for the community, whether it is to beautify the city or as a fundraiser for local charities.  Art found in galleries or museums you may have to pay to see, as well as make time to go in and look around… public art is free for all to see and view!

19  The first notion of a “graffiti” type of writing was recorded in cave drawings, the rock paintings of Bhimabetaka, and Egyptian Hieroglyphics. (Caves of Lascaux)  Why were people of this time, B.C, drawing on the cave walls?

20 A. It was their way of communicating, whether it was to tell a story or to record an event. Q. What was the original purpose of creating “graffiti” in B.C. times? The Cave of Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc in France

21  As a Memorial- to commemorate someone’s death or life

22  In Protest

23 Adrenaline To be in the public’s eye To communicate Marking territory

24  The word derives from the Latin word graffito meaning a scribbling or etching on a flat surface. In ancient Rome, critical commentaries were written on public walls so others may become aware of their protests. Flash forward 2000 years... where the concept of graffiti has now taken on several different interpretations.


26  Not your real name  Written in a callagraphic style



29  The most elementary form of graffiti, as it is only the writer’s signature, word, or short phrase done in spray paint or marker.

30  A more advanced form of the tag. The writer has painted letters, a phrase, or a name quickly with only an outline, or an outline and a few layers of paint.

31  A piece, short for masterpiece, is a graffiti painting. A work of graffiti must have at least three colors to be considered a piece.

32  Store fronts/awnings  Garbage Dumpsters  Subways/ automobiles  Street signs  Basketball backboard  Airplane ~Think of something creative on your own; NO WALLS, stop signs, animals or humans will be accepted in your final artwork!!!

33  Legal…when the building owner has commissioned the artist to do the artwork. Name a few examples.  Illegal…when you have NO permission from the owner (FACT: graffiti cost taxpayers 4 billion dollars in 1995 due to the removal.)


35  tish_style/create_a_tag.php tish_style/create_a_tag.php  › This site provides letter styles, while allowing you to choose your own colors and characteristics.  › For this site you will need to choose the option of a “private room” to be able to create on your own. ~Also check out this site for several local public art pieces right here in Cleveland!~



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