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INFRA-RED ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVE Group 1 : -Abdurrohman Zuhdi -Alifa Husnun Kholieqoh -Alvira Awalia Hamdani.

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1 INFRA-RED ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVE Group 1 : -Abdurrohman Zuhdi -Alifa Husnun Kholieqoh -Alvira Awalia Hamdani

2 INFRARED Infrared can be obtained by a living creature or object that has the heat Thera is can be : Green House AspaltSunlight

3 EVEN... Our bodies produce infrared light from the combustion that produces energy... let's see more 

4 DEFINITION OF INFRA-RED Infra-Red Electromagnetic Wave is a light not visible and can not break materials not transparent, that can also be caused by produce heat components, with wavelengths longer than visible light, but shorter than radio waves radiation Low Energy Waves High Energy Waves

5 Discovery In 1800 William Herschel discovered “invisible light” It’s energy with all the same characteristics as visible light, but is not sensed by the human eye The light Herschel discovered was just beyond the red part of the spectrum. So it was named “infrared”

6 Infra-Red ray included in electromagnetic wave and stay in to span frequency 300 GHZ until 40.000 GHZ and has a wavelength between 700 nm (0,7 microns) and 1 mm (1000 microns) Infra-Red ray yielded by process in hot object and molecule. Have known that by old hot object of effect of activity (vibration) atomic and molecular is in assumed to transmit heat wave in the form of infra-red ray. Therefore, infra-red ray is often referred as heat radiation. MICRO 0,7 microns 1000 microns

7 Infra-Red Type Pursuant to Wavelength SPECTRAL REGION WAVELENG TH RANGE (microns) TEMPERATURE RANGE (degrees Kelvin) WHAT WE SEE Near- Infrared 0.7 – 5740 – 5,200 Cooler red stars Mid- Infrared 5 – 4093 – 740 Planets, comets and asteroids Far-Infrared40 – 100011 – 93 Emission from cold dust let's see more differences 

8 Visible: dark nebula, heavily obscured by interstellar dust (“Horsehead Nebula”) Near-Infrared: dust is nearly transparent, embedded stars can be observed Mid Infrared: glow from cool dust is directly observable Mid-InfraredNear-InfraredVisible

9 CHARACTERISTIC INFRA-RED  Cannot be seen by human being  Cannot penetrate items which is not transparant  Can be generated by component yielding heat  Wavelength of infra-red own adversative relation or compared to inversed with temperature. When the temperature increase, then the wavelength decrease

10 APLICATION OF INFRA-RED KeyboardToysHeadphonesCar locking systemsMouse

11 Security Medical Astronomy Computer Technology

12 Medical Infrared Thermog raphy

13 Computer Technology Optical Mouse IrDa Printers Optical Disc

14 Security Car Locking Systems

15 Astronomy

16 SPECTROPHOTOMETER FOURER TRANSFORM INFRARED Spectrophotometer FTIR optic system provided by the mirror moving vertical and the silent mirror. thereby infrared radiation will generate distance difference which is gone through go to mirror moving and distance silent mirror.

17 Thermal Detector  T hermal detector usually be found at harbor gate or can be found at the airport, the equipment take advantage infrared rays can detect temperature on passengers when entering or leaving the airport and harbor.  If someone has a temperature above the normal temperature, then that person can be infected with the virus, which is now a controversy is swine flu.

18 The Virtual Laser Keyboard (Epic Celluon Magic Cube) is a revolutionary accessory The only keyboard that operates in total darkness) for Iphone, Ipad, Smartphone, & Tablet PC and any device. Virtual Laser Keyboard

19 This tool uses the principle of infrared waves, which detects heat changes. When we touch type button on the Virtual Laser Keyboard, the heat generated from our hands is converted into a specific code and sending through your monitor screen.

20 Home security systems In modern times, there are many products that offer on a home security system. One of them is a PIR (Passive Infra- Red) The passive infrared (PIR) motion detector is one of the most common sensors found in household and small business environments.

21 The Structure of PIR Pyro sensor Tamples switch Easy look LED Indicator

22 The term passive refers to the fact that the detector does not generate or radiate its own energy; it works entirely by detecting the heat energy given off by other objects.

23 Strictly speaking, PIR sensors do not detect motion; rather, they detect abrupt changes in temperature at a given point. As an intruder walks in front of the sensor, the temperature at that point will rise from room temperature to body temperature, and then back again. This quick change triggers the temperaturebody temperature

24 The Spitzer Space Telescope (SST), formerly the Space Infrared Telescope Facility (SIRTF), is an infrared space observatory launched in 2003. It is the fourth and final of the NASA Great Observatories program. the way it works is similar to a thermal detector, only the components of the tool in combination with a sophisticated telescope so that it can obtain the desired image Here are the observations that have been made by NASA : Spitzer Space Telescope

25 High Gain Antenna serves as a signal to send data to a computer Double Solar Panels to protect from sun radiation Primary mirror serve magnification primary Secondary mirror serve magnification secondary High Gain Antena Primary Mirror Secondary Mirror Scientific Instrumen Light Source Double Solar Panels


27 Mid Infrared Light IRAS Constellation Orion

28 TRIFID NEBULA Visible Light

29 Infrared Light Trifid Nebula

30 ORION NEBULA Visible Light

31 Infrared Light Orion Nebula

32 SOMBRERO GALAXY Visible Light

33 Infrared Light Sombrero Galaxy

34 The Whole Sky Visible Light - Axel Mellinger

35 The Whole Sky Mid/Far Infrared Light - IRAS Survey


37 Infrared is electromagnetic radiation of a wavelength longer than visible light, but shorter than radio wave radiation generated by the electrons in the molecules vibrate because of heated objects and has the 10 11 Hz frequency up to 10 14 Hz to 3 range area.. The inventor is Sir Frederick William Herschel, the astronomer United Kingdom that born in Germany. Infrared light has many benefits such as in the areas of health, electronic and communication technologies, industry, etc.

38 REFERENCE ertian-infra-red-infra- merah.html?m=1 chel al_conductivity_detector al_conductivity_detector /tech/innovation/future-airport- security /tech/innovation/future-airport- security 011/07/04/pengertian-dasar- spektrofotometer-vis-uv-uv-vis/ spectrophotometer.html spectrophotometer.html vity_detector vity_detector penyak penyak hive.html hive.html telescope telescope

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