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ATST Telescope Design Boulder 18 March 2009. The Advanced Technology Solar Telescope.

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1 ATST Telescope Design Boulder 18 March 2009

2 The Advanced Technology Solar Telescope

3 Top Level WBS 1.0 Telescope Assembly2.0 Wavefront Correction3.0 Instrument Systems 4.0 High Level Controls 5.0 Enclosure6.0 Support Facilities/Building

4 The Telescope Mount Assembly

5 The Enclosure Basic envelope for telescope protection Minimization of surface area normal to the sun 5° taper from front to back Rotation independent of TMA through full range Small circular aperture Highly ventilated Thermally controlled

6 The Optical Design Table 1.6. Summary of the functions of characteristics of the ATST mirrors MirrorFunctionDiameterOptical Characteristics OSS Gregorian Optics M1Primary Mirror4240 mmOff-axis concave parabola M2Transfer f /2 prime focus to f /13 Gregorian, compensate for misalignment, and provide fast steering during coronal observations. 635 mmOff-axis concave ellipsoid OSS Coudé Transfer Optics M3Folding mirror, quasi-static alignment compensator160 x 114 mmFlat M4Transfer f /13 Gregorian to f /50 intermediate focus450 mmOff-axis concave ellipsoid Mount Base Assembly Coudé Transfer Optics M5Fast steering mirror for coudé observations220 mmFlat M6Quasi-static alignment compensator275 mmFlat Coudé Rotator Transfer Optics M7Folding Mirror540 mmFlat M8Collimating Mirror600 mmConcave Sphere M9Folding Mirror430 mmFlat M10High-order deformable mirror220 mmNominally flat BS1AO beam splitter220 mmFlat Form Follows Function

7 OSS Gregorian Optics M1 Assembly The Optical Support Structure (OSS) TEOA Frame Assembly M2 Assembly Heat Stop Top End Optical Assembly (TEOA)

8 The Heat Stop

9 Coudé Transfer Optics M3 M4 M5 M6 Azimuth Axis Altitude Axis Gregorian Focus OSS Coudé Transfer and Mount Base Transfer Optics

10 Tracking the Sun

11 Coudé Rotator Transfer Optics Coudé Rotator Optics (view from above)

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