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ELISe Letter of Intent (FAIR/NUSTAR) & INTAS project.

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1 ELISe Letter of Intent (FAIR/NUSTAR) & INTAS project

2 ELISe Workshop 2004 Haik Simon Agenda Status Report Work to be done Technical Report: Implications/Formalia Physics Case (Talks & Discussion) Technical ( dito ) Responsabilities …

3 ELISe Workshop 2004 Haik Simon FAIR specific „simulation“ calculations Production Transport Separation In-ring losses First version can be found on our document server

4 ELISe Workshop 2004 Haik Simon Expected Yields/production process K.-H. Schmidt et al.

5 ELISe Workshop 2004 Haik Simon The NUSTAR facility R 3 B: tomorrow EXL : hadron scattering ELISe : electron scattering

6 ELISe Workshop 2004 Haik Simon from Super-FRS NESR electron cooling experiments eA Collider RESR deceleration (1T/s) to 100 - 400 MeV/u Collector Ring bunch rotation adiabatic debunching fast stochastic cooling isochronous mode The Ring Branch

7 ELISe Workshop 2004 Haik Simon Electron-Ion scattering in a Storage Ring (eA Collider) ELISe 125-500 MeV electrons 200-740 MeV/u RIBs achievable luminosity: 10 25 -10 29 cm -2 s -1 depending on ion species - spectrometer setup at the interaction zone - detection system for RI in the arcs of the NESR (see EXL)

8 ELISe Workshop 2004 Haik Simon Letter of Intent - PAC June 14-16 FAIR/NUSTAR/STORIB/ELISe This is a proposal with clever objectives, based on the very successful results of electron scattering experiments… The experimental developments needed in this proposal are: i) the eA collider, ii) the electron spectrometer and focal plane detectors, iii) heavy ion spectrometer and focal plane detectors (same of EXL). This proposal implicitly uses parts of the NESR ring as a spectrometer. Thus it is important to consider this in the design of this ring. The luminosity of the collider needed for this kind of experiment was estimated to be of the order of 10 28 cm -2 s -1. The committee was concerned that the technique may not be widely applicable due to luminosity limitations and would like to have a reliable estimation of the regions of nuclei where the required luminosity is achievable. The collaboration has the needed expertise in the physics field. Concerning the storage ring aspect, GSI is the best place in the world …

9 ELISe Workshop 2004 Haik Simon Status So far: INTAS project: FP6/EU ~ 100 k€ / 2y KVI, Chalmers, CSIC/Univ Complutense, GSI, Kurchatov Moscow, IPPE Obninsk, INR (RAS) Moscow, JINR Dubna Objectives: (i) Simulation/Physics Scenario (ii) R&D electron spectrometer - Simulation - Detector prototypes/Luminosity Monitor (iii) R&D in ring detector system - Detector prototypes

10 ELISe Workshop 2004 Haik Simon Technical Proposal Dead line: Jan. 15 th 2005 FAIR- PAC: NUSTAR[ *] Technical Proposal for the Design, Construction, Commissioning and Operation of the ELISE experiment Abstract: … Figure of the proposed exp. or acc. setup Members of the ELIse Collaboration City A, Country, Institution, Names of persons City B, City C,….. Spokesperson: Name: E-Mail: ……..Telephone Number: ……. Deputy: Name: E-Mail: ……..Telephone Number:…….. Contact person @ GSIName: E-Mail: ……..Telephone Number:……..

11 ELISe Workshop 2004 Haik Simon Technical Proposal A Introduction and Overview (Physics case, uniqueness worldwide, why FAIR is needed, competition, relation between observables and physics, Physics needs determine targeted precision, Specifications, Physics Performance)  “Theory”

12 ELISe Workshop 2004 Haik Simon Technical Proposal B Systems (1) Sub Projects … of the Experiment, (with its necessary R&D, Prototyping, Tests, Milestones to reach specifications for each subproject) a.Simulations i.of the detectors ii.of the beam b.Radiation Hardness Design c.Construction d.Acceptance Tests e.Calibration (if needed), f.requests for test beams  n subprojects

13 ELISe Workshop 2004 Haik Simon Technical Proposal B Systems (continued) (2)Trigger, DAQ, Controls, Computing  NUSTAR/DAQ (3) Beam/Target Requirements - spill structure, intensity, etc. - running scenario (e.g. time planning/year) (4) Physics Performance

14 ELISe Workshop 2004 Haik Simon Technical Proposal C Implementation (1)Cave/Annex, Civil Engineering, Cranes, … - floor plan - electronic racks/ cooling/ power supply/ gas & cryo systems (2) Detector – Machine Interface - vacuum/ beam pipe/ target - in-beam monitors & detectors/ timing - radiation environment & shielding (3)Assembly and Installation  How will the system be mounted ? Procedure/ Space …

15 ELISe Workshop 2004 Haik Simon Technical Proposal D/E/F Commissioning/Operation/Safety G Organisation and Responsabilities, Planning … (a) work packages (b)management: boards, project leaders, … (c)responsibilities/obligations per institute (d)cost and manpower estimates (R&D, construction/operation) (e)schedule/milestones (f)organistation H/I/J Relation to other proj./Other Issues/Refs & Acks

16 ELISe Workshop 2004 Haik Simon Time table S.P.Kamerdzhiev –Calculations of excitations in unstable nuclei within the Extended Theory of Finite Fermi Systems L.V.Chulkov –Elastic scattering in the eA collider A. Kelic –Fission studies at the eA collider D. Rohe –--about quasielastic scattering Vladimir Avdeichikov –"Status and Perspective Si-CsI telescop detectors in the UHV surrounding" J. Udias-Moinelo –--about the simulation framework/electron spectrometer simulations Y. Kalmykov TU Darmstadt –--experimental studies towards a zero degree e-scattering spectrometer Vladimir Nedorezov –"Photonuclear experiments at storage rings" Helmut Weick –--NESR conditions - 12:30 13:30 - 15:30 16:00 – 18:30 Discussion ca. 20 min + discussion ca. 15 min + discussion

17 ELISe Workshop 2004 Haik Simon ELISe Collaboration Spokesperson: Deputy: GSI contact:

18 ELISe Workshop 2004 Haik Simon NUSTAR DAQ system Haik Simon – GSI Darmstadt i.Current GSI Multi Branch System ii.Near future Digital Signal Processing iii.Far future NUSTAR DAQ system RISING, ALADIN-LAND, FOPI, … RISING (DGF), RHIB, FOPI II, Hades, … EXL, R 3 B, ILIMA, ELISe, …  panda, CBM, …

19 ELISe Workshop 2004 Haik Simon What does/should a common DAQ provide ? DAQ (module drivers, i.e. information and knowledge about module bugs, …) Event format  Common Analysis Clients Taping/Mass Storage ANSI labels, rfio server/client, … Framework/Interoperability between experiments

20 ELISe Workshop 2004 Haik Simon ? What could be interesting also … Synchronisation of standalone DAQ systems along the beam line Time distribution system (TDS) Firmware upload scheme Slow control Feedback loops Monitoring ! (Increasing complexity, no connectors, …) ?

21 ELISe Workshop 2004 Haik Simon Provides time reference + metadata of the event for up to 8 DAQ systems (via fiber) Performance of a TDS - Igor Konorov / TUM COMPASS / panda - I3HP - JRA ‚Server‘/VME 6U

22 ELISe Workshop 2004 Haik Simon MBS + DSP + Multibranch ( up to N  M ) FOPI readout scheme Y.Leifels, P.Kozcon Complicated systems can be realized multiprocessor digital signal processing rfio to disk array or tape robot

23 ELISe Workshop 2004 Haik Simon NUSTAR / about 660 collaborators (!) NUSTAR/STORIB GHz sampling slow control coupling PSD … NUSTAR/LEB decay studies slow control coupling MHz sampling + PSA …  Common DAQ group NUSTAR/R 3 B  Tom Aumann

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